Infrared Marked Cards – Poker Cheat Marked Deck

Infrared marked cards can help you cheat in poker games without any risk.

Since there are invisible marks on the back of the marked playing cards, you need a filter to see these marks. So that you can know all the cards and win the poker easily.

Our marked playing cards look the same as the ordinary playing cards. Because we use the real bird 888 playing cards to make the IR marked playing cards. There are several coatings on the marks. They can prevent the marks from being oxidized or worn out. Thanks to the coatings, the infrared marked cards made of plastic are waterproof.

The feel of touching the IR marked playing cards are the same as the ordinary playing cards too. So you can make as if to use the ordinary playing cards. There is no risk of being caught cheating at poker.

How to use the infrared marked cards

It’s very easy to use the infrared marked playing cards. You need a filter. You can choose sunglasses or infrared(or UV) contact lenses. We recommend using the IR contact lenses.

Because sunglasses maybe not suitable for all cases. But you can wear contact lenses at any time and anywhere without being noticed.

There is a purple filter in the center of the contact lens. Through the filter, you can see the invisible marks. But maybe you will worry about the color of the filter. So let me tell you why people can’t notice the filter.


uv contact lenses for marked cards

Infrared marked cards and contact lenses

Different people have different colors of their eyes. The blue eyes or yellow eyes that we always talk about are actually the blue irises and yellow irises. You can find in the following image, the areas in the center of the irises are black. These areas are our pupils.

You may already find that no matter what color your eyes are, your irises are the same black. When you wear the IR contact lenses, the purple filters are in the same position as the irises.

As we all know, any color once adds black will become black. The same principle, the purple filter adds the black iris will look black. So it’s hard for others to notice that you are wearing Infrared contact lenses.

pupil is black

pupil is black

Marks’ styles of infrared marked playing cards

bird 888 infrared marked playing cards poker cheating

infrared marked cards

infrared marked cards' marks styles

infrared marked cards marks styles

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Marked Playing Cards Introduction

In this blog, we also introduced barcode marked cards and marked cards analyzer host. Besides that, this blog talked about how they work and how to use them.

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