Sydney Poker Series Challenge: There are 7 Australian players and 1 New Zealand player at the final table of the AUD$5,000 buy-in challenge at the 2019 Sydney Poker Championships. However, they failed to beat Jason Gray of the United Kingdom. He won the counterattack from the short stack.

The event was held at the Sydney Star Club near Darling Harbour. A total of 129 people participated. 15 people entered the money circle and the total prize money was 612,715 Australian dollars. Gray received the largest share and received a bonus of 171,572 Australian dollars (118,830 US dollars).

He bought three times this year. His chips were centered when the money circle was created, but he had only 12 big blinds when he had 14 players.

Sydney Poker Series Challenge Final Table

Jason Gray Won The Sydney Poker Series Challenge
Final Table

Rank Player Country Prize (AUD) Prize (USD)
1 Jason Gray United Kingdom A$171,572 $118,830
2 Vincent Huang Australia A$106,043 $73,445
3 Ebon Bokody Australia A$76,545 $53,015
4 Andrian Chin Australia A$56,244 $38,954
5 Ehsan Amiri Australia A$42,047 $29,122
6 Charlie Hawes New Zealand A$31,967 $22,140
7 Vesko Zmukic Australia A$24,712 $17,115
8 Majid Saab Australia A$19,412 $13,445
9 Dejan Boskovic Sr Australia A$15,496 $10,732
Charlie Hawes led the chip at the start of the final table. But he hasn’t had a good chance after the final table started. His chips were constantly being eroded, and eventually won the sixth place.

Gray established a chip advantage when he had two opponents. He was aggressive before the flop, constantly squeezing the stacks of Vincent Huang and Ebon Bokody. Huang and Bokody have about the same amount of chips. Huang already has three Australian Million Rings, with an offline prize of over $34 to play. This time he won the runner-up.

Bokody has already scored six times in the series. His best result before was the WSOP International Tour of AU$20,000 in December 2018. The runner-up income in the High Roller was AU$222,000. This time he won the third place.

Sydney Poker Series Challenge Battle Review

There are 14 players with an average chip stack of 23 big blinds. Gray doubled from Dejan Boskovic Sr. early in the game.

The game reached the final table after Nguyen and Gupta were out.

Boskovic was out first, followed by Majid Saab. Gray then defeated Saab’s AK with QQ, and the latter was soon out. Zmukic had been a short stack on the last day and he met Vincent Huang’s three outs.

Kiwi Hawes failed to flip the coin with Bokody at the final table, and Amiri also failed to maintain the stack. Gray is now accumulating chips with two precise hero calls and a series of small pots and is constantly putting pressure on the flop. Gray once suffered a setback, but Andrian Chin’s fourth outing gave Gray an advantage.

After gaining a large chip advantage, Gray quickly called Bokody’s 15 big blinds. His hand QQ, opponent hand KJ, Bokody failed to get a reversal on the public card.

The heads-up lasted for a while, and the last hand Huang played KQ before the flop. Gray’s AQ call completely suppressed his opponent and flopped an A. However, Huang’s only show is Kashun, and the turn card is all white, and Gray wins the championship.

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