WSOP Event Review – WSOP Championship

Stephen Chidwick has strong dominance in the field of high-rollers and already has a $23 million offline prize. However, he has not won the championship at the WSOP, but this situation has been changed, and he finally won the 13th final table at the WSOP Championship.

The 30-year-old is from the United Kingdom. He won the $25,000 buy-in limit Omaha event with 278 attendances and earned $1618417 in prize money.

David Lambard Won The WSOP Championship
Stephen Chidwick Got His First Gold Bracelet of WSOP Championship

Chidwick missed the first half of the WSOP due to the birth of his first child. This is the first WSOP event he participated in this year.

“It’s super funny. Generally speaking, I play every game. For example, I was eliminated at the final table. I will register for the $1,500 stud event and register immediately. I play all the games. But this year I joined in halfway. It didn’t play any games and won the first game. It’s interesting. It means a lot. I feel great. Obviously winning the game is a good thing. I’m a little shocked.” He said in an interview after the game.

This WSOP championship brought him 1,512 CardPlayer annual points, which is also his third championship and ninth final table this year. He is currently ranked third in the annual standings.

The final table of WSOP championship

Chidwick reached the top of the chip list when he entered the 7-man final table. James Chen had the third shortest chip, but he eliminated Erik Seidel (sixth place, $264,186) with 8 gold bracelets in hand, and then used multiple street scams. Bluff retired Robert Mizrachi and once took the chip lead.

Chidwick regained the lead shortly after, and he eliminated Alex Epstein (fifth place, $359,320) who recently won the short-term championship of $10,000. Epstein got a nut spade flush on the flop, Chidwick’s pair A+ nut box megamall, and Chidwick’s pair kept the advantage until the final elimination of Epstein.

Robert Mizrachi, who won four gold bracelets, then went out. He got AhQhQd3s all-in. Chidwick, Chen, and Matthew Gonzales all called.

The flop came As2s2c and the three checked.

On the turn of Js, Chidwick bet 600,000 and Gonzales folded and Chen called.

On the river 3c, Chidwick fired 1 million and shot Chen away. Mizrachi showed QQ, but Chidiwck hand KcQsJh5s, Mizrachi was out in the fourth place, earning $497,112.

Chidwick continued to gain momentum and eliminated Matthew Gonzales. The two sides went all-in on the flop of Kd 7d 4s, Gonzales handed 9d6d5c4c, pair + flush flush + straight flush, Chidwick hand Ks8h5s2d, top pair + card flush + backdoor spade flush, turn Js, Rivers Qs, Chidiwck hit the backdoor flush and eliminated Gonzales (third place, $699,364).

Chidwick entered the heads-up with James Chen with 25.3 million chips. The latter had 16.4 million chips. Chidwick then hit Aset, expanding his lead. Soon after, Chen got the hand AdQs8h8d, flopped Kh7h6d, Chidwick checked Chen and bet 800,000, Chidwick moved all, Chen called, Chidwick hand KcQd7d6s, turn Tc, river 2d, Chidwick won.

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