Aviator H-light Marked Cards

H-light marked cards are similar to infrared marked cards. There are invisible marks on the back of the cards. But you can’t see the marks with contact lenses. Only the H-light camera can see the marks. This poker cheating system is very suitable for background monitoring. Our H-light camera is able to connect to the network. You can get the screen on your phone, tablet, or computer anywhere.
We have many different playing cards. If we don’t have the cards that you use, you can send your playing cards to us. And we print the marks on your cards.

The H-light marked card is one of the poker cheating series.
Infrared marked cards and barcode marked cards are the other two most commonly used series.

The infrared marked cards have invisible marks on the back. You can’t see the marks by your eyes. But when you wear our infrared contact lenses or sunglasses, you can see the marks clearly. We print the invisible marks on normal cards. So the marked cards look the same as original cards. Therefore, the marked cards and contact lenses can help you cheat in poker games.

There are bright ink and dark ink available. When you see the marked cards with contact lenses, bright marks are bright than the area without marks, the dark marks are dark than the area without marks.
And we have different templates of marks. Different templates have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most commonly used templates are large fonts, which are very suitable for most use cases.

About the barcode marked cards and poker cheating analyzer, it’s a great poker cheating system. The barcode marked cards have invisible barcodes on the side. Only the camera of the analyzer can see the barcodes. Then the analyzer get the information of this deck of cards. And the cheating program find out the result.

We have many other poker cheating ways and products. If you are interested, you can add our Whatsapp:+17868741941. Looking forward to your contact.

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