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What’s the best way to cheat in poker gambling? It must be the poker analyzer and barcode marked playing cards. The Mercedes wireless scanner camera is the additional scan camera of the poker scanner camera. With this camera, you can get a better experience.

Because the barcodes of the marked playing cards are totally invisible to human eyes. You can use cheat poker very safely.

Although the barcodes are invisible, the poker analyzer has a special infrared camera. There are some infrared LEDs next to the camera. When the poker analyzer works, the LEDs send infrared to illuminate the barcodes. Then the scanner camera can identify the barcodes and get the information of the playing cards.

According to the information and poker game rules, the analyzer can calculate the outcomes of the poker game. Then you can receive the results by wireless spy earphones.

So that you can get the poker results before the dealer deal cards. According to these results, you can change your betting and get the biggest gain.

how cheat poker analyzer works

Advantages of the Mercedes wireless scanner camera

Firstly, you need to change the setting of your poker scanner analyzer. For example, the CVK 680 poker analyzer. you need the camera setting as the following image. Then turn on the wireless scanner camera and aim the camera at the barcode marked playing cards.

wireless camera mode

wireless camera mode

The car key scanner camera is much smaller than the poker analyzer. And you can adjust the direction of the camera more flexibly to align the barcode marked playing cards.

Because the car key scanner camera instead of the camera of the poker analyzer, you can put your poker analyzer in your pocket. It can make your cheating safer.

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