The Triton Poker series opened the six-table unlimited Texas Hold’em event after the 36-card short game. In the event of 30,000-500,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 64,000 US dollars) in the six-person table event, a total of 81 people bought (32 repurchases). Michael Soyza defeated Sam Greenwood in the heads-up and won the championship. He earned a high bonus of 11.5 million Hong Kong dollars (1.45 million US dollars).

“It feels very good,” Soyza said in an interview after the game. “It’s great to be able to win, as long as you play well, the rest is to see the result.”

Triton Poker Final Table Statistics

1 Michael Soyza Malaysia HK$11,150,000 ($1,449,500)
2 Sam Greenwood Canada HK$8,000,000 ($1,040,000)
3 Ivan Leow Malaysia HK$5,200,000 ($676,000)
4 Bryn Kenney United States HK$3,921,000 ($509,730)
5 Beh Kok Malaysia HK$3,040,000 ($395,200)
6 Jason Koon United States HK$2,360,000 ($306,800)

The total prize pool of the event was US$4.8 million. Nine people entered the money circle. Stanley Choi, Choon Siow, and Liang Xu also entered the money circle, but none of them reached the official final table.

Soyza defeated Liang Xu’s AK plum flush with QQ in the bubble of the final table.

Triton Poker Final Table Review

Triton Poker ambassador Jason Koon was first out at the final table. His QT non- flush-flush against Bryn Kenney’s 99 defeat. 

Beh Kok used QT not to flush all in short chips. However, Soyza’s A8 non-flush call and kept the advantage to the river.

Kenney then got the A9 non- flush-flush. But Soyza’s AK non- flush-flush call suppressed his opponent’s victory and the game entered the three-person table.

Greenwood got lucky. His AX faced Ivan Leow’s KK, the A win, and entered Soyza’s heads-up.

Triton Poker Heads-up

The heads-up didn’t last long. Greenwood got a J9 spade flush and slipped in, blinding 200,000 and betting 200,000. Soyza raised from 77 to 800,000 and Greenwood called.

The flop gave 8d Td 3c, Soyza checked and Greenwood checked. On the turn 8h, Soyza bet 700,000 opponents to call.

River card plum K.

Soyza continued to check. Greenwood bets 3.8 million into the 3.2 million pot. Soyza pondered for a while and succeeded in calling the bluff and winning the championship.

“Sam is an excellent player, so I was just lucky to get a good card,” Soyza said after the game.

Michael Soyza Triton Poker
Michael Soyza

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