First Indian “Boycott Chinese Goods” Village Appears

India Boycott Chinese Goods Comes a New Level

After India deliberately provoked the conflict between China and India, many Indians began to use “boycott Chinese goods” as an outlet to vent nationalist sentiment. According to India’s “Puna Mirror” on the 25th, the country’s first village “officially boycotting Chinese goods” appeared in Pune, India.

On Wednesday, Kondhawe-Dhawade, a village on the edge of Pune, passed a decision to ban Chinese goods. They have made this a prerequisite for all tenders. They made it clear that contractors for infrastructure work must not use products and machines made in China.

In addition, this decision also calls on local shopkeepers, especially those who sell mobile phones. Stop selling Chinese-branded mobile phones and give priority to Indian goods.

India Boycott Chinese Goods
India Boycott Chinese Goods

The Village Chief Support India Boycott Chinese Goods

The village chief Nintin Dhawade took the opportunity to start inciting nationalist sentiment. He said, “This village is famous for its young men joining the army, and has contributed a lot of wrestlers to the country. Taking into account the emotions of the villagers, we decided to remove Chinese products from our daily lives.”

He went on to say that the village office will take the lead. “Those stationery and hardware products made in China will be thrown away. The same standards will also be used in bidding for construction projects such as roads, house construction, reservoirs, schools, parks, health centers, stadiums, etc.”

Snehal Dhawade, the village chief’s deputy, also vigorously explained: “We are a decision passed unanimously. It has a legal status and there is no authority to interfere in this decision. Now we will wait for the villagers’ response It’s nothing special about our boycott of Chinese goods. It’s just paying tribute to the soldiers.”

Is India Boycott Chinese Goods Feasible?

However, there is a huge gap between ideal and reality. Not everyone can bear the consequences of boycotting Chinese goods. A shop owner who sells mobile phones in the local market countered that “more than 70% of mobile phone demand comes from Chinese brands.”

“Puna Mirror” also said that it is difficult for them to stop selling Chinese goods completely. “We cannot afford the economic loss of doing so.”

In fact, in addition to the villages mentioned above, after the Sino-Indian border conflict occurred, there have been many acts of smashing and boycotting Chinese goods in India. Some senior government officials even called for the closure of Chinese restaurants across the country.

In response, 87-year-old former Indian Prime Minister Dewey Gundam issued an open letter on the 19th. I sincerely call for cooling the nationalist sentiment in China. He emphasized that most of the conflict-related information currently comes from the print media. Their reports are often not accurate enough. The spread of false information and cheap hype will also hurt Indian soldiers and diplomats. Finally, the government should be based on pragmatic principles. Don’t encourage economic boycotts.

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