Although John Juanda mistakenly discarded four at the final table, he finally won the game. He won the championship at the short-card event of Triton Poker 250,000 Hong Kong dollars (31,866 US dollars), with an income of 613,600 US dollars. The event was bought 65 times and the prize pool was 1.9 million US dollars.

Juanda, 47, was 6s6h at the time, and the public card dealt Ah Ad 6d Ac 6c. Although he got four, his opponent was likely to have an A. Sergey Lebedev made a high bet on the river. Juanda discarded four. Actually The opponent’s hand is KdJd.

Triton Poker Champion John Juanda
Champion John Juanda

This should be just a small episode on his way to winning the championship. Juanda won more than $24.7 million in offline prizes after winning the game.

Triton Poker Short-Card Event

In short-card events, because the cards below 5 are removed, the probability of four cards appearing is higher than in Texas Hold’em.

Lebedev won fifth place with an income of $162,500.

Peter Jetten won fourth place, earning $210,600. This is his fourth final table in the past week, all from the legendary poker series in Montenegro. Jetten has already won a prize of US$1.9 million in the series. The best result is US$1.2 million in the third place in the main event of a HK$1 million buy-in (US$127,465).

Jetten has earned 252 Card Player Player of the Year points and has reached six final tables this year, earning more than $4.1 million. He is currently ranked 16th on the annual ranking.

Wai Yong won third place with an income of 279,500 US dollars, which was the seventh time in his career to enter the money circle, and the offline bonus reached 3.3 million US dollars. After Yong’s exit, Juanda entered the heads-up with 10.5 million chips, and he played against Canadian player Daniel Dvoress with 9 million chips.

The two sides played for 30 minutes, the last hand Dvoress got AdAc, raised to 750,000, Juanda’s QdJd called, the public card issued Kd Td 8d, Juanda got a flush, Dvoress is a super pair + nut flush flush , His chance of winning is 13%.

Juanda flopped and Dvoress bet 500,000 and Juanda called. The turn card Kc, all checked, the river was 8c, Juanda continued to check, Dvoress bet 1.5 million, Juanda all-in, chips covered Dvoress, Dvoress called after the long exam, the game ended.

Dvoress received $410,800 in prize money. This is his eighth final table this year, earning more than $3.8 million in prize money. He is currently ranked 12th in the annual player standings.

Triton Poker Final table

1 John Juanda $613,600
2 Daniel Dvoress $410,800
3 Wai Yong $279,500
4 Peter Jetten $210,600
5 Sergey Lebedev $162,500
6 Daniel Cates $127,400
7 Christopher Michael Soyza $101,400
8 Paul Phua $79,950 84

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