Poker Cheating Cards – Copag Marked Decks

How to cheat in poker and win the game? The poker cheating cards you should know.

The Copag marked cards have invisible marks on the side. Because the Copag marked cards are based on ordinary Copag cards and the barcodes are totally invisible. The Copag poker cheating cards look the same as ordinary Copag cards.

But the hidden camera of the poker analyzer can see the invisible barcodes. So the poker analyzer can know all the cards through the barcodes.

Then the poker cheating program can calculate the results of poker games. And you can get the results before dealing cards.

With the help of the results, you can decide how to bet to win more. Sounds great? It is great.

Technology can help you achieve many things that humans cannot do. So it is a very good choice to use technology in poker games. You can watch the demo video.

The Copag cheating cards are based on Copag 1546 Poker Size Red and Blue Set. The playing cards are Regular Index cards, which means the numbers are small than Jumbo Index.

rb Copag marked cards poker size regular index


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