After less than 5 hours and 125 hands, the competition for the $61-400 U.S. Poker Colossus Final Table at the 2019 WSOP event ended. Sejin Park from South Korea won the championship. This is also the second gold bracelet of the Korean player this WSOP.

A total of 13,109 people participated in the event, and the total prize pool reached $43,915,515. Park received the largest share of $451,272. He defeated Georgios Kapalas from Greece in the heads-up. Kapalas got runner-up income of $278,881.

Park’s championship is also the first Korean player to win in the WSOP Full Open event. He said: “I didn’t realize that I was the first. My friend [Jiyoung Kim] won the women’s championship. But I was happier when I knew I was the first player to win the championship.”

Park mainly played cash games in Macau before and rarely played games. “I don’t expect much from the game. The buy-in fee is so low, I know there are a lot of buy-in here.”


WSOP Final table

1 Sejin Park $451,272
2 Georgios Kapalas $278,881
3 Ryan Depaulo $208,643
4 Juan Lopez $157,106
5 Andrew Barber $119,072
6 Norson Saho $90,838
7 Patrick Miller $69,757
8 Maksim Kalman $53,925
9 Diego Lima $41,965

Final table
At the beginning of the 8-man final table, level 42 has 19 minutes to end.

In the early days of the game, Kapalas kept accumulating chip advantages. Patrick Miller was the shortest bargaining chip at the start of the day. However, he then beat Norson Saho’s A2 with A5 and doubled.

Maksim Kalman got KJ. and played 3-BET. Andrew Barber’s pocket called J. Although Kalman got a straight + flush flush on the turn, he didn’t hit a card on the river. Kalman won eighth place with a revenue of $53,925.

Miller then went out and his A7 went all-in, losing to KQ of Kapalas. The latter got two pairs on the turn and eliminated Miller. Miller received a prize of $69757.

WSOP Andrew Barber

Andrew Barber, the owner of the gold bracelet, won fifth place with a revenue of $11,9072.

Kapalas keeps squeezing opponents with his chip advantage. Ryan Depaulo, Saho and Park have all doubled. Saho finally got all of QQ’s face against Park. He chose to call all 9 big blinds. A flop of A parked Park’s A5 hand and hit the top pair, which was another A on the river. Saho won the sixth place. Then Park doubled from Kapalas and took the lead.

Shortly after the first break started, Kapalas raised a large amount to open the pool. Barber called all the chips, Kapalas handed AA, and Barber’s A3 failed to reverse. Barber got out of the game and received $11,9072. He plans to donate part of the prize to charity.

Lopez then doubled, but after 20 minutes he used A3 to play all the chips in the small blind, Park’s QT called, the flop hit Q, the river also got a flush, Lopez took fourth place and earned $157,106 .

After two hands, Depaulo made a full bet on Kapalas on the K 8 4 flop. Depaulo hit the center pair, and Kapalas’ super pair led AA. The subsequent two street licensing did not change the situation. Depaulo Out. Depaulo is the anchor of the well-known poker live channel “Falling Gambler”.

WSOP Sejin Park

The heads-up only lasted 12 hands, and Park put Kapalas’ chip stack in jeopardy. In the end Kapalas got 8 big blinds from A3. Park’s K2 raised first and then called all. The Park flop hit Ming San Tie 2 to win and became the biggest winner in this tens of thousands match.

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