Regular Face Copag Cards for Poker Analyzer

The regular face Copag cards are plastic bridge size playing cards. We print invisible barcodes on the side of the Copag playing cards. Because these invisible barcodes contain information about each playing card, the poker analyzer can calculate the results of poker games according to these invisible barcodes.

The poker analyzer is the best poker cheating device. Because it’s very easy to use the poker analyzer. Besides, the use of the analyzer is very concealed. The poker analyzer is a smartphone. And inside the smartphone, there is a gambling cheating chip. The chip provides the poker cheating program. Besides, there is a scanning camera at the side of the poker analyzer. Although the barcode marks of marked playing cards are invisible to human eyes, the scanning camera can see the barcodes.

Marked Cards Copag cards

Advantages of our marked cards

The barcode technology we use is continuous surround barcode technology. The barcode technology we use is continuous surround barcode technology. At present, only our company has mastered this technology. Compared with ordinary barcode marked cards, our marked cards can be identified without blind spots. Correspondingly, our products are more difficult and costly to produce. Because the processing procedures are more complicated. So the time required for our product production is also longer. But it’s worth it. Because we have gained the best product quality.

Besides, We have also developed a higher-precision professional printer. Therefore, combined with our unique formula of ink, the barcodes we produce are clearer than those of other manufacturers. The analyzer can recognize our barcodes more quickly.

Our barcode marked cards are the best

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