Although Daniel Negreanu lost to Hellmuth in the first round of “High Stakes Duel”, in their first rematch, Daniel was still favored by everyone.

The second match between the two will start again today. Will Daniel Negreanu succeed in counterattack? The answer will be revealed soon.

Daniel Negreanu rematches Hellmuth

In the first game, both players paid US$5W to participate, creating a prize pool of US$10W. Hellmuth achieved a miraculous counterattack when he was 1-19 behind on the scoreboard and won the reversal.

At the end of the second round, the loser can choose to replay again. So, Daniel, who was highly expected by everyone, put all their bets on him in the rematch. Is it safe?

Although Hellmuth’s score in “High Stakes Duel” is 4-0. He has been successful in heads-up duels throughout his career. But the public is more optimistic about Daniel Negreanu. As shown by PokerShares data, although Daniel lost the first game, he still won many supporters.

After all, Daniel Negreanu lost US$120W to Polk in the “century matchup that just ended”. This left a deep impression on many poker players. More importantly, because he was better than expected in the match against the top NLMH heads-up player ever. Are more competitive.

In addition, Daniel Negreanu gained valuable experience in the heads-up duel against Polk, the “Prince of Heads-Up”. Therefore, this is why most people, including Polk, are optimistic about him.

The second round of Daniel and Hellmuth officially started at 5 o’clock this afternoon. We continue to pay attention to the final result of the game.

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