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What are infrared marked playing cards? There are special infrared marks on the back of the marked playing cards. These marks are totally invisible to human eyes. But through the infrared filters, you can see the marks clearly. Copag marked cards can help you a lot at poker.

uv contact lenses for marked cards

UV contact lenses for marked cards

Our Copag and other marked playing cards are the best all over the world. The ink formula is very important. Our formula is the best. Many manufacturers tried to imitate our formula but failed in the end.

Although they can also produce infrared marked playing cards, the quality is much worse than ours. First of all, stability. Our formula contains the best stabilizer, that can keep the marks stable for a long time. So our infrared marked playing cards can work for more than half a year.

Besides that, we covered several special coatings on the infrared marked playing cards. One of these coatings can keep out the Oxygen, so the marks can avoid oxidation. And the other coatings can protect the marks from water and being worn out. And these coatings don’t change the feel of the playing cards. So you feel the infrared marked playing cards are the same as ordinary playing cards.

Lens for Copag marked cards

Because you need a filter to see the invisible infrared marks. You can choose infrared sunglasses or infrared contact lenses. We recommend using infrared(or UV) contact lenses.

Maybe you are worried about the color of contact lenses. The filters in the center of the infrared contact lenses are purple.

First of all, people talk about the colors of their eyes are the color of their iris exactly. Not the colors of their pupils. The pupils are the black areas in the center of the eyes. No matter which color your eyes are, your pupils are always black.

The purple filters are in the same position as the pupils. As we all know, any color adds black will become black. So when you wear the infrared contact lenses, the purple filters will look black like your pupils. That’s why others can’t notice you are wearing infrared contact lenses.

pupil is black

everyone’s pupils are black

Marks’ styles of Copag marked cards

COPAG,TEXAS,marked cards, cheat poker, tag cards,cheat cards

Copag marked cards infrared marks

infrared marked cards' marks styles

infrared marked cards’ marks styles

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Marked Playing Cards Introduction

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Marked Playing Cards

COPAG,TEXAS,marked cards, cheat poker, tag cards,cheat cards

Copag marked cards

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