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What’s the best way to cheat in poker? Try the Copag marked cards and infrared contact lenses. These poker cheating devices can help you win.

marked cards poker cheating magic cards

The Copag 1546 regular index are plastic poker size playing cards. This kind of playing cards is very popular all over the world. We use ordinary Copag playing cards to make the infrared marked playing cards.

Because the infrared marks are invisible to human eyes, the marked cards look the same as ordinary playing cards. But you can see the marks by wearing infrared contact lenses.

copag marked cards br poker size regular index

Our company has been in this industry for decades. We keep the most advanced technology in the world. Because different playing cards use different materials and patterns, using the same ink will result in poor effects. So we use different ink formulas according to different playing cards. In order to get the best effect.

We can also make 4 index marks instead of the big center marks. But to be honest, the big center marks are much easier to see than the 4 index marks. So we recommend the big marks.

infrared marked cards' marks styles

infrared marked cards’ marks styles

About customization

Besides the bright marks, we can also make dark marks. If you need the dark marks you can contact us, and tell us what you need.

The playing cards displayed on our website are only a small part of our products. If you don’t find the playing card you want, you can send us a picture of the playing card and we will tell you if we have stock.

Due to the different origins, even the same type of playing cards may be different. You can send us your own playing cards, we can make your playing cards into marked cards.

Contact us right now, and start your winning life. Whatsapp: 008613434123666


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