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WPT Online Series

WPT Online Series Officially Opened on May 14

In May, the partypoker and the World Poker Tour once again joined forces to create the 2021 WPT Online Series.

Schedule of The WPT Online Series

From May 14th to June 2nd, there will be two main events in the 2021 WPT Online Series. This will definitely bring a lot of excitement to the poker tournament community.

WPT Online Series

The $3,200 WPT Online Series Main Event kicked off on May 23. Day 1B will start a week later, on May 30. The second round, the third round, and the final table will be held from May 31st to June 2nd.

The $3,200 WPT main event guarantees a $3 million prize. This means that at least 1,000 players are expected to sign up for the competition. Players who won the championship title will receive huge bonuses, luxury Hublot watches, and will forever engrave their name on Mike Sexton’s WPT Champions Cup.

A large number of satellites will help WPT reach the magnificent number of at least 1,000 participants.

The tournament hall is filled with satellites of the WPT main event. These satellites are staged matches. This means you can start at any stage, except when there is no direct registration for the weekly finals.

Only spend 0.01 Controls to get tickets for the first phase satellites bought at 3.30. Begin from stage 1, and take your scoreboard to stage 2. From here, you can enter the next Sunday final (at least 15 seats worth $3,200 are guaranteed).

Those who miss the WPT Online Series Main Event can enjoy the fun of poker in the $530 WPT Mini Main Event. Although the name of this game is mini, the guaranteed prize pool of 500,000 is not small.

Buy it directly for $530, or like the big brother of $3,200, win your ticket at a price as low as 0.01.

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Daniel Negreanu rematches Hellmuth

Daniel Negreanu Rematches Hellmuth

Although Daniel Negreanu lost to Hellmuth in the first round of “High Stakes Duel”, in their first rematch, Daniel was still favored by everyone.

The second match between the two will start again today. Will Daniel Negreanu succeed in counterattack? The answer will be revealed soon.

Daniel Negreanu rematches Hellmuth

In the first game, both players paid US$5W to participate, creating a prize pool of US$10W. Hellmuth achieved a miraculous counterattack when he was 1-19 behind on the scoreboard and won the reversal.

At the end of the second round, the loser can choose to replay again. So, Daniel, who was highly expected by everyone, put all their bets on him in the rematch. Is it safe?

Although Hellmuth’s score in “High Stakes Duel” is 4-0. He has been successful in heads-up duels throughout his career. But the public is more optimistic about Daniel Negreanu. As shown by PokerShares data, although Daniel lost the first game, he still won many supporters.

After all, Daniel Negreanu lost US$120W to Polk in the “century matchup that just ended”. This left a deep impression on many poker players. More importantly, because he was better than expected in the match against the top NLMH heads-up player ever. Are more competitive.

In addition, Daniel Negreanu gained valuable experience in the heads-up duel against Polk, the “Prince of Heads-Up”. Therefore, this is why most people, including Polk, are optimistic about him.

The second round of Daniel and Hellmuth officially started at 5 o’clock this afternoon. We continue to pay attention to the final result of the game.

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global poker awards

The Global Poker Awards will return in spring 2021

After a year of interruption due to COVID-19, the Global Poker Awards will come again in March. The event will return to the PokerGO studio in Las Vegas.

PokerGO will once again cooperate with the Global Poker Index to broadcast the event. GPI barely slipped into the awards ceremony a few days before the closure of Las Vegas last year. You can watch this show on-demand on the PokerGO app.

global poker awards

Poker Central, the company that created the subscription-based PokerGO app, started working with GPI in 2019. They hosted the first Global Poker Awards. The ceremony was previously known as the American Poker Awards. Every year, dozens of poker players and members of the media gather together. They celebrate top achievements in the industry, both on and off the court.

The format of the award ceremony is similar to that of the Oscars but on a much smaller scale. There are more than a dozen categories every year. There are nominees for each category. Then the winner was awarded a shiny trophy.

What to look forward to at the Global Poker Awards 2022

The 3rd Global Poker Tournament will be held in March 2022. The specific date has not yet been determined. There will be more than 20 trophies for everyone to compete for. These include GPI Player of the Year, GPI Female Player of the Year, Poker ICON, Player’s Choice Award for Best Almighty Poker Player, People’s Choice Award for Hand of the Year, and other awards to be selected later.

Alex Foxen and Kristen Bicknell are a popular poker couple. They have won the GPI Player of the Year and GPI Female Player of the Year awards in the past two years (2018 and 2019).

Eric Danis, Chairman of Global Poker Index, chats with Jeff Platt of PokerGO on YouTube. They discussed the upcoming awards ceremony. He explained why the Global Poker Awards were canceled in 2021.

Danis said: “For most of us, this has been a difficult year. And from the perspective of the epidemic, it doesn’t make sense to hold an awards ceremony. Even in Las Vegas, it is unreasonable because of the looser restrictions. And, to be fair, the theme itself, it just looks like people are leaving live poker for too long in order to hold a proper awards ceremony.”

Now, vaccination work is stepping up all over the world. COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to fade in many places. Live poker is booming and is coming back to life. By March 2022, there should be many activities and achievements worth celebrating.

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Swing King Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

Swing King Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s Ups And Downs in His Career

Few poker fans don’t know the name “Isildur1”. He set off a storm in the online poker world in November and December 2009. The identity of the Swede was later revealed as the 21-year-old Viktor Blom.

When “Isildur1” first appeared in Full Tilt, he was considered just another person who wanted to be a hero. While most high-stakes players seem to be choosing their opponents carefully, “Isildur1” is open to everyone. You can even play heads-up matches at the 500/1000 level.

At the time, many high-profile professional players such as Patrik Antonius, Tom Dwan, and Phil Ivey were eager to play against this newcomer.

Swing King Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

In 2009, a series of epic heads-up matches began with “Isildur1”

Even during that period, almost no one could beat Viktor Blom. He defeated well-known players one after another, and his reputation began to spread in the poker world.

Although he was defeated against Antonius, Cole South, and Brian Townsend at the beginning, he lost about $1 million. But not long after, he challenged Antonius to the rematch again, winning $1.6 million.

Then at the end of October 2009, “Isildur1” successfully won nearly 2 million US dollars from South and Townsend. This also increased his motivation and desire to compete.

In the following early November, “Isildur1” challenged Tom Dwan and won $4 million from Dwan.

As of mid-November 2009, the prize money of Viktor Blom on Full Tilt Poker reached 6 million US dollars

In the beginning, the opponents of “Isildur1” began to question their playing skills after being defeated. Many people even thought this anonymous player was a poker genius. But as many people think, the brilliance of “Isildur1” is only a moment. His myth has begun to be broken.

When he again accepted the match with Antonious at Pot Limit Omaha, he failed miserably and lost approximately $3 million. The loss of this game, combined with the previous loss to Phil Ivey, made his prize money at Full Tilt drop to about $2 million.

Next came the game with Brian Hastings. Hastings beat Viktor Blom to the ground. After 5 hours of the game, he won the “Isildur1” by $4.2 million.

After this defeat, the bank funds of “Isildur1” seemed to have been emptied. He lowered the level of the game and no longer challenged high-level players. Even after being hit so hard, “Isildur1” slowly disappeared from the table. But it does not mean that he gave up poker.

So, what kind of situation later?

His online performance still aroused the imagination and interest of countless poker fans. Major poker rooms are also keen to sign this mysterious hero as one of their brand ambassadors.

In the following years, “Isildur1” also continued to participate in some live poker tournaments. Championships have never been his main area of ​​interest. Although he was not very active from 2014 to 2017, he returned after all. He is present in the world of live and online competitions.

So far, he has also successfully accumulated nearly 3 million US dollars in bonuses. In terms of on-site performance, “Isildur1” has also achieved many traceable achievements in the last few years. To this day, “Isildur1” is still one of the more controversial figures in the poker world. For many people, “Isildur1” will always be the hero that the poker world needs and deserves.

Although “Isildur1” has been ups and downs during his career, he has persisted. Always be ready to adjust yourself and adapt to today’s poker environment. He seems to have exchanged the environment of the regular table with the environment of the high-stakes tournament. At least for now.

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Kardashian and Phil Hellmuth

Kardashian Got a Poker Lesson From Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth, a poker legend and winner of 15 WSOP bracelets, recently gave some poker knowledge to a pair of Hollywood celebrities.

Kardashian and Phil Hellmuth

The Poker Hall of Fame member tweeted a photo of himself at a poker table with stars Chloe Kardashian and Scott Disick from “Walk with Kardashian” with the caption “Poker Lesson”. Obviously, some guidance is going on because there are face-up cards. And it seems that a player in the game is asking Phil Hellmuth about the flop.

Walk with Kardashian Phil Hellmuth

However, as poker expert Joe Ingram pointed out, Disick doesn’t seem to be interested in receiving some guidance.


Phil Hellmuth is no stranger to playing poker with celebrities. He was ruthlessly criticized by some of his high-stakes colleagues because he has the habit of naming names. In fact, just a few hours after his Twitter featuring some Kardashian family members as the protagonists, Hellmuth posted a photo with the famous music producer Benny Blanco. In the tweet, Hellmuth said that Blanco’s brother played cards in his online home game.

The Wisconsin native has also hosted several high-profile charity poker events.

As recently as 2018, Phil Hellmuth served as the emcee of the “City of Hope” charity tournament in Los Angeles. The purchase of $5,000 allowed almost the entire Kardashian family to participate. Of course there are Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers, boxer Tito Ortiz, and star members of actors Kevin Pollack and David Arquette.

He has also played with several Silicon Valley CEOs and members of the NBA Golden State Warriors.

His book “Play Poker Like a Pro” even received reviews from Oscar winner Matt Damon. He said: “Hellmuth taught me the best poker lesson I have ever received”.

Hellmuth just defeated Daniel Negreanu in PokerGO’s High Stakes Duel. He swept Antonio Esfandiari in three games before, and Hellmuth has won four straight in the heads-up game.

The 56-year-old veteran will have to play at least two games with Negreanu, and each purchase will double to complete the challenge.

Their next game will be held on May 5.

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WSOP Announced The Online Schedule| Start From July 1st

Poker players who want to compete for the gold bracelet of the World Series of Poker online can start to make a summer plan for 2021 because the WSOP has announced the schedule. From July 1st until August 1st, there will be 33 bracelet competitions, and at least one event will be arranged every day.

Of course, all games in the United States will be played on WSOP.com. Players from New Jersey and Nevada can also participate. The WSOP does leave the possibility that other states can also play (need to wait for regulatory approval).

WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart called the series “very valuable.” And said that it will be accompanied by a large number of satellites for the unannounced autumn live schedule.

“By 2021, poker should have a big ending. We hope to make it more popular this summer.” He said.

33 WSOP bracelets and themed timeline section

Perhaps it is to cater to the specific needs of different players so that they can best plan their own itinerary. The WSOP divides part of the schedule into themes such as “PLO Week” and “Micro Crazy”.

It all started from “Premiere Week”, the first eight games. Highlights include the $500 opening match and the $2,000 deep stack match.

“Micro Crazy” will have three next games for $400 or less.

Then, “PLO Week”, including two limited-limit Omaha events, and even one PLO8 event.

“Double Chain Day” will see a $500 event and the largest buy-in in the series-$-7777 unlimited Hold’em Lucky 7s High Roller.

Finally, “Champions Week” will kick off on July 26 with the $1,000 PLO Championship. It also includes a US$3,200 Super High Roller, a US$1,000 Unlimited Poker Tournament, and a US$500 Grand Final. The latter is the only guaranteed prize pool reported in the series $1 million.

The following is the complete schedule

full wsop summer schedule

Successful follow-up in 2020

The 2021 online series is another masterpiece following the great reviews of the off-site two-parts in 2020.

Starting on July 1, WSOP.com will issue a gold bracelet every day until the end of the month. According to WSOP data, it finally provided a prize of $26,871,265, which is a record for a regulated off-site series in the state.

The WSOP’s international partners held 54 bracelet events from mid-July to early September, including a world-record off-site main event.

Compared with 2020, the popularity of live poker will be higher in 2021, and industry leaders will have an interesting point of comparison to see how the online bracelet event will respond in 2021.

The current schedule of the International Poker Series is still to be determined

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BetMGM online poker room

BetMGM Opens Second Online Poker Room for Michigan

With BetMGM launching its website on Monday, Michigan has a second online poker room. It sounds like it’s possible that you won’t toggle the switch until later this week. But what is certain is that the entertainment table has been opened. Michiganians can now enjoy another poker option.

BetMGM online poker room

As one might expect, many games were held on Monday night. The most popular is the $25 prize pool free game, which attracted 134 players. No one else has more than 100 players, and the cheapest games attract the most spectators.

Contrast this with PokerStars, which is the first online poker room in Michigan. Last night it had multiple playing fields with about 300 players. But PokerStars already has a player base, a two-month lead, and popularity. In addition, many poker players may not even have heard of BetMGM.

It took a long time for Michigan to legally start any online gaming. But once things develop, poker will soon appear. The first online sports betting was launched and running on January 22. Many people, including your real sports betting, think it will take a while before we can see poker. Due to its player-to-player dynamics and low profits, it always ranks first in the rankings after casino games and sports betting.

Unlike Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Poker Stars still maintained a monopoly after nearly two and a half years. And Michigan now has a highly competitive market.

Possibility of the interstate online poker room

At present, the people of Michigan must be content to confront each other. Because online poker is still a state entertainment in Wolverine State. Governor Gretchen Whitmer did sign a bill authorizing interstate contracts. Therefore, multi-state online poker may appear in the future.

BetMGM also operates in New Jersey. So the interstate network starts from there. There are three poker rooms on the so-called partypoker US network: BetMGM, partypoker, and Borgata Poker. Borgata Poker is owned by MGM Resorts International. partypoker is owned by Entain. And BetMGM is divided into half.

Someone in the industry thought that partypoker would be the first brand launched by the family in non-New Jersey. However, Einstein did vigorously promote the development of BetMGM in the United States. Therefore, it is not surprising that BetMGM is a poker room online. Before UIGEA was launched in 2006, partypoker was the major online poker brand in the United States. However, due to its withdrawal from the market, the popularity of its name was shattered in the United States.

If Michigan does adopt the interstate poker road, it may also have a PokerStars network connected to Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Currently, there is only one multi-state poker network: the National Poker Network. For some reason, its name has never been used.

Mike Postle cheating case

Mike Postle Cheating | Defamation Lawsuit Allowed to Extend to April

The “Mike Postle cheating” incident has been complicated and confusing, and now the case has made new progress. That is, Mike Postle’s defamation lawsuit will continue until April.

The cause and effect of the “Mike Postle cheating” case:

Mike Postle cheating case

In 2019, Veronica Brill boldly stated that Mike Postle cheated several times during the Stones live broadcast and filed charges against him. About the poker cheating, most poker players are also on her side. But Veronica Brill’s main accusation evidence has not been confirmed by the court. Mike Postle then quickly denied these allegations and insisted on his innocence.

Next, Veronica Brill and 87 other plaintiffs hired a poker lawyer to formally sue Mike Postle. But the case was still dismissed. And the court’s final decision disappointed people who were concerned about the matter, including Veronica Brill, of course. But she continued to insist on her statement.

After the civil lawsuit was dismissed, Mike Postle fought back and filed a lawsuit against Veronica Brill and many members of the poker community for alleged defamation, demanding compensation of US$330 million.

By this year, the plaintiffs of the case still did not give up the lawsuit against him. The latest legal update also failed to bring Mike Postle a good result, which means that his two appeals were rejected by the court.

Veronica Brill then used California’s anti-SLAPP laws to counter Mike Postle’s legal attacks. At the time when things were tumultuous, the lawyer hired by Mike Postle chose to resign due to a lack of communication with Mike Postle.

Just as the case gradually faded out of public view, it made a comeback again.

Last Thursday, Judge Shama Mesiwala of the California Supreme Court heard a debate between Mike Postle and the defendant in a $330 million defamation lawsuit filed by Mike Postle.

The notorious Mike Postle requested that the case be postponed for 120 days on the grounds that he did not have enough lawyers to defend himself. Judge Mesiwala then approved his application but did not give him the time he wanted. Instead, he ordered the next hearing of the case on April 20.

Judge Mesiwala admitted after the trial that the postponement hindered many aspects of the case and Mike Postle’s behavior was abnormal. It is also quite rare for him to request a postponement of the hearing. Even if he has accepted and passed the application, he still finds it unusual.

The next case hearing date for the case is April 20, when Mike Postle will either have a lawyer to represent him or he must take other actions. Even if Mike Postle can be defended, the judge, in this case, is unlikely to extend the trial again.

We will wait and see what kind of trial the case will eventually get!

WPT Seminole Hard Rock

How Will Roland Rokita Choose? Treatment or The WPT Final Table?

How will Roland Rokita choose to lose important parts and play at the WPT final table?

As the saying goes, when people are unlucky, they drink cold water between their teeth. This sentence is also suitable for Austrian professional player Roland Rokita.

On the eve of the final table of the WPT Venetian Main Event, which had the highest prize of $750,000, was diagnosed with acute orchitis by a doctor and must be treated immediately, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

On one side is the chance to win the championship, on the other side is the important body. In addition to Roland Rokita, as a melon-eater, we must have a hard time making a choice in this situation. This is really the worst time.

Roland Rokita WPT

So, how does Roland Rokita ultimately make a choice?

This week, Roland Rokita revealed the painful problems he faces on the community blog. On the day of the final table match, when he woke up, he found that his testicles were sore. He immediately called his elder brother who was a doctor. He told him that he must go to the hospital for an examination immediately because there was a danger of testicular torsion.

But right now the main event final table is about to start. Do you have to endure the pain and risk losing your testicles? Surgery right away? If you say that the side of the conflict in time is some less important gatherings and outings, that’s all, but this is the WPT final table that a professional poker player most yearns for and values. This is really a super difficult question.

Holz also tweeted about this and got a response after sending it. Players, friends, and officials all worked hard behind the scenes, trying to accommodate Roland Rokita’s unusual and unpleasant situation. In the end, WPT officials and other final table players also agreed to delay the game by one hour.

In the face of glory and health, Roland Rokita chose glory.

After all, everyone has opened a green channel for him. After swallowing the painkillers, he returned to the final table and won third place a few hours later. He received a prize of US$363,235. I believe this should be the most memorable poker game in his career.

The young Austrian professional finally won the best match of his career, which more than doubled his career tournament income. But unfortunately, in the review a few days after the game, the doctor told him that the sick testicles could only be removed. Fortunately, the operation went smoothly.

I dare not say that everything is a good ending, and everyone has their own persistence in love and belief. Perhaps for Roland Rokita, in the face of an emergency, he obeyed his heart and worked desperately to insist on what he had been pursuing, striving not to leave regrets. It is also very worthy of everyone’s admiration.

WPT will hold a poker exhibition tournament in Florida with a buy-in of $3500

WPT Seminole Hard Rock

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the 2020 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Exhibition, which was canceled in April last year, will also be on the agenda again.

The next stop of the WPT will go to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel, one of the top poker rooms in Florida, to hold this $3500 poker show event, which is another major event in the Sunshine State.

The game will kick off on April 23, but the final table will not end until May 18 in Las Vegas across the country.

The Day1A group competition of the event will be held on April 23, and the Day1B group competition will start the next day. The competition will have the FT final table on April 27th. The game will then be suspended for a few weeks, and the remaining six players will go to the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas for the final table on May 18.

It is worth noting that this tournament allows players to re-enter on Day 1. Players start with a 40,000 tournament scoreboard. The blinds on the first and second days will increase every 60 minutes and then increase once every 90 minutes from the third day.

Florida has always been the hot spot for poker events in 2021. Two World Poker Tour events have been held in the first four months of this year. The Best bet Jacksonville Spring Series is currently underway. The next WT Poker Exhibition will also be held. It is what everyone is looking forward to more!

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Christopher Mondongo

Christopher Mondongo:Boxing Champion and Poker Player

From poker table to boxing champion: the story of Christopher Mondongo

On Saturday night, the Roman Christopher Mondongo became the Italian lightweight boxing champion.

What does this boxing news have to do with poker?

This makes sense: Christopher Mondongo has been playing poker for more than a decade. Despite the recent epidemic, his chances of appearing at the poker table have been drastically reduced.

Christopher Mondongo is actually a poker player, he has his ideal dimensions in actual combat.

Let us hear his story.


Christopher Mondongo’s poker story

The newly crowned Italian boxing champion entered the poker world as a dealer.

“I started working in poker when I was 20. I am 31 this year. So I started in 2010. Before I arrived at Cotton Tree Drive, I worked as a dealer in several clubs. Today’s Cotton Tree Drive is my favorite. Basically, I have a lot of friends here. I have played a bit when I was working. Then in 2013, I won sixth place in the Poker King tournament in Budva. This prompted me to jump into the live tournament. I have never liked to play online games. I prefer the contact between people and the interaction with real people. A few months later, I came to the bottom of the tiger’s nest. This is a great joy.

In recent times, Christopher Mondongo’s relationship with poker and boxing has inevitably changed.

“Now I have a barbershop. Because I practice boxing every day, playing poker is still a passion. I can only experience it occasionally.” Due to the epidemic, I basically stopped live poker games. There is no chance. Usually, if I am free on Saturday, I will play a live poker game.

Christopher Mondongo once again confirmed the special alliance that connects the world of poker with the world of boxing. Not to mention the well-known Floyd Mayweather, we can also cite an example like Salvatore Erittu. He is an Italian heavyweight champion active in online games, with the ID “toreboxe80”.

For Christopher Mondongo, parallel poker boxing particularly involves some aspects:

“Of course, the research of opponents is important in both games. In poker and boxing, you have to know who you are facing, what are their weaknesses, and what are their strengths. I am an attack on many people. A boxer. Even in a poker game, I am a combative player. Because I like to control the situation and the inertia of my hands. When I am in the ring, I like to manage all stages of the game and give myself a rhythm.

But just like in poker games, boxing games also have an anti-tendency to constantly adjust:

“In the Italian championship game, I knew that if I adopted my offensive strategy, I would take a risk. So I adapted, I played boxing that my opponent did not expect.” And in the game of poker, when you know you When facing a player who is more aggressive and powerful than you, you must also wait for the right time to hit him. Obviously, he was surprised at my change of strategy. He wanted me to attack, but I hit another boxing, which surprised him.

Christopher Mondongo

Christopher Mondongo’s Las Vegas Dream

Therefore, by bringing some key concepts of poker into the ring, Christopher realized his dream:

“Becoming a professional player is the first step, and the second step is to wear a championship belt. I am very happy, let us look at the future prospects.”

The dream of an Italian boxing champion has come true. It’s time to head towards Las Vegas.

“I stayed in the United States for a while. And I trained and improved my boxing skills. I stayed in Las Vegas for 20 days during various travels, trained in Freud’s gym. In addition, I was still Aria played a few regular table games.

But if I were to choose Las Vegas victory in poker and boxing matches, I would have no doubt: I would rather beat Las Vegas in the boxing ring! “

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