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Poker analyzer is one of the best poker cheating devices. The Aviator marked cards are very popular as an important part of this poker cheating system.

So how do the barcode marked cards work?

There are invisible barcodes on the edge of the barcode marked playing cards. These barcodes are totally invisible to human eyes. So people can find nothing on the edge of the Aviator marked cards. That means, the barcode marked playing cards are totally the same as the ordinary playing cards in appearance.

But the poker analyzer’s scanner camera can identify the barcodes and send the information to the gambling cheating chip. Then the chip calculates the results of poker games according to the information and game rules. The poker analyzer gives the results to the user. So you can change your betting strategies to win money from poker.

Differences between our Aviator marked playing cards and other sellers’

First of all, all the manufacturers use our previous technologies. We are the No.1 research and development (R&D) institution of gambling cheating devices. We keep the most advanced technologies in our own hands. Make sure that the best technologies only work for our own products.

Maybe you can buy our products from other sellers, but you can’t buy the same products cheaper than us. The cheaper one may mix with the products of poor quality. Some of them sell poor products but tell you they are the best.

Some marked playing cards of poor quality will expose the barcodes to human eyes after several weeks. Some of them take a long time to be identified by a poker analyzer.

But our barcodes of marked playing cards are invisible forever. And the poker analyzer can identify the barcodes very fast.

You can learn more from the following image. Besides that, there are more differences to make our marked playing cards much better than others. But they are our trade secrets for now.

Our barcode marked cards are the best

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Aviator marked cards

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