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Wanna know the results of poker before the game starts? You will need Fournier marked cards and the poker analyzer to cheat at poker.

We are the best gambling cheating company in the world. All the technologies of marked playing cards are from our company. We keep the most advanced technology in our own hands. We also sell marked playing cards to other sellers. But most of them mix our products with other products made by our previous technique.

So you may find someone who sells marked playing cards at lower prices. Please be careful. Some of them are just liars. Some of them sell products of poor quality. 

Some marked playing cards with poor quality will expose the barcodes. But our barcodes are invisible forever. The marked playing cards with poor quality will cause serious problems. You would never want this to happen.

Therefore, our Fournier marked cards are the best.

Besides the stability, our barcodes are much more clear than others. So the poker analyzer can identify the barcodes much faster and more accurately. You can learn two more differences between our marked playing cards and others. There are more differences, but they are our trade secrets now.

Our barcode marked cards are the best

How to use the Fournier marked cards

Firstly, we will introduce how the Fournier marked cards work. There is a scanner camera in the poker analyzer. The infrared LEDs beside the camera illuminate the barcodes on the marked cards. But you can see nothing because the infrared lights are invisible to human eyes. The camera scans the barcodes and sends the information to the gambling cheating chip. Then the chip calculates the results according to the information and game rules. Next, the poker analyzer sends the results to the wireless mini earphone in the user’s ear.

So that the user can hear the result of each hand before the game starts. All of these steps happen in a second. So good quality of barcode marked playing cards is very important.

The Fournier marked cards and poker analyzer are the best poker cheating devices.

how cheat poker analyzer works

how cheating poker analyzer works

Since the poker analyzer does all the work, you just need to aim the scanner camera to the barcode marked playing cards.

Here is a blog that introduces gambling cheating systems. You can click the following link to read the Introduction Blog.

Marked Playing Cards Introduction

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