As a very old sport, gambling has always attracted countless people. Poker is the most popular type of gambling and entertainment. The uncertainty of poker fascinates people. It stimulates people’s adrenaline and makes people addicted to it. Even if they master superb poker strategies and skills, people still need to rely on luck to win. Therefore, various ways to cheat in poker are emerging.

In this post, I will bring you a list of the most common poker cheating tricks that players use while playing poker. In this article, you will walk into this mysterious world.

Here’s what I’m going to share:

First of all, I want to make a quick disclaimer: my purpose in writing this article is to help people understand these cheating methods and avoid being deceived. You should not use these cheating methods when playing poker.

1. Use Marked Cards – The Easiest Way to Cheat in Poker

Marking the cards, then you can figure out what your opponents have. This is the easiest way to cheat in poker. With the development of technology, there are several different approaches to this poker cheating way. Let me tell you one by one.

Marking the cards by yourself

You can make some small marks that only you will notice on the playing cards. For example, small dots represent different points. When you are playing a poker game, carefully observe the marks on your opponent’s cards. This way you can clarify your poker strategy and win.

hand made marked cards to cheat in poker

The advantage of this way is that you can implement it without any additional tools. You only need an ordinary pen to mark.

But the shortcomings are also obvious. Because these marks are artificially made, they cannot be incorporated into the patterns on the back of the playing cards. And in order to watch the marks easier, these marks cannot be made too small. Therefore, the risk of being discovered is increased.

In order to solve this embarrassing situation, the second type of marked cards appeared.

Playing cards with marks integrated into the pattern

We mentioned that the marks made yourselves cannot be integrated into the playing card patterns. Therefore, the concealment is very poor. Therefore, using these simple marked playing cards will make your cheating safer.

For example, you can see the mark “A” in the image. Even a closer look will not find its existence. Because it seems to be an original part of the playing cards. Both the color and the font are perfectly integrated into the original pattern of the playing cards.

It is difficult for people to notice these small details without knowing the existence of these marks in advance.

It looks perfect, right? Don’t be too happy about it, it’s still a visible mark after all. So I think it is still not perfect.

Then I will tell you the ultimate marked playing cards, the perfect marked cards.

Ultimate cheating playing cards with invisible marks

Invisible? Yes, it is. This type of marked card based on infrared invisible ink technology. This infrared ink is invisible under normal conditions. So manufacturers can use large fonts to print marks.

marked playing cards cheat in poker

At the same time, there are many scammers on the Internet promoting invisible ink pens. They often describe the effect of this pen perfectly. But it’s actually not what they said. Because the invisible ink is very unstable, it is easily oxidized in the air.

The responsible manufacturer will add a special stabilizer to the ink to ensure the existence of the marks. In addition, a few manufacturers have coating technology. They will add a layer of the coating after printing the marks to protect the marks. On the one hand, the air is isolated to further prevent the invisible ink from being oxidized; on the other hand, the mark is prevented from being wiped off or washed off by water.

In addition, the use of printers can well control the usage of invisible ink. In this way, the uniformity of the marks can be guaranteed. However, using an invisible ink pen to manually draw marks will cause serious ink unevenness. Because in the case of invisible ink pens, the local ink consumption can reach thousands of times that of printing. So even if you use a real invisible ink pen, the marks can still be seen directly by others.

So don’t be fooled by the invisible ink pen. What you need are the invisible printed marked cards.

How can we see these invisible marks?

The answer is the infrared filter. Through the infrared filter, these invisible marks are immediately revealed. You can watch the following video to see the effect of the invisible marked cards and infrared filter.

Manufacturers make these filters into poker cheating sunglasses to conceive opponents through such disguise. Because when people realize that something is wrong, they often only check if there is something with the playing cards. But they won’t find anything on the playing cards.

Although the playing cards are perfect, it still makes people feel weird to play playing cards with sunglasses, especially indoors. Therefore, I will introduce the best way to read the invisible marks to you – the infrared contact lenses.

Infrared contact lenses – The best marked cards reader

Before we talk about infrared contact lenses, let us review some poker cheating news.

A few years ago, a Chinese high-roller player accused several players of using marked playing cards and glasses to cheat in poker. After the police were alerted, they raided the cheating team and discovered an array of card-marking tools and sunglasses. They bilk him out of several thousand dollars in the process.

Coca wore darkly sunglasses seems to cheat in poker

And in 2015, a previously unknown player, Valeriu Coca, easily defeated elite pros, during the WSOP’s prestigious $10,000 buy-in Heads-Up No Limit Texas Holdem tournament.

Because Coca wore dark sunglasses all the time, players feel weird. At the same time, in the pros’ view, Coca’s behavior was incompatible with the situation at the time. It seems that he wants to hide something through his behavior. But this just aroused the suspicion of the pros.

The fact turns out that using infrared sunglasses is not a good choice. So if you want to cheat in poker, you’d better choose the infrared contact lenses.

Although this kind of contact lens has a purple filter in the middle, it will not be noticed. If you choose the correct filter size, the filter will coincide with your pupil. Because whether your eyes are blue or green or other colors, anyone’s pupils are black. Under the cover of black, it is difficult to notice that there is a purple filter.

The advantages of this poker cheating method are very prominent. Simple operation and high concealment. But if the opponent stacks the cards before you see the marks, you can only wait for him to unfold the cards.

2.Use High-tech Devices – The Most Direct Way to Cheat in Poker

There is a high-tech poker cheating device called the poker analyzer. The cheating device looks like a regular smartphone. In short, by using the poker analyzer and special marked playing cards, the poker analyzer can directly inform the user of the game results. Therefore, the user can decide the betting strategy based on the game result and earn the most bonus.

Considering that many people don’t know this kind of poker cheating device well. So next I will briefly introduce the poker analyzer and how it works.

poker analyzer cheat in poker

How to choose the poker analyzer?

All the poker analyzers come from three companies in China, CVK, AKK, and PKK. But a few years ago PKK went bankrupt.

Some people on the Internet use other brand names to deceive buyers. The vast majority of purchasers of these fictitious products have been deceived. If you decide to cheat in poker in this way, please distinguish carefully. Only these three companies produced real poker analyzers.

AKK’s latest product is A6. On the other side, CVK’s powerful work is the popular CVK680.

How does the poker analyzer work?

There is a special camera inside the poker analyzer. Similar to the marked playing cards I mentioned before, marked cards used by the analyzer have invisible barcode marks.

Just like shopping in a supermarket, the barcode can tell the machine the specific information of each playing card.

This invisible barcode can only be seen by the special camera in the analyzer. So they look the same as regular playing cards.

marked cards and regular cards under camera

The poker analyzer has many poker games. Choose the poker game you are going to play. Then aim the camera to barcode marked cards. The poker analyzer can get the result and tell you immediately.

If you want a more detailed understanding of the internal structure and working principle of the analyzer, Elie Bursztein wrote a very detailed article. I put his video here, if you are interested, you can watch it.

After all, this is Elie Bursztein’s 2016 video. Now, this cheating way has developed into a huge system. More and more auxiliary equipment appeared.

The wireless camera of the poker analyzer

Because this way of poker cheating requires the camera to aim at the marked playing cards. All kinds of external cameras of poker analyzer appeared.

The most common are these types of external cameras: poker chip tray, power bank, watch, car key, T-shirt, TV, and etc. These engineers can hide the camera in almost any object you can think of.

When you use an external camera to cheat in poker, you no longer need to put the analyzer on the table. For example, when you use a watch camera, you can put the poker analyzer in your pocket. You only need to move your wrist slightly and aim the camera inside the watch at the playing cards to complete the poker cheating.

So the external camera can make the cheating process more hidden and natural. In order to save the reader’s time, I decided to omit more equipment introductions. If you are interested, you can contact Kay, one of the most authoritative experts in the entire industry. Kay’s Whatsapp: +17868741941

About the poker analyzer, I will finally demystify the cheating systems commonly used in private casinos.

Casino cheating system based on poker analyzer

The biggest difference between the poker cheating system used by the casino and the personal device is the scanning camera system.

This poker cheating system can transmit the view of the camera to a TV or a display screen. The camera used by the casino has a larger scanning range. And this camera can manually select the focus area through the remote control. Therefore, the casino staff can operate the camera in the room behind the scenes.

casino poker cheating monitoring room

Usually, they install a scanner camera in the gambling room and arrange for one or several players to play with the guests. Staff is responsible for accurately focusing on the barcode marked playing cards through the display screen and remote control in the monitoring room. So no matter where the dealer is, the camera can accurately scan the barcodes. The players at the table do not need to do anything. So they can cheat very naturally. No one can tell who the cheaters among the players are.

Then the poker analyzer can tell the players the results of the game through miniature earphones. So they can decide whether to make a big bet or fold according to the game results. Therefore, they can always fold decisively to reduce losses when they are unlucky. But when they are destined to win, they place big bets.

So when you lose money most of the time, leave the table.

3.Use X-ray Gambling Table to Cheat in Poker

Using marked cards and infrared contact lenses or poker analyzer are the best two ways to cheat in poker. But can we cheat with regular playing cards? The answer is Yes. The X-ray gambling table is one of the cheating devices with regular playing cards.

The early version of the X-ray gambling table

There is a very small CT machine inside the gambling table. Just like we go to the hospital for a CT examination, the X-ray can penetrate the desktop and show the image of the playing cards on the screen.

But as we all know, the X-ray is harmful to our health. Prolonged X-ray irradiation can cause various diseases and cancers. This is an old cheating way. It was a very cutting-edge technology decades ago. But now it is rarely used.

But new technology replaced the X-ray. Although X-ray is no longer used, many people still use the name “X-ray Gambling Table” because of the same cheating effect.

Improved perspective gambling table

How to see through the desktop without using the X-ray has always been a problem in the industry until the IR passband plastic came out. The IR passband plastic is widely used in the manufacture of poker analyzers, cameras, and the perspective gambling table.

Because only infrared rays can pass through this special plastic, this plastic is black and opaque to humans. But in the view of the infrared camera, this IR passband plastic is transparent.

Manufacturers use the IR passband plastic to replace the wooden tabletop of a normal gambling table. Then they use a special cloth that also allows infrared rays to pass through to cover the plastic tabletop. Through their superb craftsmanship, both the appearance and the feel of use are the same as ordinary wooden tabletops.

This new type of perspective gambling table keeps people away from the hazards of radioactive rays. At the same time, the efforts of USPCC’s black paper core anti-cheating technology have been wiped out.

This way of gambling cheating is perfect, but it is only suitable for teamwork. So generally only casinos use the perspective gambling table.

4.Poker Cheating Lamp And Marked Cards

Similar to X-ray gambling tables, this cheating method is also widely used in private casinos. The poker cheating lamp has a hidden camera. The camera can see the invisible marks on the marked cards.

The difference from method 1 is that the poker cheat lamp will send the view to the display screen. In this way, in the monitoring room of the casino, the staff can easily control the entire game.

Poker Cheating Lamp And Marked Cards

Compared with X-ray gambling tables, this method no longer requires a special gambling table to complete cheating. In other words, you can use any table to play the game. You just need to install the poker cheat lamp above the table.

The advantages of this gambling cheating are very obvious. Because usually, a light is installed above the gambling table. This is a normal scene. So using the poker cheat lamp will not attract any extra attention. And because it uses an ordinary table, the cost of the entire system will be lower than that of an X-ray gambling cheating table system.

At the same time, there are disadvantages.

  • Need to use marked playing cards
  • Need teamwork

So this method of poker cheating is not suitable for one person to use alone. If you are the owner of a small casino, then this will suit you well. Or you can apply it in your own home and cooperate with your friends.

5.Switching Playing Cards

We often see magic tricks on playing cards in movies. Those fascinating magicians can change the playing cards in an instant, such as “Now You See Me“. For ordinary people, is there a simple and effective way to switch playing cards? Of course.

For example, a cards switching shirt. You can click the link to watch the video of the switcher.

The playing cards switcher can be hidden in various objects. For example, T-shirts, mobile phones, wallets, bags, jeans. They can switch playing cards quickly and quietly.

This is a very old method of cheating. It’s just that modern technology makes it easier. But the shortcomings of this cheating method still exist.

First, it can only switch one playing card at a time. And it can only be switched to the card you put in the switcher in advance. So it can only provide you with a decisive playing card, and cannot change all of your cards.

Of course, you can prepare several playing cards switchers at the same time to get more options.

Second, using the switcher will change the playing cards on the table. In bad luck, this will bring disaster. For example, you get an ACE through the switcher. When all the hole cards are revealed, there are a total of 5 ACEs on the table.

6.Collusion with Your Friends

You can play poker at the same table with your friends. In a regular game, you can communicate information through pre-appointed signals. Coughing or knocking on the table can easily attract the attention of others.

Therefore, you need more natural signals. For example.

  • The position of the finger on the poker card
  • Tap the earlobe
  • Touch the nose
  • Scratch your head
  • Play with your chips
Collusion with Your Friend

According to different games, you can agree on various different signals in advance to express different cooperation strategies. Defeat opponents by cooperating with each other.

But this is only suitable for those poker games that can cooperate. For example, Texas Hold’em is not suitable for using this cheating method. Because knowing your friend’s hole cards is meaningless to you.

7.Ghosting Cheat in Poker

In the previous method, the biggest disadvantage is that you and your friends can only exchange information about the cards in your hands. This leads to a very small range of applications of this method. So let’s improve on this shortcoming. This is the Ghosting I’m going to talk about.

Ghosting is hard to detect in poker cheating. Because this method of poker cheating does not require any props. So everything is ordinary. Gambling tables, poker cards, etc. are all normal ones.

Usually, in a lively casino, there are many audiences around the gambling table. Maybe it’s because of the players shouting or the big bet. Who knows.


You can arrange your friends in these audiences. If they stand behind your opponent, they can easily know the opponent’s hole cards. Next, like the method “Collusion with Your Friends” I mentioned earlier, you can communicate through signals.

Get information from your friends and you will gain a huge advantage at the poker table. As long as your signals are common enough, even anti-cheating experts hired by large casinos can hardly determine your cheating behavior.

But please don’t use this method all the time. Because although others cannot see through your signals, they will remember the appearance of all of you. Casino experts will notice your group too.

So it is very important to change members frequently. Conversely, if you feel that your hole cards are always guessed, check your back.

8.Stacking The Deck

Stacking the deck: the most perfect of all the card cheating techniques.

So what does it mean to stack the deck? Stacking the deck refers to any situation where you secretly rearrange the cards as you shuffle them.
Stacking the deck refers to situations where you actually change the position of the cards. In such a way that after the cards are dealt out you or another player in a game will get the winning hand.

Why put “Stacking The Deck” at the end? Because it requires a lot of skills and practice. If you don’t want to read the text, just skip to the following to watch the video.

First, a specific formula

It was published in 1902 in a book called “the expert at the card table” by S. W. Erdnase.

Here’s the formula for stacking the four kings for a five-handed game. Start by taking one king and you put it on the bottom. Then you undercut half the deck, in jog the top card, and run 8 cards and then you shuffle off leaving that last king on top. Next, you undercut to the out jog run four cards throw to the break. Run one card in a jog the next card, run 8 cards. Then you shuffle off. Undercut to the out jog again, drop everything below the break, run four cards throw, and you’re done.

Riffle shuffle techniques

But you have to pick the cards up off the table, which means other people could catch a glimpse of the bottom card. Or they could see a card in the middle as the cards are being shuffled. These days people are much more likely to see the riffle shuffle, the cards are split in half on the table and then rippled together. And you can see that the cards are mixed based on the pattern of this interlace. The riffle shuffle is often combined with cutting sequences. And people often riffle shuffle the cards multiple times. Yet it’s still possible to control cards.

You can watch the video below to learn these poker cheating techniques.

What is shown in the video is just the basic stacking deck technique. As far as I know, there are many people in the world who can fully control the entire deck. Although their technology is difficult to see through even with high-speed cameras. They will still use these technologies cautiously.

Advice on cheating in poker

Don’t cheat in poker

As I said at the beginning, my main purpose of writing this article is to help people understand the methods of poker cheating and avoid being deceived. Never think that you are the smartest person. Maybe one day you will be caught while cheating. This will bring you very serious consequences.

Don’t be deceived in poker

The cheating methods I mentioned in the article are very practical. In fact, many people are using one or more of these methods. And through the article, you also know that these cheating methods are very hidden. Only if you know how these methods are carried out can you discover their existence.

When you feel something is wrong at the poker table, please recall this article. Determine if anyone uses the cheating methods mentioned in the article. Then no matter what the result is, leave the table immediately and go home.

Don’t use one method singly

Using a single poker cheating method for a long time will make the flaws become more and more obvious.

For example, use a poker cheating analyzer, the best way to cheat. If you only use the built-in camera of the analyzer to cheat, you must aim the analyzer’s camera at the poker card every time. Although it only takes a short time, and your movements are also very hidden. But when other people notice that something is wrong, and you don’t change your way, it’s easy to be found out.

But if you also use a watch camera, things will become more elusive. Before others suspect that your analyzer is not an ordinary mobile phone, the action of putting the analyzer in your pocket can dispel people’s doubts. But in fact, you continue to cheat through the watch camera.

Using a variety of cheating methods alternately makes it easier to confuse people. It’s like a magic show. Magicians often use different magic tricks to distract people from a certain thing. So as to bring people a wonderful magic show.


And finally, let me know in the comments what you think of these poker cheating ways.