Fournier Marked Cards for Contact Lenses

The infrared marked cards have invisible marks on the back. You can’t see the marks with your eyes. But you can see the invisible marks by wearing our UV contact lenses or UV sunglasses. So you can cheat in poker games.

We use special infrared ink to print the marks on the cards. And the marked cards look the same as before marked. We have many different cards. If you can’t find the cards you want, you can contact us. Or you can send your cards to us, and we print the marks on your cards.

There are two different types of inks that we commonly use to make marks. One is bright ink and the other is dark ink. Marks made with bright ink will look brighter than unmarked parts. And marks made with dark ink appear darker than parts without marks.

At the same time, because of the material, color, and pattern of different playing cards are different. Therefore, we need to adjust the proportion of ink according to the actual situation, to achieve the best effect.

We also have different mark templates. In most cases, our default large center marks work best.

infrared marked cards' marks styles

infrared marked cards’ marks styles

We make marked cards for the camera system too. The marks are black, and only the special camera can see the marks. We call them H-light marked cards.

Barcode Fournier Marked Cards

Using barcode marked playing cards and poker analyzer is one of the best ways to cheat in poker. Because it will tell the results of poker games before dealing cards.

We make the barcode marked cards based on original cards. Because the barcodes are invisible to human eyes, the marked cards look the same as before marking. We have many different cards. If you can’t find the cards you want, you can contact us. Or you can send your cards to us, and we print the barcodes on your cards.

The poker analyzer has a cheating chip and program. It can work for Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and many other poker games. So how does it work?
There is a special camera hidden in the analyzer. You need to use our barcode marked cards. The camera can see the invisible barcodes. So the analyzer can get the information of the deck. Then the program calculates the game result.
How to get the result? There are many options.
The most commonly used method is to use dedicated mini earpiece. The earpiece is so small that it fit completely into your ears. so it’s hard for other people to notice it. And it tells the results.
We have special wristbands that can be used to receive results. When the player 1 wins, it will vibrate 1 time. If the player 2 wins, it will vibrate 2 times.
You can use your own bluetooth earphone to receive results.
Or you can use the time mode. The screen will change to the interface of a clock. The number of seconds represents the winner. For example, the time is 18:35:01, It means the player 1 wins the game. 18:35:02 means the player 2 is the winner. 18:35:03 means the player 3 is the winner.

We have many other cheating devices and other kinds of marked cards. Each kind of cards and device has advantages and disadvantages. Using different equipment and cards works best in different games and situations. Contact us to learn more. Whatsapp: +17868741941

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