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Is Poker a Skill or Luck Game? You May Be Fooled

Most people think that poker is a game that relies on luck. This idea is very common. Perhaps when you search for this question, you also tend to think that poker is a game of luck.

But the facts are completely contrary to people’s impressions. You may be fooled by your own feelings! Most players who play poker seriously know that skill is more important than luck.

Poker is 100% a game of skill in the long run. Luck in a single hand of poker does affect the outcome of the game to a certain extent. But players who are proficient in the same situation are more likely to win. In the long-term game, the influence of luck will be greatly weakened. In contrast, the importance of skill in poker will be greatly enhanced. So, poker is actually a game of skill rather than a game of luck as people think.

In this article, I will discuss the role of luck and skill in different kinds of poker games. I will also explain from several aspects why poker is a game of skill in the long run.

Mathematical Facts about poker

Poker is a game of mathematics

One of the big reasons why people think poker is a game of luck is the uncertainty of poker. You never know what the next card will be. It seems to depend entirely on luck. ( Unless you use poker cheating devices. But I will not discuss this in this article. If you are interested, you can read this article: How to cheat in poker )

Yes, what cards you can get really depends on your luck. But this is a typical probability event. There is a fixed probability of what card you get. The more you play, the closer the cards you get to the ratio given by the probability.

Next, I will explain the basic mathematical principles involved in poker.

We all know that playing cards have many uses. There are countless kinds of poker games all over the world. We roughly divide poker games into two categories: luck games and strategy games.

Luck games

First, let’s talk about why people believe in luck.

Although I used the word luck here, I will explain the mathematical principles in detail. This type of game is mostly used for fast betting. These games have some common characteristics: simple gameplay and clear results. For example, blackjack. There are also simpler poker games that play like craps.

I think you must have been exposed to a lot of these games. So what kind of mathematical principles are involved in games that seem to rely entirely on luck?

In order to avoid my explanation becoming very complicated, let us first set simple gameplay. We just use 2 to 10 and an A, and there is only 1 card for each point. A total of 10 cards, of which A is the largest. Suppose 2 people play this game. The players are just me and you. After the shuffle, you and I each get a card.

If the card I get is 2, then I will lose 100%. Since there are 10 cards in total, the probability of me getting a 2 is 10%. For the situations that will arise, I have listed Table 1 to show the probability of winning in various situations.

Win by the card0%11.1%22.2%33.3%44.4%55.6%66.7%77.8%88.9%100%
Get the card and win0%2.22%4.44%6.66%8.88%11.12%13.34%15.56%17.78%20%
Table 1

“Win by the card” means you have already got the card, the probability of winning the game by the card.

“Get the card and win” means the probability of you getting the card and win the game.

If the rules of the game allow you to bet after you know your own card, you can decide how to bet based on the probability of winning. For example, if you get a 7, 8, 9, 10, or A, you will win more than you lose. If you get the A, you can all in. Because you can win 100% with the A.

Of course, if your opponent also follows the probability of the game completely, then it will be difficult to win. But your opponent will not always be a math proficient player. In other words, people who are better at math will benefit more easily than people who are not good at math.

But there are also many games that are played without you knowing what card you get. This kind of completely random blinds is the luck side of poker. Everyone played the game without obtaining any information.

If the rules of the game are completely fair, then in each round you have a 50% chance of winning and the other 50% chance of losing. A single hand depends entirely on luck. But the more you play, your total profit and loss in the game will tend to be the same.

This is determined by mathematics. If you need to pay a certain fee to the casino for each hand, then this fee will become your main loss.

Strategy games

If you understand my previous example, then I will further elaborate on the use of mathematics in poker.

The example I give this time will be a little more complicated. First of all, I am playing with you. Only use 5 cards from 2 to 6. First, give everyone a card. Then you can look at the card you got and place bets. After that, a card is dealt to everyone and bet again. Finally, the total points of the two cards are compared, and the person with the higher points wins.

Then we analyze what might happen next:

Regardless of the order in which the cards are dealt, the probability of my first card being a 2 is 20%. Some people may not understand, so I will explain in detail.

Probability in this poker game

If I get the card first, then there is no doubt that the probability of getting a 2 is 20%.

If you get the card first, then the probability that you won’t get a 2 is 80%, and the probability that I get a 2 in the remaining cards is 25%. So the probability of this situation is 80%*25%=20%.

Okay, now you should understand how probability works. Next, I will conduct a follow-up analysis.

What is the probability that I get a 2 on the first card and a 3 on the second card? You can calculate this. In order not to make this article too long, I will give the answer directly. The probability of this happening is 5%. In this case, I will undoubtedly lose the game.

If you calculate the probability, you will find that the probability of each situation is the same. So we only discuss the probability of winning. I list the probabilities in Table 2:

First CardSecond CardWinDrawLoseExpectation
Table 2

So if the first card is 2, what is the probability of my winning? 0%*25%+0%*25%+0%*25%+33.3%*25%=8.325%

If the first card is 3, the winning probability is 25%.

If the first card is 4, the winning probability is 41.675%.

If the first card is 5, the winning probability is 50%.

If the first card is 6, the winning probability is 75%.

So knowing the winning percentage of the first card, you can know how to bet.

Expectation in this poker game

In order to further explain how to use mathematical strategies specifically, I use a parameter in statistics: Expectation.

For the first card, I make Table 3 to list the expectation.

The first card23456
Table 3

It can be seen from Table 3 that if the first card is 2 or 3, I will lose money in the long run.

According to Table 2, if the first card is a 2, I should fold it immediately. Because no matter what the second card is, the expectation is not greater than zero. It means I can’t win money in the long run.

The first card is 3, I can make a basic bet. If the second card is 2, 4, or 5, I will fold. But if the second card is 6, I will bet as big as possible.

When the first card is 6, I will make a big bet. Unless the second card is 2, I will continue to maintain a big bet.

The interesting thing is that if we add up all the expectations, we will get a total expectation: zero. It means that if all bets are the same, then, in the long run, we will neither lose nor win.

Although the card you get is completely determined by luck, you can guess the result through mathematics. Minimize losses when you are more likely to lose the game. Conversely, increase revenue when you are more likely to win the game. So you can win in the long run.

So when you adopt the correct poker strategy, the poker game is no longer a pure luck game.

Of course, these are just poker games from a purely mathematical perspective. The actual situation will be much more complicated.

high emotional intelligence EQ

6 Manifestations of High Emotional Intelligence

The performance of high emotional intelligence is hidden in these details of life.

People with high emotional intelligence know how to speak well because language often has more power than behavior.

At this point, the golden sentence maker Wilde is deeply touched:

“There are many people who can do things, but there are very few people who can talk. It shows that speaking is the most difficult and the most important of the two.”

Being able to speak is very important, and it is a truth that I have understood since I was 4 years old.

At that time, an uncle came to my house to play, and casually asked me a question during the meal:

“Do you like daddy more or mum more?”

Everyone at the table turned their heads and looked at me with expectant eyes.

Not knowing how to answer, I was at a loss, threw down my chopsticks, and hid in the room to watch TV.

There are many such pits in life, and many people often feel headaches for interpersonal communication.

And there are always people who can use a good answer to make the atmosphere hot from the freezing point and use a decent sentence to make everyone feel extremely comfortable.

Wanting to become a person with high emotional intelligence can actually be very easy.

The performance of high emotional intelligence is hidden in these details of life.

high emotional intelligence EQ

1. People with high emotional intelligence do not deny the compliments of the other party

Parents: “Recently, I got good exam results.”

The general answer: “No, it’s okay.”

Textbook style: “No, look at whose son it is.”

Colleague: “The dress you are wearing today is so beautiful.”

The general answer: “No, it’s okay.”

Textbook style: “Really? Thank you, your earth color eyeshadow is also very good.”

Friend: “Your child is so sensible.”

The general answer: “No, it’s okay.”

Textbook style: “Really? Your kids are pretty good too. You can bring them to play with my kids when you have time.”

In the face of compliments from others, most people tend to be conditioned and humble.

This is actually true, but other people will not feel obvious feedback, and the topic that was finally brewing is over.

People with high emotional intelligence do not deny the compliment of the other party and are good at using empathy, using affirmative or rhetorical questioning sentences to take the other party’s words.

Then follow this topic, boast the other side, so that it is easy to open the conversation, and the two sides reach a satisfactory atmosphere.

Do not deny the other party’s praise, this is the first sign of a person’s high emotional intelligence.

2. People with high emotional intelligence will speak at the point of the other party

The wife who took a baby at home for a day, saw her husband walking home slowly, and said grimly:

“Hurry up and cook, I’m exhausted from serving the child today.”

The husband heard the fire:

“I have been working all day, and I am more tired than you.”

Wife wronged:

“The child has been in trouble for a day, and he doesn’t worry at all.”

The husband replied:

“I met a difficult customer today, and I was almost mad.”

After going back and forth, the couple was talking about their difficulties, and it was not until dark that they found out that they hadn’t made dinner.

Neither of them was wrong, but the neglected child started to cry…

Many conflicts stem from the subjective emotional expression of one party. Perhaps the original intention was just to let the other party know that “I am a little tired today, I need you”, but in the end, it turned into a catharsis, and the two became even more tired.

Now restore the scene once to see how the high emotional intelligence crowd solves the problem:

The husband went home and brought his baby’s wife for a day, and wanted her husband to help with cooking.

A wife with high emotional intelligence will say:

“Are you back? I bought your favorite beef, but I have limited cooking skills. The beef you make is more delicious. I will leave it to you for today’s dinner. It can be regarded as a reward for me who brought my baby for a day. “

Happy husband:

“Really? Just greedy this bite. Look at me today.”

Let others accept their own opinions, useless command tone, less emotional venting, more statement of facts instead of subjective judgments, stand on the other side’s interests, and turn what you want him to do to his own pleasure. want.

Manage your emotions well and don’t let them rush out and become a hurting beast.

Coercion never solves problems, it only accumulates problems.

Will speak at the point of interest of the other person, this is the second sign of a person’s high emotional intelligence.

high emotional intelligence EQ

3. People with high emotional intelligence can calm down in public

“Longing for Life” is a popular reality show in China. As usual, every star will help with farm work.

Once, Chen came as a guest, and Huang Lei asked him to pick corn. He said he was allergic to ultraviolet rays and asked him to chop wood. He said he had a bad waist.

From the outside, it seemed that Chen He was lazy and deliberately embarrassed Huang Lei, and He Jiong suddenly asked him: “What time was the filming last night?”

Chen He: “5 o’clock in the morning.”

Everyone understands Chen He. It turned out that it was too exhausting to film last night.

Everyone agrees that He Jiong’s high emotional intelligence is inseparable from his superb on-the-spot adaptability and ability to ease the atmosphere.

You see, this is the power of high emotional intelligence to speak. One or two sentences can save the original embarrassment.

Give another example in life.

During the internship, the big boss came to inspect and invited colleagues from the technical department to have a meal. During this time, the big boss came to our table with a glass. Everyone raised their glass, but a colleague suddenly said, “I’m sorry, I don’t drink. “

Everyone was silent at the moment, and even the big boss didn’t expect this to happen.

At this moment, the manager stood up with a signature smile, and said to the big boss without hesitation:

“Mr. Li, this is the temporary driver of our branch. I will be responsible for sending colleagues home later. Everyone can drink, but he can’t.”

The colleagues at the same table all tacitly agreed, and the big boss laughed after listening:

“Oh, I said what’s going on, then don’t force you…”

You see, people who can talk can always perform outstandingly at critical moments, and one or two sentences can help others resolve crises.

Language is a technology. To speak nicely, one cannot do without careful observation and understanding of life and others.

Being able to calm down in public places is the third sign of a person’s high emotional intelligence.

4. People with high emotional intelligence speak with a sense of boundary

Every time I go back to my hometown, the neighbor’s aunt will come to visit me enthusiastically.

It was just a simple greeting at the beginning, and then it turned into a fierce attack, completely unable to resist.

“XX, how much is your salary now? I heard that your city consumes a lot of money, and it is only suitable for you to develop there with monthly consumption of 10,000 dollars. You should have it too?

“Why didn’t you bring a girlfriend? Any XX son who is as old as you will run away. Don’t be too demanding on girls.”


In life, we will meet people like this, chat with you enthusiastically, but the topic goes off the track.

From the beginning: “Have you eaten?” “Have you been on vacation?” It becomes “How much is a month’s salary?” “Are there any objects?…

This is a typical person who speaks without a sense of boundaries.

When chatting with someone, be clear about the relationship between you and him, to what extent.

If you are not good enough to sleep in a bed, don’t ask for sensitive personal privacy issues such as income, marriage, assets, etc.

Personal interests, hot events, and recent experiences are all better choices.

Keeping a safe distance is the most suitable, will not disturb the infringement of the opponent, and it is easier to win the favor of the opponent.

As Schopenhauer said: “People are like hedgehogs in the cold winter. If they are too close, they will sting each other, and if they are too far away, they will feel cold.”

There is a sense of boundary in speaking, which is the fourth sign of a person’s high emotional intelligence.

emotional intelligence EQ

5. Don’t make judgments about things you don’t understand

A well-known host interviewed several rural children.

These children have excellent grades, but their families are poor, and they talked about food during the period.

Moderator: “What do you usually eat?”

Children: “Green vegetables.”

Moderator: “Will there be meat?”

Children: “Don’t eat often.”

Moderator: “Why don’t you eat meat? Is meat not tasty? Is it easy to spoil? Or are there other reasons?”

Children: “…because there is no money.”

The host did not understand clearly and asked rashly, which caused the scene to be embarrassing.

The girl’s ex-boyfriend came to get back together. After being rejected, the girl’s girlfriend was invited as a lobbyist. The girlfriend said to the girl:

“XX person is not bad, how can you bear to refuse him?”

In reality, there are still many situations like this. If the truth is not clear, the generalization is partial.

Labeling someone else’s conclusion is equivalent to hurting others without knowing it.

Moreover, sometimes you never think of a person who wears slippers to go out maybe a multi-millionaire; you also never think of a glamorous person who is a poor man with a huge debt.

In the movie “The Great Gatsby”, there is a sentence that can serve as the best reminder:

“Whenever you feel you want to criticize someone, you have to remember that not everyone has the advantage you have.”

Because a person with a truly high emotional intelligence understands how difficult it is to be considerate of others, and will not judge a person at will.

Even if it is good for a friend, it will not be straightforward but will use a tactful way to express it without offending the other party.

Don’t make judgments about things you don’t understand. This is the fifth sign of a person’s high emotional intelligence.

6. People with high emotional intelligence can use emotion to control scenes

A friend is a well-known good husband. He has known him for 8 years and has never seen him lose his temper in public.

Once a couple of friends were eating together, he directly got up with one of them. The volume of his speech was ten times higher than usual, and the scale was much larger than before. It really shocked us. He was taking gunpowder. ?

But only this time, the friend returned to the old good husband.

Later, I couldn’t help asking him. My friend said that the man scolded at the dinner table was an old man. He owed himself a lot of money and repeatedly failed to pay his debts, so he could only make this plan.

What makes me admire even more is that when I am an ordinary person, I am really angry when facing the person who owes the money. However, his anger is for that person, and his heart is still calm. Of course, he finally got the money.

He added: “When people are angry, their IQ is zero, and anger can’t solve any problems.”

It is probably this friend who can control emotions in turn, instead of becoming a slave to emotions, and achieve the goal by correctly exerting emotions.

Many people misunderstand the meaning of high EQ and think that doing things smoothly and not losing your temper is high EQ, but this is not the case.

A true high emotional intelligence, know how to use emotions freely, and get the greatest return with the least cost.

Being able to use emotions to control the scene is the seventh sign of a person’s high emotional intelligence.

In these life scenes, people with high EQ have done one thing well always pretend to be someone else in their hearts.

By insisting on this, we can slowly understand the true wisdom of getting along with people.

Don’t stop the cultivation of interpersonal relationships. The four words “speak well” hide the good luck of your life.

Finally, share a sentence I like very much:

“We speak well, not to get anything, but to not lose the people and things we care about.”

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Good Impression of Girls

How to Get Good Impression of Girls? You Should Know These Tricks

How to get a good impression of girls has always been a problem for most men. After reading this article, you will know how to enhance your charm.

Some people might say that many girls now only care about money. But is this really the case?

It is undeniable that there are indeed some women who only care about money. But this is only a small group of people. Women should not be labeled as worshipping money just because of the behavior of a small number of people.

Just as men are attracted to attractive women, women are also attracted to male charms. So all you need to do is to enhance your masculine charm.

All we have to do is find men that women are crazy about and learn from them.

Good Impression of Girls

1. A good dress can get the good impression of girls

You can look at photos of male stars and models. What is the difference between the clothes they wear and you?

You might say that the clothes they wear are all from very expensive brands. Then please ignore the brand of the clothes first.

You can always find some similar substitutes. In addition, you can compare and analyze their wearing styles and patterns.

For example, even children know that you should not wear sneakers when you wear a suit. Avoiding these wear traps will make you look more handsome.

If you still don’t know how to start, start with the simplest one.

You will find that many handsome-looking men wear simple clothes. They often wear solid color T-shirts and simple casual pants.

Before you have mastered the dressing skills, you can choose simple clothes as much as possible. Avoid too many colors on your body.

men's style

You can see that the model in the picture is only wearing a pure white shirt, black slacks, and white shoes. Doesn’t it look great? But what if you change the shirt or shoes to red? I think that is not a good idea.

If you can match them reasonably, even ordinary clothes can make you look good. I believe you can buy such shirts and slacks in any clothing store. Your dress is the first step in whether you can get a good impression of girls.

2. A good hairstyle can get a good impression of girls

It’s time to change your messy hairstyle. No one likes a person with messy hair. It will only make you look unspiritual and unhygienic. Most male stars and models have very handsome hairstyles.

If you have a beard, it is best to combine your hairstyle and tidy up your beard.

Whether it’s Facebook or Tweet, you can see handsome guys with handsome hairstyles attracting girls. So choose a handsome hairstyle and get a good impression of girls.

3. Appropriate accessories can enhance your temperament

For example, you can choose a pair of sunglasses. Because of the epidemic, many people wear masks. Do you feel that there are more beauties than before? Why is this?

Because the mask covers more than half of the face. You cannot see the face under the mask. But the human brain is very good at replenishing missing information. And it is to add in the direction you want.

In this case, as long as the girl’s figure is better and her eyes look good, your brain will imagine a face that attracts you the most. But in fact, it is possible that the face under the mask is not so good-looking.

By the same token, why does wearing sunglasses make people look better? Because sunglasses cover your eyes, others will imagine your face based on your figure, clothes, and hairstyle.

If your figure, clothes, and hairstyle look good, then others will imagine a perfect face.

Now you know why more and more people like bigger sunglasses. Because bigger sunglasses can leave others more room for imagination.

The right accessories can help you get more opportunities to get a good impression of girls.

4. Proper muscle lines can get a good impression of girls

Just like men can’t refuse hot beauties, many girls are fascinated by strong bodies.

You don’t need to have the scary muscles of Schwarzenegger. But at least turn your belly into abdominal muscles.

A strong physique can not only help you get a good impression of girls but also make you healthier. Since there is nothing bad for you, why not start exercising?

According to your situation, you can choose to exercise without equipment or go to the gym for professional exercise.

There are many fitness teaching videos on the Internet. For example, on Youtube, you can find all kinds of instructional videos. You can exercise according to the movements in the instructional video.

If you do not choose to go to the gym, then when your strength grows to a certain level, you can walk into a park or beach with horizontal or parallel bars. There, you can show your body and strength to your heart’s content. You will attract passing girls.

If your financial conditions permit, the gym will be a better choice. Because it can help you get the figure you want more quickly. And the girls who appear in the gym often have hot bodies.


In the end

Today, I briefly talked about some tricks to get a good impression of girls by changing your appearance.

This is the beginning of everything. You first need to attract the attention of girls. Only then you can have the opportunity to have further pleasant conversations with girls.

I will teach you how to communicate with girls in a follow-up blog. If you think my content is good, please share it on your tweet and Facebook. You can also bookmark my website and browse other content on my website. I am grateful for that.

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24 Kinds of Best Attractive Article Title Writing!

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Poker Cheating Cards

how to write title

24 Kinds of Best Attractive Article Title Writing!

In today’s information explosion Internet era, how to improve the reading of articles has become a topic of joint research by practitioners. First of all, you have to have a title that is attractive enough, especially when it is targeted to push, this will be a process of qualitative change and quantitative change. Although I do not advocate headline parties, it is still necessary to develop an attractive headline for a high-quality topic. Below I bring you 24 ways to enhance the attractiveness of the title, hoping to help you.

how to write title

1.Ask questions in the title

Use the question method to arouse the curiosity of users, and your content is to answer this title, and users usually pay for this title.

2.Combine current events

The characteristic of current affairs is that they are extremely hot in a short period of time, and such titles can often attract a lot of traffic in a short period of time. Such as the topic related to the recent attack on Beijing hotel girls.

3.Learn to use symbols

Adding some special symbols to the title will also have a good effect. The exclamation mark expresses surprise, generally expresses praise, surprise, anger, sigh, sadness, and other strong feelings. Using this kind of symbol can generally arouse people’s attention.

4.Deliver new messages

This is a declarative headline for users to deliver new messages, which can be used to promote new things.
Such as “The newest boyfriend standard in 2021, are you up to the standard?”

5.Advice to users

“Anyone who has read this topic has learned xxx”
This is a typical suggestive title, which is often used when the content quality is high. If your content is not too compelling, it is recommended not to use this type of title. After reading it, users may be disappointed and have a negative impact.

6.Data title

“The 25-year-old girl spent three years traveling around the world and only spent xxx.”
Data is very impactful and can attract users’ attention. If you can’t think of a good title, you can use more data titles.

7.Information that is valuable to users

“It turns out that this is the new knowledge of correct brushing!”
Why do users want to read your articles? Because you can provide value to users and let them make fewer mistakes!

8.Make recommendations

“30 common sense of life you must know now”
While providing suggestions to users, this title uses “must now” to increase the sense of urgency.

9.Explain the value

“Take you through xxx in three minutes”
Obviously such a long TV series can be watched in three minutes? Then click in to watch it.

10.Make a comparison

“A and B are so much different!”

11.Construct a scene for the user

Many times we need to construct a scene for the user through the title. Let the user associate, and the user’s thinking will follow the scene we constructed to associate, and then the problem will be discovered. Then click on our topic
For example, “Why is the milk you drink not nutritious?”

12.Quote testimony

“If your monthly salary reaches 3000, you should go to xxx once”

seo title

13.Provide free special reports, catalogs or brochures

“It turns out that the year-end awards of big companies all send these things!”

14.Click the content directly

“A prize-winning event: 2000 coupons are on sale!”
Everyone will not miss the rewarded content.

15.Arouse the curiosity of readers

Curiosity will bring clicks.
For example, the title “The gap between refrigerated and non-refrigerated yogurt is so big”

16.Promise to open the secret

“Secret xxx divorce truth”
Many times people pay a lot of attention to public figures and celebrities in the industry, especially their privacy, usually little-known events, which are even more attractive. At this time, we can use this psychology to write headlines.

17.Add time element

“After reading a book, you only need a cup of coffee.”

18.Write the title from the user’s perspective

In many cases, it is easier to resonate when we write titles from the user’s point of view.
For example, “After I watched this movie, xxx”

19.Good news for readers

“After learning these tricks, the poor can also attract beautiful women!”

20.Spread positive energy

Positive topics tend to attract users’ clicks
Such as “The xxx guy bus captured the knife robber with bare hands.”

21.Raise a challenge

“Do you dare to love your wife like this?”

22.Take advantage of the miserable psychology

This kind of title is sometimes easily disgusting to users, so it needs to be used with caution. For example, today I lost 1,000 yuan and I have been stubborn about it all the time. But when I heard that the people around me lost 10,000 yuan, I definitely felt better. This kind of good is not produced on the basis of gloating, but on the comparison between the two.

23.Use “why” and “reason” to write

“7 Reasons Why People Should Eat”

24.Introduce officiality and authority

“The latest research shows that…”

Today I will share these tips first. I hope you can gain something after reading it. You can subscribe to our website to view more exciting content. You can also browse other content on our website.

How to Get Good Impression of Girls?

6 Manifestations of High Emotional Intelligence

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2021 WSOP

4 Months Left Before The 2021 WSOP. What You Must Know

Earlier, the WSOP officially announced that this year’s offline events will return. This made the poker world a joy. Now, there are still 4 months to go before 2021 WSOP.

We have collected all the information currently known about the event. Some may be something you already know, but there may be some that you should know but haven’t noticed.

2021 WSOP

Let’s take a look!

The following is the latest situation we have collected so far.

2021 WSOP Schedule

Although the new crown vaccine has begun to be released on a large scale, the epidemic has not completely passed after all. So compared to the summer period from May to July. This year’s competition made a certain compromise, and the date was postponed to fall.

The 2021 WSOP series will begin on Thursday, September 30, US time and will last until Tuesday, November 23.

Although the summer game became the autumn game. But one thing is certain, this autumn will be the full version of the summer in our memory.

WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart told PokerNews: “Let’s start betting on whether this will be the biggest WSOP ever.”

“Is there any reason to bet with me on whether the number of participants in the 2021 WSOP Main Event will exceed 10,000?” — Lance_Bradley

2021 WSOP Detailed Schedule

The detailed schedule for the current autumn series has not been announced. However, the online schedule has been released.

Yes, you’re not mistaken!

Last year’s WSOP was converted to an online tournament, although out of help. But it also allowed the organizers to see the huge potential of this form. This year’s WSOP will return both offline and online. And, this is very likely to become a new tradition in the subsequent WSOP series.

WSOP Director Gregory Chochon revealed this in an interview: “The record-breaking series last year has set the standard, but we hope to improve it even higher this year. One of our goals is to provide as many people as possible. A chance to become a champion. However, we know that not everyone can or is suitable for travel, so we must continue to provide stable online bracelet events in 2021.”

2021 WSOP

The 2021 WSOP online event will provide 66 gold bracelets for players to compete.

Below is an overview of the key dates for the series: 2021 Online WSOP (Domestic U.S.): July 1st to August 1st

GGPoker 2021 Online WSOP (International): August 1st to September 12th

WSOP Las Vegas “Main Event” Satellite-August 1st to October 1st

GGPoker WSOP Winter Online Super Tour-Date to be confirmed

Opening weekend

Officials have now revealed the preliminary details of the opening weekend. Including a $25,000 H.O.R.S.E, a 5 million guaranteed bonus HNL, and a charity event to fund frontline medical workers.

The above is all the currently known information about the 2021 WSOP series. I hope it helps you.

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Gus Hansen

Disappear And Return| What Happened to Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen was one of the most well-known faces in poker in the late 2000s. Hansen, nicknamed “Great Dane”, surprised the poker world. He introduced a very bold and aggressive play style.

Gus Hansen

The huge bluffs and seemingly crazy moves puzzled other players and fans. But they succeeded.

In the second half of the 2000s, Gus Hansen achieved several big results in major tournaments, building his assets and reputation.

Although the Danes’ poker methods are often criticized and described as reckless. But watching him do his thing is a real enjoyment for fans of the game.

Gus Hansen is never afraid to pull the trigger, even in the most desperate situations. This makes him a very unpredictable and difficult opponent.

Today, everyone knows the range of 3-bet and 4-bet. But when Hansen emerged in the poker world, it was a different era.

The players simply don’t know how to adapt to Hansen’s aggressive style. It took them a while to understand. However, when they did this, Hansen had won countless poker honors and a lot of bonuses.

However, a few years ago, Hansen almost eliminated himself from the public eye, reducing his appearance on television and participating in various poker shows.

So, what happened to Gus Hansen? “Great Dane” Where are these days? Is he still playing poker? Or, like many others, switch to pursuing different passions?

The rise and fall of Gus Hansen

Hansen began to emerge in the early 21st century. His first big victory was in 2002. At that time, he won the WPT Five Diamond Classic. He won the WPT: Five Diamond Classic in 2002, bringing home more than $550,000 for his success.

A few months later, Hansen won another WPT championship. This time he won the Los Angeles Poker Classic and received a prize of $530,000.

Gus Hansen WPT

In 2004, Hansen became a PCA champion, adding another $445,000 to his bank deposits.

Hansen is clearly growing and will continue the legend in the next few years.

In February 2005, he decided to participate in the US$400,000 Poker Superstar Invitational. This was a huge buy at the time. This put him against some game masters such as Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan, Doyle Brunson and Barry Greenstein.

Gus Hansen finally won the game. He defeated Johnny Chan in a heads-up match and won the championship and a million dollars in prize money.

After several small but substantial victories, Hansen achieved the two biggest victories of his career.

Gus Hansen’s two biggest victories in his career.

In 2007, he won the AUD Million Main Event, with a total of nearly 1.2 million U.S. dollars. Later, Hansen published a book about his performance in this game called “Apocalypse of Every Hand”. This book has also entered our list of best poker books.

In 2008, Hansen found himself in the lead in the $25,000 WTP Championship. Although he lost to David Chiu in the end, he still won the biggest victory of his career. This competition earned him $1,714,000.

He also won a WSOP bracelet in the 2010 High Roller Heads Up event in London.

At the time of writing this article, Hendon Mob believes that Hansen’s lifetime tournament prize money exceeds $10.2 million, which is enough to be among the top 100 in the historical money list.

All these successes have not been ignored.

Hansen received invitations from popular shows such as High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark. He quickly became a fan favorite.

Gus Hansen on TV

Hansen’s fearless style was born for television.

When he appears on the show, you can always expect some fireworks. Because I don’t know when “Great Dane” will explode and try to use his crazy bluff or heroic call.

Online high stakes table: Gus Hansen becomes a cash machine

Skill, luck, or what you want to call it. The fact is that Hansen was the dominant force in the live tournament circuit within a few years.

He found a strategy that was clearly effective at the time.

This is not any imagination of GTO. It is very exploitative, but Hansen knows how to make it work.


Unfortunately, this is not the case for online regular table games.

Hansen is not afraid of any challenge. He likes to fight with masters in the online arena and play nosebleed games on Full Tilt Poker.

However, a very effective strategy in the tournament did not produce the expected results in the ring.

Over the past few years, Hansen has accumulated millions of losses online.

At the same time, his performance in live competitions also stagnated. His last big prize was in 2012, when he ranked third in the Australian Millions Challenger and won US$820,000.

By 2014, Hansen’s online losses exceeded the 20 million U.S. dollar mark. He became one of the biggest losers in the online poker world.

Around this time, Hansen decided that it might be time to look for other options.

Gus Hansen resumed his normal life

Gus Hansen resumed his normal life

After a while, Hansen finally threw out the white towel. He admits that online poker is not for him.

In an interview, Gus Hansen tried to explain his failure. He said that when you can’t see the opponent sitting opposite you, it’s not the same game.

It is undeniable that online poker is different from live poker. But the fact that Hansen insisted on playing against the master may also be related to his poor results.

Therefore, Hansen decided to stop and rebuild his financial situation by doing a normal nine-to-five accounting job and playing backgammon.

Hansen is an excellent backgammon player. And he seems to know how to find opponents with poor skills and strong funds. So this is a legal sideline to increase his income.

However, when Hansen left poker, almost everyone knew it would not be permanent.

The life of “Great Dane” is very difficult, and the decision to leave the poker table temporarily is undoubtedly the best decision so far.

However, he has almost no chance to quit the game forever.

If you have watched Hansen’s game, you might have an idea of ​​how much he likes to mess around here. For Hansen, this is not just a question of money.

It’s about excitement, adrenaline, and the opportunity to surpass your opponents and “bring them to school”.

Perhaps it was this passion that got him into trouble at the beginning.

Hansen has always insisted on playing against the best, thinking this is the fastest way to improve his game. However, it turns out that these courses are too expensive. In the end, the Danish’s “tuition fee” ran out.

The return of Gus Hansen

Between 2014 and 2017, Hansen had almost no news.

The last time he recorded live cash was in March 2014. His social media accounts are almost dormant.

Obviously, he needs some time, not only to stay away from the game, but also from the media and even his fans.

There is not much information about him during this period. It’s just that he is more involved in gomoku.

Around 2017, Hansen announced his intention to start over

After almost three years of inactivity, he posted on his Twitter that he would return to Las Vegas to participate in some WSOP actions.

At about the same time, he posted a short video on his Instagram profile announcing “A great summer”.

“Great Dane” has officially resumed action! .

However, judging from his Twitter and Instagram posts, Hansen did not go to Las Vegas to participate in the tournament. This has always been his best game.

Instead, he jumped directly into the legendary Bobby’s Room action and took part in some high stakes poker.

Since then, Hansen’s Instagram profile has become the one you should definitely follow if you like high stakes poker.

“Great Dane” has been sharing a lot of pictures and short videos, providing some of the craziest games on the planet.

In 2018, Hansen gave online poker another opportunity. But this time, he didn’t hold on for too long. This may be a good decision for his bank account.

However, his life and poker journey from 2017 has been well documented in his Instagram profile. So if you want to learn about Hansen, you should go there.

It is very clear that Hansen once again mixed with the best people. Doyle Brunson, Dan “Jungleman” Cates, Patrik Antonius and other high-stakes players who often appear in places like Bobby Room play.

How is he doing financially? It’s hard to tell.

On the one hand, there are some rumors that Hansen’s situation is not so good.

On the other hand, there is this video from 2018, and the information comes directly from the source.

In any case, Hansen seems to have enjoyed the fun of poker again. And, I hope this time, he made a better decision for his bank funds.

It seems that he has been avoiding online games. This is the “stain” in his entire career. So this should be good news.

As for Hansen’s results after 2014, he has only one bonus record, from the 2019 WSOP Main Event. He ranked 689th, winning $20,200.

In addition to poker, he has other things to keep him busy.

Gus Hansen has recently become a father and has always wanted to permanently move back to Denmark from Monaco. When not traveling for poker, he spends most of his time there.

Hansen became a dad

What’s next for Gus Hansen?

Once the poker scene stabilizes, Hansen may start honing again. But due to his new duties and responsibilities, he may not have so much time or freedom to travel the world and play poker.

Will he try a “normal” life again and seek to do things that do not require constant travel and risk hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Who can really tell Gus Hansen?

Even if he tried to stay away, something told me he would come back again at some point.

I don’t believe Hansen will retire completely from poker. If he can withstand the huge downturn on the Internet and come back from there. He can do almost anything.

If anyone knows how cruel this game is, it is Gus Hansen. If this doesn’t keep him out, I don’t think there is anything that can be done.

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Poker Calculator CVK680 Analyzer Host

Poker Analyzer Is About to No Longer Have A Lifetime License

The poker analyzer is about to usher in a new sales model.

The impact of Chinese police actions on the poker analyzer industry continues

As the Chinese police further strengthened their crackdown on the poker cheating industry, many manufacturers have suffered great losses.

The collapse of PK KING company

In the early actions of the police, PK KING was completely destroyed. PK KING’s boss and main employees were sent to prison. This directly led to the disappearance of PK KING. Therefore, it is difficult to buy PK KING analyzers on the market after the dealer’s inventory is cleared.

The final product of PK KING is the 708 poker analyzer. After this, PK KING company ceased to exist. As a result, all PK KING products cannot be repaired.

Recently, the boss of PK KING was released from prison. As a friend for many years, the boss of our company met with him. The boss of PK KING stated that he could no longer return to this industry. The punishment of the law made him lose everything. Therefore, the legend of PK KING has come to an end forever.

Cheat Poker Analyzer P708 Host
Cheat Poker Analyzer S708

At the end of last year, all the PK KING products in our company’s inventory were sold. At present, only the products of AKK and CVK are still in stock.

The CVK company also suffered heavy losses

As we said before, the boss of the CVK company was arrested by the police. And he is still in prison now. Similar to the situation of PK KING, the CVK company is currently at a standstill.

The police destroyed CVK’s company and arrested all employees. The chief R&D engineer of CVK, like his boss, still lives in prison today. The police seized all the property of the CVK company. And the court imposed a fine of more than 30 million against the boss of CVK a few days ago.

When everything happened, CVK’s latest product was the CVK680 poker analyzer. This is currently the best product of CVK. The CVK750 mentioned by some customers recently does not exist at all. If someone sells CVK750 to you, then he must be a liar. Please take good care of your money.

The AKK company lost its biggest competitor

The AKK company also accepted the police investigation. But in the end, AKK cleared the suspicion of the crime.

The police action destroyed two of AKK’s biggest competitors. AKK is so lucky. At the same time, this also created a situation where the AKK company monopolized the market.

The lifetime license won’t come with the poker analyzer any more.

After determining that the CVK company could not resume operations, the AKK company began to seek greater profits.

According to the exact information disclosed by AKK, the AKK poker analyzer no longer provides lifetime licenses.

The AKK company will comprehensively change the validity period of the poker analyzer’s software license on June 15. It means that poker analyzers produced after June 15 can only be used for 244 days. After 244 days, you need to repurchase the software license per 244 days to continue using the analyzer. The 244 days license will be very expensive.

In other words, besides the normal cost of purchasing the poker analyzer, you will need to pay a substantial fee every 244 days.

The last poker analyzers with lifetime licenses

But don’t worry, the poker analyzers we have sold and the poker analyzers we stock still maintain lifetime authorization for 3 games.

Due to the limited quantity of lifetime-licensed poker analyzers in our inventory, the price will increase soon. Our company decided to implement the new price on June 12. Before June 12 (China Time), the current price is still maintained.

If you have a plan to purchase a poker analyzer, please contact us as soon as possible, submit the order and complete the payment. Otherwise, you may have to pay a higher price to purchase a lifetime-licensed poker analyzer.


We provide marked cards and infrared contact lenses, poker analyzers, mini hidden earpieces, wireless cameras for analyzers, cheating dices, and other poker cheating devices.

We accept marked playing cards customization. You can send your playing cards to us, and we make the invisible marks or barcodes.

AKK A3 marked cards analyzer host
AKK A3 marked cards analyzer host
2021 WSOP event

Will The 2021 WSOP Set A New Entry Record?

With the record numbers of the U.S. Championship, the introduction of vaccines, and the cancellation of masks, will the WSOP Main Event become the biggest event ever?

Things are finally beginning to have a positive impact on the prospects of live poker. At least if you are in the United States. It seems that the decision to postpone the World Series of Poker until September will pay off. Because by then Rio’s actions will look close to normal.

2021 WSOP

It may even be one of the largest WSOPs in history

So far, almost all major live games in the United States have broken some kind of record for the number of spectators. The World Poker Tour has broken several of its own records in 2021. Including the largest game in the history of the tour.

Wynn Hotel also announced a $10 million guaranteed match for next month. This seems to be ready to eat some demand for poker outside of the WSOP.

There is no doubt that this is the suppressed demand for live poker in almost all parts of the world for more than a year. When these records were broken, everyone had to wear a mask and the plexiglass was stuffed between the players.

No masks in September?

Therefore, pent-up demand may be the biggest driving force that could become a record year. But another milestone was passed this month. Last week, the CDC announced that in the United States, anyone who has received two shots of the vaccine can no longer wear a mask and does not require social distancing.

What is remarkable is that there were 2482 players wearing masks to participate in the WPT event, sitting between the plexiglass. Many people feel uncomfortable wearing masks and even dare not venture into live poker. I am one of them. I have no problem with wearing a mask. But I really can’t stand wearing a mask for several hours at a time. So when asked to wear a mask, I didn’t bother to play live poker. Mainly because I don’t want to wear a mask for so long.

By September, Las Vegas should reach 100% capacity. The vaccinated person can not wear a mask, so this can lead to a huge area. Let us prepare to celebrate the end of the blockade.

Will vaccines lead the way of WSOP?

However, there are many arguments against it. The United States may be ready, but the rest of the world may be too late. The reality is that the promotion of vaccines varies from country to country. There will be some players who want to participate in the WSOP but are not allowed because of their vaccination status.

At this stage, some people will mention the economy. And so many people will not have the same disposable income. Because of the impact of the blockade on their finances. I’m not sure this is a big concern for the WSOP. The poker world often seems to thrive during difficult economic times. And there is a lot of evidence that in the past 12 months, more money has been saved than at any other time in recent history. I am more worried that the price of Bitcoin will harm the WSOP numbers, rather than something related to COVID.

What the WSOP and the world need to worry about is that after most people are vaccinated, the second wave of COVID will come. So far, the vaccine has been working on new variants of COVID, and it does feel that this is the beginning of the end of the nightmare.

2021 WSOP event

Will it be the largest WSOP in history?

I do not think so. But I do think this will be a huge series. The number is similar to what we have seen in recent memory, perhaps a schedule that will be deeply remembered in the next few years.

Will we see a record-breaking WSOP? Let us know in the comments.

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2021 US Poker Open

2021 US Poker Open Schedule Announced

The US Poker Open will return in 2021 after being missing for a year due to the epidemic. This series of high-stakes live poker tournaments will be held from June 3rd to 15th at the PokerGO Studios at ARIA Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are 12 games planned, with buy-in ranging from US$10,000 to US$50,000.

2021 US Poker Open

US Poker Open in 2021 will be part of the upcoming PokerGO Tour.

All 12 games offered during this series of events will be awarded ranking points based on the number of players cashed in. With 22 qualifying matches so far in 2021, Ali Imsirovic currently ranks first on the PokerGO Tour leaderboard with 1,145 points, 10 reward circles, 4 championships, and an income of 1,659,010 USD.

The points system will also be used to determine the champion of the US Open. The player award for this series will have an additional $50,000 bonus and a new “Golden Eagle Trophy”.

Seven of the twelve events feature traditional Texas Hold’em, while the remaining five events feature various other games, including Pot Limit Omaha and Short Deck.

2018 USPO champion Stephen Chidwick and 2019 champion David Peters

This will mark the third operation of the USPO. Those who win the trophy this year will join a short but elite list of champions. Stephen Chidwick stood out in the inaugural USPO held in February 2018, cashing out five of the eight events offered. He won in two of these games and earned $1,256,600 in the entire series. The most recent USPO was held in the winter of 2019. David Peters cashed a total of $1.584 million in 10 games that year, won the final game of the series, and won the trophy with a final lead of only 10 ranking points.

As in previous years, the final table of each event will be broadcast live on the OTT service PokerGO, starting at 4 pm every day during the entire series.

The following is the complete event calendar

2021 US Poker Open calendar

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WPT Online Series

WPT Online Series Officially Opened on May 14

In May, the partypoker and the World Poker Tour once again joined forces to create the 2021 WPT Online Series.

Schedule of The WPT Online Series

From May 14th to June 2nd, there will be two main events in the 2021 WPT Online Series. This will definitely bring a lot of excitement to the poker tournament community.

WPT Online Series

The $3,200 WPT Online Series Main Event kicked off on May 23. Day 1B will start a week later, on May 30. The second round, the third round, and the final table will be held from May 31st to June 2nd.

The $3,200 WPT main event guarantees a $3 million prize. This means that at least 1,000 players are expected to sign up for the competition. Players who won the championship title will receive huge bonuses, luxury Hublot watches, and will forever engrave their name on Mike Sexton’s WPT Champions Cup.

A large number of satellites will help WPT reach the magnificent number of at least 1,000 participants.

The tournament hall is filled with satellites of the WPT main event. These satellites are staged matches. This means you can start at any stage, except when there is no direct registration for the weekly finals.

Only spend 0.01 Controls to get tickets for the first phase satellites bought at 3.30. Begin from stage 1, and take your scoreboard to stage 2. From here, you can enter the next Sunday final (at least 15 seats worth $3,200 are guaranteed).

Those who miss the WPT Online Series Main Event can enjoy the fun of poker in the $530 WPT Mini Main Event. Although the name of this game is mini, the guaranteed prize pool of 500,000 is not small.

Buy it directly for $530, or like the big brother of $3,200, win your ticket at a price as low as 0.01.

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