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Daniel Negreanu vs Doug Polk

Daniel Negreanu And Doug Polk Poker Heads-up Match

If you have seen the movie boxing champion Loki, you will know. Daniel Negreanu, a well-known Canadian player in the Hall of Fame, has not retreated this summer. He fought for honor like Loki!

Over the years, there has been constant friction between the new generation of player Doug Polk and the poker legend Daniel. But it is also because of the common attribute of two people: they like to share opinions on the Internet.

Daniel Negreanu, as the star of PokerStars, has attracted countless commercial resources. At the same time, with his good performance, he once topped first place on the live poker money list.

As Doug Polk who grew up with the Internet, he relied on YouTube and his strong single-handed ability. He became the first internet celebrity in the poker world.

The match between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk has attracted much attention

Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk

Undoubtedly, both Doug and Daniel are well aware that it is undoubtedly a hearty heads-up match with their rivals that can most attract the attention of poker fans. Before the formal competition, the two also argued on the Internet for a long time.

This move also allowed everyone to start a duel between the two. And what will produce a strong interest?

In the end, after Doug’s “provocation” many times, the provocation here is not a simple provocation. This is also part of self-promotion. Because Doug has retired. But as the founder of upswing poker, a strategy teaching website, he still needs to stay hot and his personality dictates. The decision was made under the combined effect of two factors.

Daniel Negreanu also made the decision to fight after a long time of consideration. Here, Daniel also tried his best to choose some more hot heads-up schedules. High stakes ($200/$400), deep code (refills for less than 100bb), and open two no-limit Texas Hold’em heads-up duels at the same time.

Daniel Negreanu vs. Doug Polk

The game will have 25,000 hands. Each game shall not be less than two hours. Both parties deposit 100w USD deposit in the bank.

As a member of the Hall of Fame, Daniel Negreanu will face Polk who defeated Ben Sulsky and Viktor Blom in a heads-up match. The first match between the two was played live and broadcast live by PokerGo. The news was released and the poker session was shaken. Everyone is discussing the outcome of the last two. The off-site quiz of various guessing results is also endless. These commercial values ​​also make it seem that the two are moving towards a consensus: to fight!

The relationship between the two also eased after the first live match. They have posted salutes to their opponents. Expressed that the relationship between the two has eased a lot through the game.

The matching process between the two was also ups and downs. At present, the entire heads-up match has completed 20 clashes with 11,318 hands. Polk has a total profit of $696327.92.

After the holiday, they will restart at 2:30 pm on December 28. After the game on December 28, they are likely to be close to the 12500 hand mark. But the game will stop at 12,300 hands. This way they can live stream the last 200 hands-on PokerGo at the PokerGo studio in Las Vegas.

Daniel Negreanu and Doug

Next event

After that, whether to continue the game is up to Daniel Negreanu’s own decision.

As long as the game is not over, the result cannot be asserted. The two play styles and styles are different. But this game is extremely fair. Both sides have experienced huge downsides in these more than 10,000 hands. And this is the charm of this game.

Both sides continue to adjust the game, which brings us the charm of poker. 2020 will be even more exciting because of the heads-up duel between the old and the new generations!



COVID-19 vaccine save live poker

Poker in 2021: Will COVID-19 Force The WSOP to Be Canceled Again?

What will happen to the poker world in 2021?

After COVID-19 has left us doing nothing in 2020, we can only hope to start with the return of major live poker events. Usher in a more prosperous year.

I made some predictions for 2020 a year ago. But I will not spend too much time reviewing these predictions. Just because most of our choices are based on live tournament matches. In view of the impact of COVID-19 in 2020, only a few major tournaments will run. So there is really no need to relive the year of poker that didn’t exist.

Instead, we will continue to move forward. Hope it will be a better year for all of us.

Can the COVID-19 vaccine save live poker?

Regardless of your political affiliation and ideas about vaccines. It is likely that we will not see a return to normal in poker until the coronavirus is defeated or at least barely exists. This is especially true for epidemics in the United States. Because most major tournaments are held in the United States.

The bad news is that this virus spreads like wildfire in the United States and other parts of the world. However, there is some hope in the coming months. Because a vaccine has been approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It will take some time to vaccinate the public. But at the same time, many people said they would refuse to take it. However, experts predict that as many as 100 million Americans will be vaccinated by the end of March.

Assuming that the vaccine can effectively prevent COVID-19, it means that the virus will slow down before long. This should be good news for offline poker. Because once the coronavirus is no longer such a serious threat, states are likely to relax restrictions on businesses.

For the WSOP, timing is everything

wsop poker

Although we should all be grateful that the vaccine is already on the way. But we still don’t know how many people will refuse to be vaccinated. And how long it will take to get enough vaccines to achieve herd immunity. Therefore, we still have reason to doubt whether the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas will be cancelled for the second consecutive year.

I will take the optimistic route and predict that there will be a summer series. But the turnout rate will be lower than normal. If I were the one who made the decision, I would postpone the series by one month. Start at the end of June, not the end of May. why? Because I think May to June is a bit too late. One more month will make a huge difference.

Remember, it will take some time to distribute the vaccine. Until enough people are vaccinated, it is hard to imagine events like the WSOP being held. But I believe this series will eventually run in 2021. I just expect the turnout rate to decrease. It’s just because there will still be some people who are not ready to attend large gatherings.

Global Poker Index (GPI) Player of the Year Candidate

Global Poker Index (GPI)

We have very few major live games to report in 2020. So there is no real Global Poker Index Player of the Year Champion. Assume that the live poker scene returns for most of 2021. The competition of POY should be quite interesting.

There are so many potential competitors. Because the current high bonus scene is very competitive. The usual candidates-Alex Foxen, Stephen Chidwick, Justin Bonomo, Bryn Kenney, etc.-may be in the competition. Don’t think about Timothy Adams and Kahle Burns. The two players had a very good start before the 2020 COVID-19 attack. If Ali Imsirovic plays enough games, he will have the same chance to win POY like everyone else.

Masks will continue to prevail in poker games

Masks prevail in poker games

No one likes to wear a mask at the poker table. I think I represent the voice of most poker players. They can’t wait to see the day when masks are a thing of the past. But I also think that we are unlikely to see this glorious day come before 2022.

Even if vaccines are distributed, masks are still required for most live matches. I hope that by the time the WSOP is held, wearing masks will be a thing of the past.

My best guess is that in the 2021 World Series of Poker, and in most poker rooms across the country, all players must wear masks. Perhaps, by the end of this year, we will no longer wear masks. I said “maybe” because I don’t want you to have hope.

The craze for the challenge will fade

Galfond Challenge

The challenge is very popular in 2020. The Galfond Challenge attracted some attention earlier this year. Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu is now a topic in the poker world. But these intriguing battles will eventually come to an end, most likely in 2021.

Take the Galfond Challenge as a typical example. The first game between Phil Galfond and “VeniVidi1993” was quite interesting. More than 20,000 spectators watched the last game. But then the poker community stopped watching his next game with “ActionFreak” and Chance Kornuth. Poker Twitter seems to have ended the Galfond Challenge discussion.

Polk and Negreanu attracted us all. The number of viewers of the live broadcast reached 20,000 per day. This is good news for poker. Because it shows that people are interested in this game. The increased attention to these matches is mainly due to the lack of follow-up of large-scale live poker tournaments in 2020. I hope that by the time the WSOP is held, wearing masks will be a thing of the past.



PokerStars And Its Parent Company Face Huge Fines

PokerStars And Its Parent Company Face Huge Fines of US$1.3 Billion

Flutter Entertainment, the owner of The Stars Group, which runs PokerStars, faces a $1.3 billion fine in the United States. The Supreme Court of Kentucky overturned a ruling made two years ago. The ruling of the Court of Appeal at that time favored the gaming giant.

More and More Negative News About PokerStars

In December 2015, a judge of the Kentucky Court of First Instance imposed a fine of $870 million on the owner of PokerStars. The lawsuit was filed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 2010. The purpose is to recover the loss of residents of the state who continue to play on the platform. But this directly violates the 2006 UIGEA.

Three years later, The Stars Group announced that the Kentucky Court of Appeals overturned the decision:

“If a complaint like the federal complaint is allowed to continue, it will lead to a ridiculous and unfair result.”

Usually, in such cases, we would expect to hear more news. But the state prosecutor was not satisfied. They are not going to give up until the last way is explored.

This last route is of course the state Supreme Court.

Legal disputes and discussions between the seven judges dragged on for another two years. But last week finally got results.

PokerStars And Its Parent Company Face Huge Fines

PokerStars Is The Victim of The Wrong Timing?

The law is very subjective. These three verdicts tell us that the defendant often relies more on luck.

In this particular case, Flutter Entertainment was just bad luck. Was it a victim of wrong timing?

You don’t need a genius to calculate that the aftermath of the 2020 epidemic will make residents, businesses, and local governments short of money. Does the latest judgment take this into consideration?

Governor Andy Beshear issued a personal statement raising awareness of the upcoming state financial windfall.

“This will never be enough to make up for the harm they have caused to Kentucky families and the state government for years of irresponsible crime. But this is a good day for Kentucky.”

“This allows us to better escape this painful epidemic. Help Kentucky people, help our businesses. Provide high-quality healthcare to more Kentucky people. Strengthen our public schools. And fulfill our commitment to educators and The promise of other public officials – some of them are fighting the consequences of their greed on the front lines.”

Flutter Entertainment Surprised

This huge fine is a huge slap in the face even for such a large company.

$870 million in fines. There will now be a compound interest of 12%, calculated all the way to the original judgment in 2015. A total of US$1.3 billion is jaw-dropping.

As you might expect, Flutter Entertainment’s stock price fell by about 2% after the news hit the headlines. The company issued a statement stating:

“Flutter was completely surprised by today’s judgment and strongly disagrees with the basis of this judgment, believing that it is contrary to modern American legal precedent.”

Analysts in the City of London questioned. Whether this fine will pose a challenge to the company’s liquidity. It is not surprising that the number of PokerStars users has increased.

Without providing any additional information, Gavin Kelleher, a gaming and leisure analyst at Goodbody Stock Brokerage, said:

“The company seems confident that it does not have to pay the entire unpaid claim amount. Based on the country’s actual income, this seems too harsh.”

We will know soon whether we will pay in full. In other states, licenses are also at risk. They are unlikely to get out of it.



Distenfeld Donates WSOP Bonuses to Charity

Distenfeld Donates WSOP Main Event Bonuses to Charity

The final table of the 2020 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event will start on Monday, December 28. Gershon “jets613” Distenfeld of New Jersey will start the game with 3,475,000 chips in sixth place.

Distenfeld, 44, was born in Queens, New York. He lives in Bergenfield, New Jersey with his wife of nearly 21 years. They have three daughters. Shoshana, 19, Talia, 15, Esti, 13, and a son, Aryeh.

He graduated from Yeshiva University in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in finance.

Interestingly, Distenfeld’s birthday is on December 30th. This means that if he wins the final table, he will be able to play the final heads-up with Damian Salas on his 45th birthday. And compete for the bracelet and an additional $1 million in prize money.

“Tiger Woods and I were born on exactly the same day. December 30, 1975,” he said. “Obviously, he took away all the golf talent. Hopefully, I took away all the poker talent!”

Distenfeld Takes Poker As A Hobby

As an entertainment player, Distenfeld served as co-head of fixed income and director of credit at AllianceBernstein. His position has made him a frequent guest of Bloomberg TV and CNBC. In fact, on the second day of entering the final table, he was able to announce the news on Bloomberg’s simultaneous live surveillance.

“I mainly started watching on TV in the Moneymaker era,” said Distenfeld, a passionate fan of the New York Jets and New York Rangers. “Finally started reading/learning a lot, and finally started playing in the casino. I tended towards tournaments rather than regular table games. For most of the past few years, I would go to the WSOP. There I participated in some events, but this was I played the main event for the first time.”

For Distenfeld, part of the charm of poker is that he can use many of his professional skills in the game.

“I often study behavioral finance, which affects how I treat financial markets.” He explained. “I have brought the same discipline to the poker table. Usually, it is not how smart you are that determines your success. It is to use the prejudices of others to make you a consistent winner.”

These skills put Distenfeld on the biggest stage of poker. But this is still quite shocking to him.

Distenfeld Donates WSOP Bonuses

About WSOP

“To reach the final table is like a dream. If I can win it, it is indescribable. Considering my time constraints, I never even thought I would participate in this game. But I still have to say. No matter how I practice. How many times have I never been able to swing the club like Tiger Woods, shoot like LeBron, or swing the bat like Mike Trout? But it can be done by ordinary people. Extremely hard work. . But at least it’s possible. For me, it’s within reach now.”

As an avid sports enthusiast, Distenfeld’s friend sought help from Scott Hanson of the NFL Redzone. This promoted his views on the final table.

Distenfeld Donates All WSOP Bonuses to Charity

For Distenfeld, poker is not for money. But for challenge and competition. It’s easy to say, but this successful businessman made unprecedented commitments to the main events of the WSOP. He fulfilled what he said.

“I am not for personal financial gain. I will donate 100% of my poker winnings (deducting any taxes) to charity,” he said. “The charities I have chosen so far cover many areas of personal interest for me and my wife Aviva. These include organizations with a good track record of helping the less fortunate and more vulnerable people improve their lives.”

Some charities supported by the Distenfeld plan are:

Minds Matter-Help motivated low-income students to succeed in college, create their future, and change the world.

NCSY Relief Missions-Use youth volunteers to solve disaster relief and food insecurity issues.

Yachad-dedicated to improving life opportunities for Jews with developmental disabilities or other learning challenges.

S.A.R.A.H. Project (Stop Domestic Abusive Relationships)-dedicated to overcoming cultural, legal, and religious barriers faced by victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

“The above items will get 1/8 of the total amount I won (deduct any tax due). If I get eliminated in ninth place, each of the above charities will get about $10,000. If I win the bracelet, Each charity will receive up to 285,000 US dollars in bonuses.”

Distenfeld continued. “I will identify other charities in the next few days/weeks and allocate the other 50% of the funds to them. If I have not allocated all the bonuses when I get the funds. I will donate the excess amount to one The charitable endowment fund will be distributed in the future.”

In addition, Distenfeld also agreed to donate a pending amount to the Bergenfield Food Pantry in New Jersey.



2021 Irish Poker Open Will Be Held Off-site

2021 Irish Poker Open Will Be Held Off-site

The Irish Poker Open is one of the first live events in Europe restricted by COVID-19 in 2020. One year later, it is still affected. 2021 Irish Poker Open will be held off-site.

Although there is hope that the COVID vaccine can help life in the first half of 2021 return to normal. But the organizers of the Irish Poker Open did not take a risk.

Because the prospect of hosting live games during the Easter holidays is slim. The operation will be carried out off-site for the second time.

Partypoker Will Host The 2021 Irish Poker Open

Partypoker stepped in again and will host the entire poker series on its platform. The race will start on March 29. If there is any progress at the Irish Poker Open 2020. There will be more than 5.5 million euros in bonuses.

As we speak, the complete schedule is being worked out. But the 1 million euro guarantee that the main event will once again become the center stage.

The first off-site Irish Poker Open attracted 2,945 players. Brazil’s Pablo Brito Silva defeated Andras Nemeth in a heads-up. And won the championship and 462,099 euros. From this perspective, the Irish Poker Open is a success. In fact, the same is true for Partypoker’s other live to online conversions.

The Irish Poker Masters ended last week and Will Kassouf won the main event. The Englishman qualified for the €1100 off-site main event through a satellite of €109. After defeating Manuel Ruivo in the heads-up, he won 215,163 euros.

2021 Irish Poker Open Will Be Held Off-site

Off-site 2021 Irish Poker Open

The off-site 2021 Irish Poker Open will continue Partypoker’s successful response to COVID-19 restrictions. However, the organizers did not give up the hope of returning to the Citywest Hotel in Dublin at some point.

Marketing Director Vadim Soloveychik said that players are missing the “lively” and “excitement” of the longest live game in Europe. Therefore, with the permission of COVID-19, there are plans to host the second Irish Open in 2021.

This is a big if, now. Ireland has been moving in and out of lockdown measures that have proven to be ineffective for most of 2020.

Various industries will be forced to close after the outbreak. And there is no certainty when it will return to normal. Partypoker and the Irish Poker Open team are not willing to wait for a clear time this time.

The series will be held off-site. Players will have to hope they can enjoy the madness in the Citywest Hotel later in 2021.




COVID-19 Michigan casinos open again

Under The COVID-19 Pandemic, Michigan Casinos Will Open Again

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued a revised COVID-19 order. The state’s casinos are allowed to reopen on Monday, December 21. In Detroit, Motor City and MGM Grand Detroit are located in three commercial casinos in Detroit. They said it will open on Wednesday.

COVID-19 Michigan casinos open again

Due to COVID-19, Only 100 Guests Are Allowed at A Time

However, there are strict restrictions on casinos. So there is a question of whether it is worth opening up. The total capacity (only applicable to all indoor places such as movie theaters, stadiums, and bowling alleys) can only accommodate 100 visitors. Apart from the early morning slot player shuffle, 100 visitors are nothing to the casino.

Most importantly, indoor food and beverages are still banned. For casinos, this may not be a big deal. But it is devastating for movie theaters and bowling alleys. Because these places rely on franchising for profit. Of course, although the casino may be able to handle the problem of not serving food or drinks. But this also means that many employees will still be unemployed.

“In the past few weeks, Michiganians across Michigan have stepped up their efforts. They have contributed to slowing the spread of COVID-19. Thanks to our joint efforts, we can now begin to take steps. Be careful to lift what we have. Some agreements are in place,” Whitmer said.

New COVID-19 Cases Dropped Sharply During The Lockdown

Despite the reopening of the casino, Governor Whitmer and Dr. Jonny Halton, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Deputy Director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. All recommend that Michigan residents avoid indoor gatherings.

Michigan began implementing a “three-week pause” on November 18. Previously, COVID-19 statistics have seen a sharp surge. These include a record high in new cases. Almost everything that can be closed needs to be closed. The “suspension” period was extended to December 20.

Although the state has eclipsed only 500,000 total cases. The total number of deaths exceeded 12,000. But due to the sharp drop in new cases, the lockdown appears to be effective. On November 18, the 7-day moving average of new COVID-19 cases each day was 7312.

As of December 21, the number had plummeted to 4,048. That is still too high. But an obvious sign shows that the “pause” has achieved the desired effect. It is easy to understand why this is. Because if people don’t wander around everyone, the virus will not spread.

As one might expect, Michigan’s casino finances have dropped significantly this year. In November 2019, three commercial casinos in Detroit paid $19.7 million in development agreement payments and gaming taxes. In the past month, this number has dropped to $5.7 million.



Patrick Leonard's Patrick Leonard

Patrick Leonard Leaked His Real-time Poker Cracking Secret

When you face the modern poker world, having a sense of humor will definitely help you. Patrick Leonard showed his sense of humor on Twitter with a funny GTO poker puzzle tweet. There is his poker cracking secret.

An introduction to his YouTube channel, or as he explained. If there is no introduction, you may expect something comparable to Monker, Pio, GTO+ ​​, and other game theory analysis software.

Patrick Leonard's Patrick Leonard

Let’s Go Back to Patrick Leonard’s Poker Cracking Secret

Before and after this year’s Fedor Kruse scandal, the debate about RTA (Real-Time Assistance) has been fierce. But would Leonards’ solvers violate the same rules?

According to the latest tweet of the British professional player, this is not the case. At least partypoker allowed it to pass their strict cheating checks. This made Leonard very happy.

This is complicated software. But for those who want to know exactly how it works and can’t view Pads’ explanation.

Here is a simple overview:

First, you have to click a button to spin the PadsSolver wheel…

The huge analysis “decision tree replication engine” will choose one from seven options. And provide you with GTO options…

As long as you follow the advice of the machine, you will not lose!

The simple design is actually very complicated equipment (there are various colors to choose from).

Leonard began real-time testing of PadsSolver. He started with the $250 SPINS Ultra on partypoker.

With the card solver showing that he should “All in BTBTB” (back to back, meaning three in a row). Leonard got 23 offsuit in the big blind. At the same time, his all-in was folded by the small blind.

Incredibly, even though on the next hand, his opponent’s A card became a pair. But the solver’s suggestion to go all-in again paid off. Because his two pairs of cards appeared on the river! His PadsSolver has recovered a large number of development costs.

With two more “random” all-in, Leonard won a prize of $750. And his PadsSolver has recovered more than half of the development cost.




Phil Galfond Leads The Challenge With 17 Buy-ins

Phil Galfond is fully fired and leads the Challenge with 17 buy-ins

Phil Galfond has completely controlled his heads-up match with Chance Kornuth and now has a huge lead. But the variables are still in play, which means that the results of the 35,000 hands are still in doubt.

Perseverance, discipline, and patience have paid off for Galfond. However, for anyone who has followed his brilliant poker career. This shouldn’t be a big surprise.

In this iteration of the Galfond Challenge, the founder of the “Run it Once” poker site was beaten by a very talented opponent within a few months. Kornuth has won a lot in more than 10,000 hands, and his opponent can be said to be the top limit Omaha player ever.

WSOP – Galfond Challenge is about to enter a critical stage

Few people expected Kornuth to win the Galfond Challenge, which was a 100/200 online PLO battle on WSOP.com. Therefore, he entered the game with a 4-1 betting odds disadvantage. Just like in sports, poker is not predictable. The founder of Chip Leader Coaching started well and suppressed his opponent for a long time. At one point, he led by nearly $350,000.

However, Kornuth seemed to have used all his luck-at least for a while.

Galfond has opened the script in the past few weeks, most recently with a $73,000 victory on Friday and an overall lead of $353,000. This is only equivalent to 15.5 or more purchases.

Kornuth and Galfond have played approximately 21,500 hands, accounting for approximately 61% of the game. This means that Kornuth’s fault tolerance is getting lower and lower now.

Before the end of the 35,000 hands, he still has time to turn things around, but if he falls further behind in the next few links, he will be in trouble. For this three-time WSOP bracelet winner, the good news is that he has enough talent and skills to regain the decline. In reality, Kornuth only needs a few huge pots to close the gap between the two sides. However, if these huge pots go to the other side, the deficit may become too big and he will be unable to recover by then.

For these two players, the side bet is much larger than the winning or losing in the game. If Galfond loses, he will lose $1 million, and if Kornuth loses, he will lose $250,000.


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