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The model of marked cards poker analyzer A3 is the iPhone 11 Pro. Now people have a new option for barcode marked cards analyzer host.

We have written a great blog to introduce the marked cards gambling cheating systems. It introduced infrared marked cards, UV contact lenses, barcode marked cards, marked cards poker calculators, and expansion equipment of the poker calculator. In this blog, you can also learn how do they work and how to use them. So if you want to learn more about the marked cards gambling cheating system, you can click the following link to read this blog.

Marked Cards Encyclopedia and Gambling Cheating System Introduction

marked cards poker calculator A3

Marked Cards Poker Calculator A3

Advantages of poker analyzer A3

1. iPhone 11 pro’s appearance

This barcode marked playing cards analyzer’s prototype is the iPhone 11 Pro. You can use it for a very long time without being outmoded.

2. Can quickly replace the battery

Worry about running out of battery? That will never be a problem anymore. You can change the A3 analyzer’s battery in a second.

3. Lots of games and presets

A3 analyzer has lots of games and presets. You can play with more players. For example, It can run 7 players at 6-cards Omaha, 8 players at 5-cards Omaha, and 11 players at 4-cards Omaha. For Texas Holdem, it can run 22 players!

4. The calculation speed and accuracy are higher

The analyzer A3 uses the latest chip, the calculation speed and accuracy are higher than other poker analyzers.

5. HD mini earphone

The mini earphones of the analyzer A3 are HD mini earphones. These HD mini earphones have stronger signal reception and clearer sound.

Report modes of the cheat poker analyzer

For example, report player 1 is the first winner.

1.Sound mode

The poker analyzer’s speaker will call “one”, or when you use a mini earphone, you can hear “one” from the mini earphone.

2.Time mode

The poker analyzer will show a digital clock on the screen. For example, when the poker analyzer shows 16:28:01. The “01” means the player “1” will be the first winner.

3.Vibration mode

There is a vibrator that can connect to the poker analyzer. It will shake once, that means the player 1 is the first winner.

Barcode Marked Cards Poker Analyzer A3 – iPhone 11 Pro

On September 10, 2019, Apple Inc. released the iPhone 11 Pro at the Steve Jobs Theater. Without surprise, the release of the iPhone 11 Pro caused a very big sensation all over the world.

As we all know, iPhone X is Apple’s first full-screen smartphone. Apple’s evaluation of it is very high. But from the consumer’s actual experience, iPhone X is not a satisfactory Apple product. The scandalously low-quality screen makes iPhone X infamous. At the same time, the completion of FaceID is not high. This led to the failure of the presentation at the press conference. Therefore, the user experience is not ideal.

tim cook

tim cook

However, since Steve Jobs took the MacBook out of the envelope, Apple has become the world’s most high-profile technology company. So people always think that Apple’s new products should represent the top of science and technology at that time.

But as time passed, Jobs passed away and Cook became Apple’s CEO. Apple begins to focus on advertising rather than product development. Successive generations of the iPhone have not shown enough technology to make people cheer. Except for the computing power of the CPU, it even has been lagging behind Android phones.

Apple Ushered in a New Sales Peak Since iPhone 11 Pro

iphone 11 pro camera

iphone 11 pro camera

Until the advent of the iPhone 11 Pro that Apple once again truly stood at the peak of the mountain of technology. Just like its appearance, the most striking is its camera module. This time, although Apple didn’t use the periscope lens like some Chinese phones, it does not affect the iPhone 11 pro to become the best phone in photography.

Apple tuned the three cameras. This makes the colors of the photos taken by the three cameras the same. People will not get photos with inconsistent colors because of different lenses during use. The three cameras and the front camera can record video at the same time.

With these new technologies, iPhone 11 Pro sales have grown rapidly. Thanks to its unique camera module, people can easily recognize the iPhone 11 Pro.

That’s Why the Marked Cards Poker Analyzer A3 is Very Popular

marked cards poker analyzer A3 camera module

Marked Cards Poker Analyzer A3 Camera Module

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