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Maybe some people are very good at playing poker games. But if you can get help by marked cards of SYPK playing cards, you can win even better. So you really need marked playing cards in my opinion.

Of course, you can improve your poker skills through a lot of practice. What I want to say is the marked playing cards can bring you to a higher level.

If you are willing to, you can win a lot of money from poker games. Because the infrared marked playing cards (or UV marked playing cards) can help you know all the cards.

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Marked Cards Introduction

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SYPK marked playing cards

SYPK marked playing cards

What marked cards of SYPK can do?

UV marked playing cards also called infrared marked playing cards. There are invisible infrared marks on the back of the marked playing cards. You can see anything by naked eyes. But once you wear infrared contact lenses, you can see the invisible marks immediately.

So there is no risk to use the infrared marked playing cards. Others can’t find any difference between the infrared marked playing cards and ordinary playing cards.

Mark’s styles of marked playing cards

The following image shows the classic mark’s style of SYPK infrared marked playing cards. You can see the numbers’ marks are very big. So this mark’s style is very friendly to users. You can see the marks very clearly.

SYPK infrared marked playing cards mark style

SYPK infrared marked playing cards mark style

We can also make the following mark’s styles. But the classic mark’s style is the most popular style.

infrared marked cards' marks styles

infrared marked cards’ marks styles

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