GG Infrared Marked Cards – To Be The Eternal Winner!

The GG infrared marked cards are Korean GG playing cards. We print the infrared marks on the back of the ordinary playing cards. Then we cover several layers of coating on it to protect the mark.

If you want to learn more about the infrared marked cards, UV contact lenses. you can click the following link to read the Introduction Blog.

Marked Cards Encyclopedia and Gambling Cheating System Introduction

In this blog, we also introduced barcode marked cards and marked cards analyzer host. Besides that, this blog talked about how they work and how to use them.

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What We Can do With the GG Infrared Marked Cards

Because only you can see the infrared marks on the back of playing cards. You can take advantage of poker games. It’s not hard to understand.

When you know all the cards, you can adjust your strategy based on this information.

It’s as if you knew the lottery winning number in advance and went to buy a lottery ticket. Everything is so simple.

What you need to do is just wearing infrared contact lenses and use the infrared marked playing cards to play poker games.

You can make a lot of money, and it all depends on your strategy. For example, when you can be sure that you win, often you need to increase the bet.

Conversely, if you are about to lose the game, then keep the minimum loss to end the game.

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The Mark Types of GG Infrared Marked Cards

The following image shows the classic mark type of GG infrared marked cards.

You can see the points’ marks are very big and in the center of infrared marked playing cards. So the mark type is very suitable for new users.

Because you can see the Points very easily. And the circle, rectangle, and triangle distinguish different suits of playing cards.

marked cards


We also have other mark types, but our most recommended is the classic mark type. If you want the other mark types in the following image, you can contact us.


infrared marked cards' marks styles

infrared marked cards’ marks styles


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