Poker Scanner Analyzer Camera|Watch Strap

How to cheat in poker gambling? One of the best ways is using the poker analyzer and barcode marked playing cards. For better use, you can buy an extra camera for the analyzer. The watch strap poker scanner analyzer camera will be a good choice.

Because the barcodes of the marked playing cards are invisible to human eyes and the poker analyzer looks the same as an ordinary smartphone. It’s very safe to use the marked playing cards and poker analyzer in poker gambling.

Although the poker analyzer has a scanner camera inside it, an extra camera can provide a new usage. For example, the watch strap camera can scan the marked playing cards in your hand. So if you are the dealer, the watch strap camera is very good for you.

With the watch strap camera, you needn’t put the marked deck in the analyzer’s scan area on the table. You can get the result just after shuffling the cards.

How to use the poker scanner analyzer camera

First of all, you need to set the poker analyzer to the wireless camera mode. For example, the CVK 680 poker analyzer. You can see in the following image. Before you start the game, you need to choose the wireless camera setting.

wireless camera mode

CVK 680 wireless camera modeSecondly, unscrew the back cover of the watch and install the battery. Then press the power button. The power button is at the 4 o’clock position. The watch camera is working now. You can look at the screen of the poker analyzer, and test the watch camera.

Watch scanner camera watch strap edition poker analyzer

Watch scanner camera watch strap edition poker analyzer

Because when you wear the watch, the camera is covered by your wrist. It’s very difficult to find there is a camera. So it’s very safe to use the watch camera.

Watch scanner camera watch strap edition poker analyzer

How to charge the poker scanner analyzer camera

The charger is a charging board. Connect the battery to the charging board, and then use the mobile phone charging cable to connect the charging board. You can charge two batteries at once.

Watch scanner camera watch strap edition battery charger Watch scanner camera watch strap edition battery

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