Magnetic Dice for Cheating

We mix the magnetic powder into the base material to create magnetic transparent dice. Anyone can see through the transparent dice. You can’t see any special parts inside it. So no one will suspect that it is a cheating dice.

When you hide the magnet inside the table, the magnetic dice will play its unique role. It will always stay at a certain point. If you change the direction of the magnet, the dice will stay on the opposite point. For example, the opposite point of 1 is 6.

The best way is to install electromagnets inside the table. This way you can better control the point of the dice. You can use the remote control to turn on or turn off the electromagnets, and you can change the magnetic pole. For example, the magnetic pole of the dice is 1 and 6. You can control the dice to be 1 or 6, or just work as normal dice. This is all under your control.

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    Very good dice. Nothing suspicious

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