QEACHI Marked Cards Cheat Poker for Analyzer

Barcode marked playing cards can help you win the poker very easily. QEACHI 405 barcode cheat poker for analyzer can work for any poker analyzer. Such as CVK 680, AKK A3, and etc.

There are many sellers, but we are the best manufacturer.

Why our cheat poker for the analyzer is the best?

Our company has been engaged in this industry for decades, and we invest a lot of money and manpower in technology research and development every year. Therefore, we have the most advanced technology in the entire industry.

All other manufacturers use our previous technology. Because we continue to improve our technology based on the use of barcode marked playing cards. Based on our latest technology, the quality and effect of playing cards are better.

Stability is a very important property for barcode marked playing cards. Our barcode marked playing cards can keep steady for half a year. Some cheap marked cards’ barcodes will expose to human eyes for several weeks. You don’t want to be caught cheating at poker, do you?

Besides the stability, you can learn more differences from the following image. Of course, these are not all the differences, but some of them are our trade secrets. So we can’t tell you more details about our most advanced technology.

Our barcode marked cards are the best

How the cheat poker for analyzer work?

The poker analyzer has a special infrared camera and infrared LEDs inside of the analyzer. When the cheating program works, the LEDs illuminate the barcodes of the marked playing cards with infrared light. Then the infrared camera can identify the barcodes.

The barcodes can tell the analyzer the order of the marked playing cards. So the analyzer can calculate the results according to the information and game rules.

With the results before the game begins, you can decide how to bet and how to win more.

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Marked Playing Cards QEACHI 405 cheat poker for analyzer

Cheat poker for analyzer

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