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Finally, after a long wait, the final stable version of the A4 poker analyzer is mass-produced.

Why don’t we sell the test version of the A4 poker analyzer

A batch of A4 poker cheating analyzers appeared on the market earlier. Our customers ask if we have the A4 on sale. At that time our answer was no.

Because the boss of AKK company and the boss of our company are good friends. He told us that the A4 poker analyzer was still in development at that time.

In order to obtain more funds, he produced batches of test versions of A4 and sold them to many distributors. The batches of A4 analyzers are defective. They may give wrong results in some cases, and cheating programs may also appear to be unstable.

This is the reason why our company has not released the A4 analyzer at that time. We have always pursued the concept of being responsible to our customers. Even if many people make profits by selling the test version of A4, we are still unmoved.

We are the first to get the final version of the A4 poker analyzer

The harvest day will finally come. Now is the time to enjoy the results.

AKK company finally solved all the problems of the test version and produced the first batch of the final stable version of A4. And AKK company delivered all this batch of perfect A4 poker analyzers to our company.

Therefore, the A4 sold by other companies on the market is still a defective product of the test version.

At least one month later, other distributors can receive a small amount of the final version of A4. AKK has produced at least 1,000 A4 analyzers of the test version.

So other distributors still have a large inventory of test versions. They won’t tell you that the product they sell you is actually an early test version.

If you pursue product quality, then we may be your best choice.

AKK A4 poker analyzer

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    I don’t like the appearance of the iPhone. This analyzer is exactly what I want. Very good, everything is perfect.

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