WSOP Review – WSOP Championship

WSOP Review: David Lambard won three consecutive SNGs in the WSOP’s $3000 buy-in and win the game and won his first WSOP bracelet.

A total of 313 people participated in the event. He and French poker anchor Johan Guilbert singled out to win with a prize of $207,193. Masters gathered at the final table, Justin Bonomo, Martin Zamani, and Andrew Lichtenberger all entered the final table.

Lambard is 44 years old and comes from South Carolina. He has been playing cards for ten years and usually plays cash games. He only played occasionally, and he said that this final table was the hardest he ever played.

David Lambard Won The WSOP Championship

WSOP Championship Interview – WSOP Review

“I just played with the basic strategy,” Lambard said in an interview after the game. “Tighten in the early stage and start to relax the range when there are 5-6 people. In the early stage, we must build a tight image.”

Lambard’s strategy has paid off. Shortly after the battle, Bonomo was eliminated in the tenth place, and Zamani won the ninth place.

Lambard didn’t change much until Ben Farrell (sixth place) was eliminated. His JJ defeated his opponent’s AT and then took the chip lead.

Lambard eliminated Jan Lakota in the fifth place. They all pre-flop, all hands are AK, but Lambard’s AK is a flush, the flop has a nut flush, and the river is the third black Peach, Lakota is out.

Lichtenberger was eliminated by Weiyi Zhang, at which time Weiyi Zhang led the game in a three-player match, while Lambard was at the bottom.

The trio played for a long time, and all three had a lead. Lambard got a key double from Zhang and never gave up the lead again. Zhang made three 7s on the flop, and on the turn, Lambard was on the 10 biggest public hands, and the river was the 6 he needed. After Zhang lost this hand, there were few chips left, and soon he was out.

Lambard and Guilbert played 31 hands in the heads-up. Finally, Lambard won 44 against opponent A8.

Final table – WSOP Review

Rank Player Bonus (USD) Points
1 David Lambard $207,193 720
2 Johan Guilbert $128,042 600
3 Weiyi Zhang $92,625 480
4 Andrew Lichtenberger $67,706 360
5 Jan Lakota $50,016 300
6 Ben Farrell $37,342 240
7 Alexandru Papazian $28,812 180
8 Adrien Delmas $21,501 120
9 Martin Zamani $16,586 60
10 Justin Bonomo $12,937 0

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