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How to cheat in poker safely and efficiently? Now you get the answer. Barcode marked playing cards and poker scanner analyzer can help you to make it. They are the best gambling cheating devices.

Our marked cards are the best in the world. Because we have been in this industry for decades, and we keep the best techniques of making the marked cards.

We have hundreds of ink formulations to adapt to any playing cards. Besides, our stabilizer is also the best in the industry.

So, our barcode marked cards are very stable. You can use our cheat poker for a long time without worrying about the barcodes exposed.

In addition, the barcodes of our marked cards are much better than other’s cheap cards. The poker analyzer and scanner camera can identify our barcode much faster and more accurately.

Our barcode marked cards are the best

How do the marked playing cards work?

The barcode cheat poker cards have invisible barcodes on the edge. Although the human can’t see them, the scanner camera of the poker analyzer can identify the barcodes very clearly.

There is a special infrared scanner camera inside the poker analyzer. Nest to the scanner camera, there are infrared LEDs. When the poker analyzer running the poker cheating program, the LEDs send infrared illumination to light the barcodes of the marked cards. Then the scanner camera can identify the barcodes clearly.

But humans can’t see the illumination or the barcodes. So it’s very safe.

The barcodes bring the information of the marked playing cards to the poker analyzer. Then the gambling cheating chip inside the poker analyzer will calculate the outcomes of the poker games.

You can receive the outcomes by our wireless mini spy earphones. So you can hear the results directly before deal cards. Or you can use the time mode of the poker analyzer, you can read the results from the screen of the poker analyzer.

how cheat poker analyzer works

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    Excellent. The cheat poker is very good. Now it’s very easy for me to win the poker 🙂

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