The World Poker Tour Is Active in An International Environment

Although the World Poker Tour’s activities in the United States may be subject to some restrictions, the World Poker Tour is promoting their global business development.

WPT will host two large-scale events for poker lovers around the world in online and offline arenas. If they want to check streaming media activity, this may mean waking up those in the United States in advance. But this will be a way to see some international talents on the “big stage” of WPT.

Two World Poker Tour sites in Asia

WPT will focus on Asia as the two stations in the next few weeks. The first is WPT Russia. For a long time, this is the last live broadcast of WPT before the COVID-19 pandemic. The tour and its entourage will return to Sochi starting on February 23. They collaborated with partypoker LIVE to broadcast live in Sochi.

This competition will be the main event for £245,000 (approximately US$3337). There will be 3 normal starting days. The “normal” flight is used because the fourth “turbo” flight will take place on Thursday (February 25). This is the player’s “last chance” to enter the game. The champion will be crowned in a live event on Sunday, February 28.

Everyone participating in the WPT is very enthusiastic about flying back to Russia in Russia. “As one of my favorite events this year, I am proud of WPT returning to Russia. There, players can not only look forward to a high-quality poker experience. They can also look forward to the best experience that WPT provides.” Chief Executive Officer of the World Poker Tour Officer Adam Pliska said.


Hermance Blum of WPT

Hermance Blum, vice president of the World Poker Tour Europe, is also ready to take action. “We are very happy to collaborate with Partypoker LIVE again for this event. Sochi is also doing its best to make the game experience as satisfying as possible. At the same time, we take care of everyone’s safety.” Blum said in the preface of the celebration.

Indeed, both the World Poker Tour and Sochi Casino will be most concerned about the safety of players. Before entering the playing field, all players will be checked for temperature. Also, masks must be used for players wearing felt hats. In addition, a gaming table with a maximum of eight people will be used. A dedicated team will clear all chips and gaming tables during the act break.

WPT online for Spring Festival

WPT will immediately go to the online competition as planned. World Poker Tour Spring Festival is going on at Poker King in Asia. The competition will also host another WPT Main Event. The bonus deposit is 10 million yen (about 1.5 million US dollars). There will be several top players on the line.

Recently there were two players who brought the game to the Asian market. Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan from the Poker Hall of Fame will participate in the tournament. Both players are spokespersons for Poker King. So it is not surprising that they will act. Nick Petrangelo, a member of the WPT Champions Club, will also participate in the competition. And interestingly, NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson will also participate in the game.

“As the World Poker Tour’s global influence continues to expand. We are very pleased that participants in the Asian region can easily experience the excitement of WPT events through their mobile devices.” Pliska said. Both events will be broadcast live on WPT. Although they are waiting for some poker rooms to catch up. But WPT will certainly not put its efforts into individual states or live or off-site matches.