WSOP Event Review

The 50th WSOP $1,000 buy-in Super Quick Headhunter started at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, June 4, and ended at 4 a.m. on Thursday. A total of 2452 people participated in the event, with a total prize pool of 1.471 million US dollars, plus 300 US dollars per head. The final winner was Daniel Park, 38, from New York, earning $226,243 and his first gold bracelet.

“I couldn’t believe it for a moment. This is too surreal.” Park said after winning the championship. “I don’t know how to express it. I’m very happy to be able to make it to the final table. I never thought about the championship.”

The structure of the game determined the pace of the event quickly, and the final table ended with only 65 hands.

Daniel Park Won The WSOP Championship
Daniel Park Won The WSOP Championship

WSOP Final table review

Park took the lead when there were 4 players. Before he and gold bracelet owner Erik Cajelais went all-in before the flop, Park’s AhTs were suppressed by Cajelais’ AdKs.

The flop came AcKdTc, 4h on the turn, and Qc on the river. Both sides got two pairs, but Cajelais had two bigger pairs, and Park had little chips left after this hand.

Park then doubled his hands and doubled. In the following lap, he tripled and doubled again, reaching 10.5 million chips.

Park took over the game at this time and he eliminated Emil Tiller (fourth place, $75,149). Park then took the chip lead with 8 hands.

Jennifer Dennis got KcQc all-in remaining chips, Park’s AhJs called, and J was on the river, knocking out Dennis (third place, $102,010).

The heads-up between Park and Cajelais started with just two hands. Park slipped in the small blind, hand 8c5c, Cajelais got the Ks2s check, flop 6s 5h 3s, Cajelais bet 1.5 million, Park all-in Cajelais called. The turn box 7, the river box J, and Park’s pair of 5 won.

WSOP Final table data

1 Daniel Park $226,243
2 Erik Cajelais $139,731
3 Jennifer Dennis $102,010
4 Emil Tiller $75,149
5 Marcelo Giordano $55,869
6 John Yelaney $41,920
7 Travis Sargent $31,748
8 Lian Liu $24,271
9 Ferit Bulutoglu $18,731

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