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Poker Cheating Marked Cards – Modiano Jumbo Bike

How to cheat at poker gambling? The infrared marked playing cards are the best poker cheating device. With the help of the marked cards and infrared contact lenses, you can win the poker gambling much easier.

Because the marked playing cards are based on ordinary playing cards. The marked playing cards look the same as the ordinary Modiano Jumbo Bike playing cards. But in fact, there are invisible infrared marks on the back of the marked playing cards. Since the marks are invisible to humans, you can see nothing different between the marked playing cards and ordinary playing cards.

If you want to see the invisible marks to cheat at poker, you need to wear our infrared contact lenses. Because the infrared contact lenses have infrared filers, through the infrared filters, you can see the invisible marks clearly.

At the same time, other people can see nothing on the marked playing cards. So this way to cheat at poker is very safe.

Our Poker Cheating Marked Cards Are The Best

Since our company has been in the gambling cheating industry for decades, we keep the most advanced technologies of gambling and poker cheating devices.

One of the most important thing of making the infrared marked playing cards is the stabilizer. And we have the best stabilizer for the invisible ink. So our infrared marked playing cards are much more stable than others.

Besides the stabilizer, we have hundreds of formulas of the invisible ink. Because different playing cards have different patterns and textures. The same invisible ink print on different playing cards have different effects. In order to reach the best effect, we use invisible ink with different formulas according to different playing cards.

uv contact lenses for marked cards

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Marked Cards


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