Power Bank Camera – Poker Cheat Scanner

Barcode marked playing cards and poker analyzer can help you cheat at poker games. Besides the cheat poker and analyzer, there are many additional accessories adapt to more usage scenarios. Such as poker scanner, hidden mini spy earphones, and remote control.

The power bank scanner camera just like the ordinary portable charger. But inside of it, there is a special infrared scanner camera. The camera can scan the barcodes of the marked playing cards and send the information to the poker analyzer.

Advantages of the power bank poker scanner camera

Compared with the camera inside the analyzer, this camera has a longer scanning distance and a wider range. Therefore, using this power bank scanner camera can make cheating more flexible.

When you use the power bank scanner camera, you can put your analyzer in your pocket. Because the power bank is connected to the poker analyzer wirelessly. You only need to keep the marked playing cards are in the scanner area of the power bank scanner.

When used with an additional scanner camera, the poker analyzer can get longer battery life than work alone.


Other poker scanner camera

Watch Poker Scanner Camera

>>>> Watch Poker Scanner Camera

The watch scanner camera is more flexible than other additional scanner cameras. When you wear the watch, you need to put nothing on the table anymore. And because many people wear watches, gambling with the watch won’t attract anyone’s attention.

Otherwise, you can move your wrist to align the watch with the barcode marked playing cards. It is very convenient.

Poker Chip Tray Scanner Camera

>>>>Poker chip tray camera

Mercedes wireless scanner camera

>>>>Car key scanner camera

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