Sean Swingruber is 30 years old and is from Los Angeles. He is a cash game expert. And he won the championship in the 10,000-dollar WSOP buy-in unlimited poker heads-up game that ended on Sunday. Sean Swingruber defeated Ben Yu, who has been famous for many years, in the final round, and earned a prize of $186,536. A total of 112 players participated in the event.

Last week he entered the money circle at the $400 online unlimited Texas Hold’em event, this time his second money circle result at the WSOP. And his offline game money lap record is only 8 times, this time also doubled his offline bonus income.

Sean Swingruber Won WSOP Championship
Sean Swingruber Won WSOP Championship

“Can win this game, the first attempt, the first gold bracelet. Unparalleled.” Swingruber said in an interview with WSOP after the game.

Swingruber is not a tournament player, but after getting six figures in the Los Angeles Poker Classic last February, he increased the number of offline matches and placed his hopes for greater success in Las Vegas in the summer At the event.

He believes that his lack of fame in the circle is actually an advantage.

“To be honest, I think my biggest advantage in the game is that people don’t know me. I’m not famous in the poker world. I think many opponents think that after seeing me-this is an easy game. Haha.”

WSOP Event Review

More than half of the 112 players received a prize of $5,000. Swingruber defeated Bill Klein in the first round, then defeated Gregory Jensen in 64 rounds and 32 rounds, and then he defeated the opponent Jimmy Guerrero. 16 people in the sky compete for hegemony.

He defeated Jan Lakota after the start of the next day and then eliminated Jimmy D’Ambroisio to reach the semifinals.

In Sunday’s game, Yu defeated Keith Lehr, the 2015 champion, and Swingruber defeated Cord Garcia. The only one of Swingruber’s last four players without a bracelet.

In the semifinals, Swingruber defeated Cord Garcia with 34 hands and entered the heads-up with Yu.

In the final, the match between Swingruber and Yu took a long time. The lead was exchanged multiple times. After playing for 4 hours, in the 134th hand, Swingruber directly went all in. Yu called the last 11 big blinds.

Yu showed 66, leading Swingruber’s 8h 6h, flopped a heart, the turn card was two hearts, Swingruber won the flush and delayed the arrival of Yu’s fourth gold bracelet. Yu’s runner-up brought him $115,174.

WSOP Final Table Data

1 Sean Swingruber $186,356
2 Ben Yu $115,174
3 Cord Garcia $73,333
4 Keith Lehr $73,333
5 James Dambrosio $31,151
6 Jake Schindler $31,151
7 Kristen Bicknell $31,151
8 Matthias Eibinger $31,151

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