Bicycle Marked Cards – Poker Cheating Decks

The infrared marked playing card is a great poker cheating prop. Because Bicycle playing cards are very popular in the world especially in the US. So the Bicycle marked cards may be the best choice of poker cheating.

How the Bicycle marked cards work

There are special invisible infrared marks on the back of the marked playing cards. Because the marks are totally invisible to human eyes, you can see nothing different from the ordinary Bicycle playing cards. And we use the real Bicycle playing cards from the USPCC to make the Bicycle marked cards. So they look totally the same as ordinary bicycle playing cards.

Because the marks are invisible, you need to wear infrared contact lenses or sunglasses to see the marks.  You can see the following image. Through the filter in the center of the infrared contact lens, you can see the marks very clearly.

uv contact lenses for marked cards

Advantages of Bicycle marked cards

Because the infrared marked playing cards look the same as ordinary playing cards. There is no risk of being caught cheating at poker.

And you can see from the following image. There is a purple infrared filter in the center of the infrared contact lenses. But don’t worry about it, I’ll explain why people can’t see the filter.

uv contact lenses for marked cards

UV contact lenses for marked cards

As we all know, different people’s eyes have different colors. But that is the color of the iris, not the color of the pupil. The pupil is the black area at the center of our eyes. No matter which color your eyes are, your pupils are the same black.

According to a very simple principle, any color adds black will becomes black too. So when you wear the infrared contact lenses, the purple filter will look black as your pupils.

That’s why it’s hard for others to find you are wearing the infrared contact lenses.

So this is a very safe way to cheat at poker.

pupil is black

Everyone’s pupils are black

Marks’ styles of Bicycle marked cards

The No.4 marks’ style is the classic style. You can see the marks of the numbers are very big in the center of the playing cards. So it’s very easy for you to see the marks clearly from the other side of the gambling table.

infrared marked cards' marks styles

infrared marked cards’ marks styles

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Bicycle marked cards

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