The marked cards are one of the gambling cheating technology, also the most important and commonly used technology.

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What Are the Marked Cards Gambling Cheating Systems?

First of all, I want to introduce the classification of marked cards.

Infrared marked cards system.

Barcode marked cards system.

These two systems are the most popular gambling cheating system. Because they require just one player to handle the whole system. At the same time, it is difficult for others to discover the existence of these systems.

Infrared Marked Cards System

Just like the name, this system works with infrared. As we all know, humans cannot see infrared light.


Infrared is an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength between microwave and visible light. And it’s wavelength between 760 nanometers (nm) and 1mm, which is longer than red light and invisible light.

Infrared is one of many invisible rays in the sun’s rays. It was discovered by British scientist Herschel in 1800. It is also called infrared thermal radiation and has a strong thermal effect. He decomposed the sunlight with a prism, placed thermometers on the ribbons of various colors. And he tried to measure the heating effect of various colors of light. It turned out that the thermometer outside the red light warmed up the fastest. Therefore it is concluded that in the solar spectrum, there must be invisible light outside the red light, which is infrared light. It can also be used as a transmission medium.

Night vision is one of the great applications of infrared.

In the 1991 Gulf War, on the battlefield where the sand and smoke were pervasive. The US military equipped advanced infrared night vision equipment, which was able to find each other before the Iraqi tanks and fired. However, the Iraqi army only learned from the muzzle fire when the US tank fired that the enemy was ahead. This shows the important role of infrared night vision equipment in modern warfare.

infrared night vision
infrared night vision

Not only war but also daily life. High-end cars also use infrared night vision. In this way, the driver can clearly see the pedestrians with the help of infrared night vision at night.

According to the characteristics of infrared, the Chinese invented the infrared gambling cheating system.

What Are Infrared Marked Playing Cards?

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There are infrared marks on the back of playing cards, so the name is infrared marked cards.

Infrared marked cards and infrared contact lenses

Just like night vision, there must be infrared, then you can see it by infrared vision equipment. These marks don’t produce infrared light, but they can reflect stronger infrared light.

Most of the objects reflect light, so we can see them. Both leaves and flowers reflect sunlight, but why are the leaves green and the flowers red? Because objects can only reflect the light of the same color and absorb other light.

With the same principle, playing cards do not reflect infrared light. We use the JL Cheat Poker infrared ink to print marks on the back of playing cards.

We can’t see the marks by our naked-eye. But they can reflect infrared light. So we can only see the marks by wearing special infrared vision equipment.

BICYCLE, marked cards, tag cards, cheat poker,cheat cards
Bicycle infrared marked cards
Why don’t we sell pens with the JL Cheat Poker infrared ink directly?

Because the amount of ink used need to be very precise. If there is too much ink, it will be seen by naked eyes. Conversely, if there is too little ink, the mark will be difficult to see. At the same time, marks written with a pen are easily erased.

Another very important reason is the stabilizer. Without extra stabilizer, it’s easily oxidized and fails. In order to ensure the service life of playing cards, besides the stabilizer, we have developed a special coating technology.

We use special printers to print marks on playing cards. During this period the ink usage reaches the best balance. So we can maintain the best display effect without being seen by naked eyes. This is an effect that manual marking cannot achieve. After that, we will apply a few layers of coating on the playing cards to protect the marks. But people can’t feel the presence of the special coating.

What Are Infrared Contact Lenses?

In order to see the infrared marks, we have developed mini-filter lenses. We set these mini-filter lenses into contact lenses. So that people can see the infrared marks of infrared marked cards by wearing infrared contact lenses.

infrared, contact lenses, marked cards, cheat poker, cheat cards, gamble, cheating
infrared contact lens

Although the color of the mini-filter is purple, wearing infrared contact lenses on the eyes will not change the original color of the eyes. Because everyone’s pupil center is black, whether it’s Asian or European or African or American.

In the following image, you can see no matter what color your iris is, your pupil is black. As we all know, every color adds black becomes black. So even the filter is purple when you wear the contact lenses, their filters become black. Because your pupil is black.

pupil is black
Everyone’s pupil is black

When a thin contact lens covers the eye, the color of the mini-filter will follow the black in the center of the pupil. So it still looks black. This is why it is difficult to notice that someone is wearing infrared contact lenses.

Eye Diagram

As I said before, human eyes cannot see infrared light. But the filter can convert infrared light into the red light that the human eye can see.

Or you can wear infrared sunglasses to see the marks. But don’t you think it’s weird for someone to always wear sunglasses? So sometimes using infrared sunglasses will cause you unnecessary trouble.

That’s all about the infrared marked cards system. Maybe I forget something. So if you have any questions, you can leave your comment or contact us on Whatsapp:+17868741941.

What Are Barcode Marked Cards And Cheat Poker Analyzer?

Everyone is very familiar with barcodes. Because every item in the supermarket has a barcode on it. These barcodes are like the ID cards of these products. Thanks to these barcodes, the cashier in the supermarket only needs to scan these barcodes quickly. Then the product information stored in the computer will be automatically matched to the list.

Cashiers in supermarkets no longer need to remember the price and discount of each product or query a thick list of product information. The computer will help with everything. So they just need to scan and take the money.


Similarly, there is a barcode on the edge of each barcode marked card. These barcodes record the points and suits of each playing card.

The scanner will simultaneously scan the barcodes of every playing card and hand over this information to the processor.

Next, the processor will calculate the result of the game according to the preset game rules. Then the marked cards analyzer host will tell the user the result of the game through the display or mini earphone. Everything is completed in an instant.

Don’t worry about being caught using barcode marked cards. Because the naked eye can’t see these barcodes. The barcode marked cards look the same with ordinary playing cards. There is no difference between their outward appearance.

marked cards,cheat poker,analyzer,gambling cheat
barcode marked cards and cheat poker analyzer host

How to Use The Barcode Gambling Cheating System?

First I want to introduce the marked cards analyzer host. It contains scanner, camera, processor, display, and signal transmitter. And the marked cards analyzer host is in the smartphone model. It looks like an ordinary smartphone.

Because now everyone will carry their mobile phone anywhere. So other people will not find it strange to put your phone on the table when you play poker. In other words, the other players may put their mobile phones on the table too. But your phone is a marked cards analyzer host indeed.

AKK A3 marked cards analyzer host
AKK A3 marked cards analyzer host

All you need to do is place the marked cards analyzer host on the table and align the camera of the scanner with the barcode marked playing cards. Then the host will handle everything.

Analyzer A5 play Texas Hold’em(speaker mode)

The marked cards analyzer host will send the results of the poker games to the mini earphone. So that, you can hear the results immediately. Or you can choose the display mode. The analyzer host will show the results on the screen by clock.

For example, now the time is 18:25, and player 1 will win this game. The analyzer host will show the result by the seconds. That means the clock will be 18:25:01. If player 2 will win, then the clock will be 18:25:02

The Expansion Devices of The Gambling Cheating Analyzer Host

  • Mini Earphone

As mentioned earlier, you can directly hear the game results through the mini earphone. Without looking at the phone screen every time to determine the result will be much easier to cheat at poker games.

It should be noted that once the mini earphone is bound to the host, it cannot be bound to other hosts.

CVK 458 Mini Earphone for marked cards analyzer host
CVK 458 Mini Earphone
  • Remote Control

Since the game rules and the number of players are set in advance, if the number of players changes without changing the settings, the result will be wrong. When you are playing poker, someone wants to join you, or some players want to leave the game. What a common scenario!

But you certainly cannot turn on the phone in front of them and change the number of players. So what should we do? That’s why we invented additional remote controls.

The remote control can change the number of players by pressing the button. At the same time, the remote control is in a car key‘s appearance. Therefore, when you touch the remote control, it won’t attract anyone’s attention. In this way, the accuracy of the results is guaranteed.

Remote control for marked cards analyzer
Remote control for marked cards analyzer
  • Expansion Camera

Although the marked cards analyzer host has a built-in scanner camera, the extended cameras are still very popular. Because there are various extension cameras. Some are car keys, some are watches.

marked cards analyzer iwatch extension camera
marked cards analyzer iWatch extension camera

With these extended cameras, cheating will become more flexible. You can combine the most natural and most convenient way of cheating.

That’s all about the barcode marked cards gambling cheating system. Similarly, if you have any questions, you can leave your comment or contact us on Whatsapp: +17868741941.

Why Do You Need These Gambling Cheating Devices?

I have introduced the infrared marked cards system and barcode marked cards system. I think you must already know why you need them. However, I want to say a little more.

The charm of gambling is that even if you are poor, you still have the possibility of getting rich overnight. But what we do know is that in addition to skill, gambling also depends on luck.

You can improve your skills through continuous learning, but you cannot control your luck. In poker, the hardest part is guessing the opponent’s cards. Use your guess to determine how to bet to get the most profit.

Whether it is Infrared Marked Cards System or Barcode Marked Cards System can help you solve this problem.

Regardless of your luck, when you know your opponent’s card or the result of the game, you can easily make money. It is very simple. When you are about to win, increase your bet to get more income. Conversely, if you are about to lose, reduce your bet to get the least loss.

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