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Gambling is always full of magic and attracts countless people. However, with the development of technology, gambling is no longer what it used to be. Cheat poker is one of the things that changed the gambling.

The poker analyzer is a poker cheating device full of technology. The barcode marked playing cards work for the poker analyzer.

There are invisible barcodes on the edge of the playing cards. Thanks to these invisible barcodes, the analyzer can identify the playing cards. After the identification, the special poker cheating chip inside the analyzer calculates the results of the poker games according to the game rules and the information of the playing cards.

What is a good cheat poker?

Because the marked playing cards cheat poker are based on ordinary playing cards. So the barcodes determine the quality.

The analyzer needs to accurately recognize the barcode in order to obtain the information hidden in the barcode. So the first thing is clarity.

After years of research, development, and manufacturing, our company has mastered the world’s most advanced invisible barcode technology. You can see from the following image.

Our invisible barcodes are very clear and sharp under the scanner camera of the analyzer. But other suppliers’ barcodes are much worse than ours.

Our barcode marked cards are the best

The second thing is stability. Our barcodes are very stable, so you can use the marked playing cards for a long time. Most important is that our barcodes are invisible to human eyes forever.

However, the barcodes of some suppliers’ marked playing cards will be visible to human eyes after several weeks. That will make big trouble.

So don’t be fooled by low prices. Good products worth more.

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    Prefect, the marked playing cards and analyzer are very good.

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