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Poker cheating analyzer is one of the best gambling cheating devices. And the Copag marked cards work for the poker analyzer.

There are invisible barcodes on the edge of the marked playing cards. We use the ordinary playing cards to make the barcode marked playing cards. Because the barcodes are totally invisible to human eyes, there is no difference between the barcode marked playing cards and the ordinary playing cards.

So don’t worry about being caught cheating at poker. People can’t distinguish between marked playing cards and ordinary playing cards without poker analyzer, even ourselves.

There are many very cheap marked playing cards on the market. But these marked playing cards’ qualities are really bad. Some of these marked playing cards will expose the barcodes after several weeks. But our barcodes are invisible forever.

Besides the stability, there are more differences between our marked playing cards and other manufacturers’ marked cards.

Our barcode marked cards are the best

How the Copag marked cards work

There is a special scanner camera inside the poker analyzer. And there are infrared LEDs next to the scanner camera. The infrared LEDs illuminate the barcodes and the scanner camera scan the barcodes. Then the information of the playing cards will be sent to the special gambling cheating chip. The chip calculates the results of poker games according to the information and poker rules.

If you buy our mini wireless earphones, you can hear the results directly. All of the steps happen in a second.

According to the results, you can change your betting strategies to win a lot of money. For example, when you are going to win, you can make a big bet. On the other hand, when you are going to lose, you can stop betting to decrease your loss.

Get the Copag marked cards and poker analyzer now, and start your winning life.

how cheat poker analyzer works

how cheating poker analyzer works

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Cheating Marked Playing Cards Introduction

Copag marked cards

Copag marked cards


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