Modiano Playing Cards for Poker Analyzer

How to cheat at poker and win a lot of money? Now you come to the right place. Here you can know how the barcode marked Modiano playing cards and poker analyzer work.

The Modiano playing cards are very popular in the world.

First of all, there are invisible barcodes on the edge of the playing cards. These magical barcodes can tell the poker analyzer the order of the playing cards.

According to this information and poker games’ rules, the poker analyzer can calculate the results of the poker games. Then you can get these results. Once you know the result of each poker game, you can easily win the money from the poker games.

How the poker analyzer identifies Modiano playing cards

The poker analyzer has a special camera on the side of the poker analyzer. The camera is hidden behind a special material. Because of the special material, you can’t see the scanner camera. Since the special material looks like an ordinary material that used on smartphones.

Next to the scanner camera are infrared LEDs. The LEDs can emit infrared to illuminate the barcodes on the edge of the marked playing cards. As we all know, humans cannot see infrared. So people can see nothing happens.

In fact, the scanner camera can identify the barcodes under infrared LEDs. So the poker analyzer can get the information of the marked playing cards without being noticed. What a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

The Modiano marked cards look the same as ordinary Modiano playing cards.

how cheat poker analyzer works

how cheating poker analyzer works

Why our Modiano marked playing cards are the best?

Our founder Mr. Hua is obsessed with technology improvement. So every year we spend huge amounts of money and manpower for technical research and development. Because of our founder’s perseverance and these efforts, our technology has always been far ahead of other companies in the industry.

For example, the barcode marked playing cards. Our barcodes are very clear and sharp. So the poker analyzer can identify our barcode marked playing cards very quickly and accurately. Time is money. The marked playing cards can be identified as soon as they enter the camera’s field of view. That is a very important thing for cheating at poker.

As we all know, most of the magic of magicians rely on extremely fast speed to deceive the eyes of the audience. Similarly, faster recognition speed allows you to complete cheating more safely.

You can learn more from the following image. But there are much more differences between our marked playing cards and others. Because they are our trade secrets, we can’t tell you more for now.

Our barcode marked cards are the best

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MODIANO marked playing cards cheat poker

Modiano playing cards

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