Modiano Cheat Poker – Golden Trophy Marked Playing Cards

How to cheat at poker gambling? It seems to be a question that has been discussed for hundreds of years. But now, you find the perfect answer to this question. You can use the Modiano cheat poker and analyzer to cheat at poker safely and efficiently.

The is no doubt that our marked playing cards are the best. We have been developed the marking techniques for decades. Most of the manufacturers are using our previous technique to make the marked playing cards.

We use our latest techniques only for our own marked playing cards.

In order to show you the differences, we make the comparison chart.

Firstly, our barcode marked playing cards are much more stable than others. The barcodes have a longer service life.

And you can see more in the following image.

Our barcode marked cards are the best

Besides the differences above, there are more differences between our barcode marked playing cards and others. But most of them are our trade secrets. So I can’t show you.

Our Modiano cheat poker looks the same as ordinary Modiano playing cards.

How do the Modiano cheat poker and analyzer work?

The barcodes are made of invisible ink. So you can see nothing on the playing cards. But the special infrared camera of the poker analyzer can identify the barcodes under the infrared LEDs.

When you use them to cheat at poker, you need to aim the scanner camera at the cheat poker cards. And the poker analyzer will do everything for you. You can hear the outcomes of the poker games before dealing cards.

So, you can bet according to the game results. It’s very easy and efficient.


how cheat poker analyzer works

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modiano cheat poker marked playing cards

Modiano cheat poker marked cards

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