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How to cheat in poker and win? You can try the Fournier marked cards and infrared contact lenses. The poker cheating cards can help you win.

marked cards poker cheating magic cards

The Fournier 818 playing cards are poker size plastic cards. Jumbo index decks. It’s a very popular model. We use ordinary playing cards to make the Fournier marked cards. Because the marks are totally invisible to naked eyes, the marked cards look the same as ordinary playing cards.

But you can see the invisible marks clearly by wearing infrared contact lenses. You can see the effect from the following video.

If you only need to know the opponent’s cards, then these marked cards are very suitable for you. The infrared marked playing cards are very easy to use. Because you only need to wear infrared contact lenses.

But if it’s hard for you to have a chance to see the back of your opponent’s cards, then you can consider a poker analyzer. The poker analyzer can tell you the results of the poker games. But the poker analyzer is much more expensive than the infrared contact lenses.

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fournier 818 marked cards for infrared contact lenses


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