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Using barcode marked playing cards and poker analyzer to cheat at poker is one of the best ways. And Bee is one of the most popular playing card brands. So the Bee marked cards are always hot selling.

We use the original Bee playing cards from the USPCC. So there is no difference between our Bee marked cards and original Bee playing cards in appearance.

We open the playing cards and make the invisible barcodes on the edge of the playing cards. But don’t worry, we can make the box the same as not opened. You won’t notice that the playing card box had been opened once.

The poker analyzer can identify the invisible barcodes and give the user the results of poker games. So you can decide how to bet according to the results. It’s very easy to win a lot of money at poker.

Advantages of our Bee marked cards

Not only the Bee but also all of our marked cards are the best marked cards in the world.

Why? We are not only a product manufacturer but also the No.1 research and development (R&D) institution of gambling cheating technology. All of the manufacturers use our previous technology to produce gambling cheating devices including marked playing cards.

There is no doubt that we won’t give them the most advanced technologies. The best technologies are only applied to our own products.

Our barcodes of marked playing cards are much more stable than others. Some of their barcodes will expose to the human eyes after several weeks. But ours are invisible forever.

You never want your marked playing cards to expose the barcode, do you?

Besides that, there are two differences between our marked playing cards and others in the following image.

There are more differences, but most of them are our trade secrets for now. So we can’t tell you now.

Our barcode marked cards are the best

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Bee marked cards

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