CVK680 Poker Analyzer for Sale

Poker scanner host or poker analyzer is one of the best gambling cheating devices. There is no doubt that this poker scanner CVK680 analyzer host is a very outstanding product among the poker scanner.

We have written a great blog to introduce the marked cards gambling cheating systems. It introduced infrared marked cards, UV contact lenses, barcode marked cards, marked cards poker calculators, and expansion equipment of the poker calculator. In this blog, you can also learn how do they work and how to use them. So if you want to learn more about the marked cards gambling cheating system, you can click the following link to read this blog.

Marked Cards Introduction

Marked Playing Cards for Sale

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Report modes of the cheat poker analyzer

For example, report player 1 is the first winner.

1.Sound mode

The poker analyzer’s speaker will call “one”, or when you use a mini earphone, you can hear “one” from the mini earphone.

2.Time mode

The poker analyzer will show a digital clock on the screen. For example, when the poker analyzer shows 16:28:01. The “01” means the player “1” will be the first winner.

3.Vibration mode

There is a vibrator that can connect to the poker analyzer. It will shake once, which means player 1 is the first winner.

Poker Scanner CVK680 – iPhone 8 Plus

The CVK680 poker analyzer host is in the iPhone 8 Plus model. There is no difference between the CVK680 poker scanner analyzer host and iPhone 8 Plus’ outward appearance. So it very unnoticed to use this analyzer host during poker gambling games. Because of the same appearance, people will think of it as a real iPhone 8 Plus.

In addition, sometimes using older phones is less likely to attract the attention of others. But if you want to show others your financial strength, you can consider buying the latest AKK A3 analyzer host. Because it’s in the iPhone 11 Pro model.

Poker Calculator CVK680 Analyzer Host

CVK680 Analyzer Host

The CVK680 poker analyzer host has a Built-in scanner camera on the side of the host. And you can see it in the following image. Thanks to the smart design, if you don’t know it in advance, you can’t find there is a scanner camera.

Poker Calculator CVK680 Analyzer Host

CVK680 Analyzer Host’s Scanner Camera

Usually, you only need to buy a mini earphone. Then you can use this analyzer host to play poker games. With the help of the poker analyzer, you can hear the results of each poker game. Then you can decide how to bet in each game and win a lot of money.

Poker Calculator Analyzer Host

How Does Analyzer Host Work

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