Infrared Contact Lenses V8 for Marked Cards

These infrared contact lenses can work with infrared marked playing cards. With these gambling cheating devices, you can see the invisible marks and know all the cards on the table.

So you can easily win poker games by using contact lenses and infrared marked playing cards.

If you want to learn more about the infrared marked cards, contact lenses. you can click the following link to read the Introduction Blog.

Marked Cards Encyclopedia and Gambling Cheating System Introduction

In this blog, we also introduced barcode marked cards and marked cards analyzer host. Besides that, this blog talked about how they work and how to use them.

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uv contact lenses V8 for marked cards

contact lenses V8 for marked cards

How to use infrared contact lenses V8?

The contact lenses are very easy to use. You can watch the following video.

All you need to do is wearing the contact lenses in advance. Then you can start to play poker with others. Of course, you need to use the infrared marked playing cards.

Nowadays, many videos on the internet show X-Ray contact lenses. That’s fake news. Through simple video effects technology, you can achieve the effects in those videos. But these are deceptive.

Those X-Ray contact lenses are just ordinary contact lenses. There is no effect on reality.

So don’t be fooled.

Principle of UV contact lenses

As the following image shows, there is a mini UV filter in the UV contact lens. After the infrared going through the mini UV filter, it will be changed into visible light to the human eyes. Therefore, people can see the invisible marks.

There is no magic but all science.

uv contact lenses for marked cards

Infrared contact lenses

infrared contact lenses for marked cards

Infrared contact lenses for marked cards

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