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WSOP Announced The Online Schedule| Start From July 1st

Poker players who want to compete for the gold bracelet of the World Series of Poker online can start to make a summer plan for 2021 because the WSOP has announced the schedule. From July 1st until August 1st, there will be 33 bracelet competitions, and at least one event will be arranged every day.

Of course, all games in the United States will be played on WSOP.com. Players from New Jersey and Nevada can also participate. The WSOP does leave the possibility that other states can also play (need to wait for regulatory approval).

WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart called the series “very valuable.” And said that it will be accompanied by a large number of satellites for the unannounced autumn live schedule.

“By 2021, poker should have a big ending. We hope to make it more popular this summer.” He said.

33 WSOP bracelets and themed timeline section

Perhaps it is to cater to the specific needs of different players so that they can best plan their own itinerary. The WSOP divides part of the schedule into themes such as “PLO Week” and “Micro Crazy”.

It all started from “Premiere Week”, the first eight games. Highlights include the $500 opening match and the $2,000 deep stack match.

“Micro Crazy” will have three next games for $400 or less.

Then, “PLO Week”, including two limited-limit Omaha events, and even one PLO8 event.

“Double Chain Day” will see a $500 event and the largest buy-in in the series-$-7777 unlimited Hold’em Lucky 7s High Roller.

Finally, “Champions Week” will kick off on July 26 with the $1,000 PLO Championship. It also includes a US$3,200 Super High Roller, a US$1,000 Unlimited Poker Tournament, and a US$500 Grand Final. The latter is the only guaranteed prize pool reported in the series $1 million.

The following is the complete schedule

full wsop summer schedule

Successful follow-up in 2020

The 2021 online series is another masterpiece following the great reviews of the off-site two-parts in 2020.

Starting on July 1, WSOP.com will issue a gold bracelet every day until the end of the month. According to WSOP data, it finally provided a prize of $26,871,265, which is a record for a regulated off-site series in the state.

The WSOP’s international partners held 54 bracelet events from mid-July to early September, including a world-record off-site main event.

Compared with 2020, the popularity of live poker will be higher in 2021, and industry leaders will have an interesting point of comparison to see how the online bracelet event will respond in 2021.

The current schedule of the International Poker Series is still to be determined

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Damian Salas wins the 2020 WSOP Main Event

Damian Salas Won The 2020 WSOP Main Event

Damian Salas beat Joseph Hebert to win the 2020 WSOP Main Event!

The 2020 World Series of Poker (WSOP) has just ended. Argentina’s Damian Salas defeated Joseph Hebert in the heads-up final. So he won $1 million in prize money, as well as the coveted gold bracelet and 2020 WSOP Main Event title.

This epic heads-up match lasted a staggering 173 moves. It was the culmination of two US$10,000 main events. The first is an international tournament held on GG Poker. So it attracted 674 players to participate. In the end, Salas won the top prize of $1,550,969.

Damian Salas

The other is the American homeland competition. It attracted 705 players to WSOP.com. Joseph Hebert turned the $300 satellite ticket into a huge prize of $1,553,256.

The heads-up match was originally scheduled for December 30th. But due to COVID-19 restrictions, Salas’ arrival in the United States was delayed. Therefore, it was postponed to last night.

2020 WSOP Main Event Review

At the start of the game, Salas took a small lead. But soon Hebert reversed his disadvantage. In the 71st hand, Hebert relied on Ming Santo to win a huge pot, leading with a 3-1 chip advantage. Hebert, who just lost his mother this year, won the local version of the championship thanks to the encouragement of his former mother. He continued to work hard and once established an 8:1 chip lead.

2020 WSOP Main Event

However, Salas won the first all-in confrontation in the 83rd hand and fought Hebert fiercely for the next two and a half hours. In the end, the two reached the 20th level, and the sum of the chips on both sides only had 20 big blinds.

Even so, the two players still clenched their teeth. As long as someone has a shorter stack, they will soon level up by doubling their chips. At one time, Salas seemed to be defeated. Hebert won several pots and victory was in sight, but Salas was stubbornly pulled back. Indeed, either of the two has a chance to win.

Damian Salas won the 2020 WSOP Main Event

Damian Salas and Joseph Hebert’s final duel

In the 170th hand, both players got an Ace, but Salas’ bigger kick helped him win the pot and gave him a nearly 4:1 lead. Then Hebert doubled his chips to tie his opponent, but after two hands, in the 173rd hand of the final table, Hebert all-in with AQ, and Salas called with KJ. Hebert took the lead before the flop, but a king appeared on the flop, and then both the turn and the river cards were dealt out, which gave Salas a full house and Hebert was second.



Daniel Negreanu vs Doug Polk

Daniel and Polk’s WSOP High Stakes Will Continue to 25,000 Hands

Despite a loss of nearly $800,000 at the WSOP High Stakes, Daniel Negreanu is not prepared to give up.

The legendary player stated on Twitter that he will continue to complete the agreement with Doug Polk. They will finish 25,000 hands.

WSOP High Stakes Match Situation

On December 28th, the two players completed the 12500th hand of the $200/400 No-Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament. According to the rules, players who fall behind halfway can choose to stop without being punished. If the player decides to continue the game, the game will end with 25,000 hands.

Daniel stated in a recent post-match interview that he is considering giving up. But obviously, he is unlikely to choose this route.

He announced his official decision on Twitter on New Year’s Day:

It is January 1, 2021, and we have reached half the challenge. 12,500 hands have been played.

According to the rules, I can opt-out.

This is impossible.

The second half will restart at 2:30 pm on Monday, January 4.

Daniel Negreanu vs Doug Polk

WSOP High Stakes Will Continue

This grievance match will continue. It will resume on WSOP.com at 2:30 pm on January 4th. For those who have not followed the game so far, you can see every hand in the live broadcast. There are multiple live streaming options on YouTube. Including GGPoker, Upswing Poker, Joey Ingram, and Matt Berkey.

Daniel Negreanu Refuses to Give Up

Daniel is nearly 800,000 behind in 12,500 hands. But he believes that his competitiveness is stronger than the scoreboard shows. The Poker Hall of Fame member has stated many times recently that luck is not on his side. And he hopes to be a beneficiary of more good luck in the second half.

Daniel’s loss is equivalent to nearly 20 purchases (each purchase of $40,000). So far, he has lost an average of $61 per hand. Considering the huge volatility of the high-stakes heads-up game, the current deficit does not seem difficult to overcome.

Having said that, he is facing one of the best players in the history of Texas Hold’em heads-up. In a poker challenge, facing a random fish, it is much easier to reverse the situation. But facing legendary players is different. However, he is still confident that he can reverse the situation. At least one wonderful game can be played.

The first 12,500 hands only lasted more than two months. You can expect it to be faster in the second half of the year because they are playing longer now.



COVID-19 vaccine save live poker

Poker in 2021: Will COVID-19 Force The WSOP to Be Canceled Again?

What will happen to the poker world in 2021?

After COVID-19 has left us doing nothing in 2020, we can only hope to start with the return of major live poker events. Usher in a more prosperous year.

I made some predictions for 2020 a year ago. But I will not spend too much time reviewing these predictions. Just because most of our choices are based on live tournament matches. In view of the impact of COVID-19 in 2020, only a few major tournaments will run. So there is really no need to relive the year of poker that didn’t exist.

Instead, we will continue to move forward. Hope it will be a better year for all of us.

Can the COVID-19 vaccine save live poker?

Regardless of your political affiliation and ideas about vaccines. It is likely that we will not see a return to normal in poker until the coronavirus is defeated or at least barely exists. This is especially true for epidemics in the United States. Because most major tournaments are held in the United States.

The bad news is that this virus spreads like wildfire in the United States and other parts of the world. However, there is some hope in the coming months. Because a vaccine has been approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It will take some time to vaccinate the public. But at the same time, many people said they would refuse to take it. However, experts predict that as many as 100 million Americans will be vaccinated by the end of March.

Assuming that the vaccine can effectively prevent COVID-19, it means that the virus will slow down before long. This should be good news for offline poker. Because once the coronavirus is no longer such a serious threat, states are likely to relax restrictions on businesses.

For the WSOP, timing is everything

wsop poker

Although we should all be grateful that the vaccine is already on the way. But we still don’t know how many people will refuse to be vaccinated. And how long it will take to get enough vaccines to achieve herd immunity. Therefore, we still have reason to doubt whether the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas will be cancelled for the second consecutive year.

I will take the optimistic route and predict that there will be a summer series. But the turnout rate will be lower than normal. If I were the one who made the decision, I would postpone the series by one month. Start at the end of June, not the end of May. why? Because I think May to June is a bit too late. One more month will make a huge difference.

Remember, it will take some time to distribute the vaccine. Until enough people are vaccinated, it is hard to imagine events like the WSOP being held. But I believe this series will eventually run in 2021. I just expect the turnout rate to decrease. It’s just because there will still be some people who are not ready to attend large gatherings.

Global Poker Index (GPI) Player of the Year Candidate

Global Poker Index (GPI)

We have very few major live games to report in 2020. So there is no real Global Poker Index Player of the Year Champion. Assume that the live poker scene returns for most of 2021. The competition of POY should be quite interesting.

There are so many potential competitors. Because the current high bonus scene is very competitive. The usual candidates-Alex Foxen, Stephen Chidwick, Justin Bonomo, Bryn Kenney, etc.-may be in the competition. Don’t think about Timothy Adams and Kahle Burns. The two players had a very good start before the 2020 COVID-19 attack. If Ali Imsirovic plays enough games, he will have the same chance to win POY like everyone else.

Masks will continue to prevail in poker games

Masks prevail in poker games

No one likes to wear a mask at the poker table. I think I represent the voice of most poker players. They can’t wait to see the day when masks are a thing of the past. But I also think that we are unlikely to see this glorious day come before 2022.

Even if vaccines are distributed, masks are still required for most live matches. I hope that by the time the WSOP is held, wearing masks will be a thing of the past.

My best guess is that in the 2021 World Series of Poker, and in most poker rooms across the country, all players must wear masks. Perhaps, by the end of this year, we will no longer wear masks. I said “maybe” because I don’t want you to have hope.

The craze for the challenge will fade

Galfond Challenge

The challenge is very popular in 2020. The Galfond Challenge attracted some attention earlier this year. Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu is now a topic in the poker world. But these intriguing battles will eventually come to an end, most likely in 2021.

Take the Galfond Challenge as a typical example. The first game between Phil Galfond and “VeniVidi1993” was quite interesting. More than 20,000 spectators watched the last game. But then the poker community stopped watching his next game with “ActionFreak” and Chance Kornuth. Poker Twitter seems to have ended the Galfond Challenge discussion.

Polk and Negreanu attracted us all. The number of viewers of the live broadcast reached 20,000 per day. This is good news for poker. Because it shows that people are interested in this game. The increased attention to these matches is mainly due to the lack of follow-up of large-scale live poker tournaments in 2020. I hope that by the time the WSOP is held, wearing masks will be a thing of the past.



Distenfeld Donates WSOP Bonuses to Charity

Distenfeld Donates WSOP Main Event Bonuses to Charity

The final table of the 2020 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event will start on Monday, December 28. Gershon “jets613” Distenfeld of New Jersey will start the game with 3,475,000 chips in sixth place.

Distenfeld, 44, was born in Queens, New York. He lives in Bergenfield, New Jersey with his wife of nearly 21 years. They have three daughters. Shoshana, 19, Talia, 15, Esti, 13, and a son, Aryeh.

He graduated from Yeshiva University in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in finance.

Interestingly, Distenfeld’s birthday is on December 30th. This means that if he wins the final table, he will be able to play the final heads-up with Damian Salas on his 45th birthday. And compete for the bracelet and an additional $1 million in prize money.

“Tiger Woods and I were born on exactly the same day. December 30, 1975,” he said. “Obviously, he took away all the golf talent. Hopefully, I took away all the poker talent!”

Distenfeld Takes Poker As A Hobby

As an entertainment player, Distenfeld served as co-head of fixed income and director of credit at AllianceBernstein. His position has made him a frequent guest of Bloomberg TV and CNBC. In fact, on the second day of entering the final table, he was able to announce the news on Bloomberg’s simultaneous live surveillance.

“I mainly started watching on TV in the Moneymaker era,” said Distenfeld, a passionate fan of the New York Jets and New York Rangers. “Finally started reading/learning a lot, and finally started playing in the casino. I tended towards tournaments rather than regular table games. For most of the past few years, I would go to the WSOP. There I participated in some events, but this was I played the main event for the first time.”

For Distenfeld, part of the charm of poker is that he can use many of his professional skills in the game.

“I often study behavioral finance, which affects how I treat financial markets.” He explained. “I have brought the same discipline to the poker table. Usually, it is not how smart you are that determines your success. It is to use the prejudices of others to make you a consistent winner.”

These skills put Distenfeld on the biggest stage of poker. But this is still quite shocking to him.

Distenfeld Donates WSOP Bonuses

About WSOP

“To reach the final table is like a dream. If I can win it, it is indescribable. Considering my time constraints, I never even thought I would participate in this game. But I still have to say. No matter how I practice. How many times have I never been able to swing the club like Tiger Woods, shoot like LeBron, or swing the bat like Mike Trout? But it can be done by ordinary people. Extremely hard work. . But at least it’s possible. For me, it’s within reach now.”

As an avid sports enthusiast, Distenfeld’s friend sought help from Scott Hanson of the NFL Redzone. This promoted his views on the final table.

Distenfeld Donates All WSOP Bonuses to Charity

For Distenfeld, poker is not for money. But for challenge and competition. It’s easy to say, but this successful businessman made unprecedented commitments to the main events of the WSOP. He fulfilled what he said.

“I am not for personal financial gain. I will donate 100% of my poker winnings (deducting any taxes) to charity,” he said. “The charities I have chosen so far cover many areas of personal interest for me and my wife Aviva. These include organizations with a good track record of helping the less fortunate and more vulnerable people improve their lives.”

Some charities supported by the Distenfeld plan are:

Minds Matter-Help motivated low-income students to succeed in college, create their future, and change the world.

NCSY Relief Missions-Use youth volunteers to solve disaster relief and food insecurity issues.

Yachad-dedicated to improving life opportunities for Jews with developmental disabilities or other learning challenges.

S.A.R.A.H. Project (Stop Domestic Abusive Relationships)-dedicated to overcoming cultural, legal, and religious barriers faced by victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

“The above items will get 1/8 of the total amount I won (deduct any tax due). If I get eliminated in ninth place, each of the above charities will get about $10,000. If I win the bracelet, Each charity will receive up to 285,000 US dollars in bonuses.”

Distenfeld continued. “I will identify other charities in the next few days/weeks and allocate the other 50% of the funds to them. If I have not allocated all the bonuses when I get the funds. I will donate the excess amount to one The charitable endowment fund will be distributed in the future.”

In addition, Distenfeld also agreed to donate a pending amount to the Bergenfield Food Pantry in New Jersey.




Phil Galfond Leads The Challenge With 17 Buy-ins

Phil Galfond is fully fired and leads the Challenge with 17 buy-ins

Phil Galfond has completely controlled his heads-up match with Chance Kornuth and now has a huge lead. But the variables are still in play, which means that the results of the 35,000 hands are still in doubt.

Perseverance, discipline, and patience have paid off for Galfond. However, for anyone who has followed his brilliant poker career. This shouldn’t be a big surprise.

In this iteration of the Galfond Challenge, the founder of the “Run it Once” poker site was beaten by a very talented opponent within a few months. Kornuth has won a lot in more than 10,000 hands, and his opponent can be said to be the top limit Omaha player ever.

WSOP – Galfond Challenge is about to enter a critical stage

Few people expected Kornuth to win the Galfond Challenge, which was a 100/200 online PLO battle on WSOP.com. Therefore, he entered the game with a 4-1 betting odds disadvantage. Just like in sports, poker is not predictable. The founder of Chip Leader Coaching started well and suppressed his opponent for a long time. At one point, he led by nearly $350,000.

However, Kornuth seemed to have used all his luck-at least for a while.

Galfond has opened the script in the past few weeks, most recently with a $73,000 victory on Friday and an overall lead of $353,000. This is only equivalent to 15.5 or more purchases.

Kornuth and Galfond have played approximately 21,500 hands, accounting for approximately 61% of the game. This means that Kornuth’s fault tolerance is getting lower and lower now.

Before the end of the 35,000 hands, he still has time to turn things around, but if he falls further behind in the next few links, he will be in trouble. For this three-time WSOP bracelet winner, the good news is that he has enough talent and skills to regain the decline. In reality, Kornuth only needs a few huge pots to close the gap between the two sides. However, if these huge pots go to the other side, the deficit may become too big and he will be unable to recover by then.

For these two players, the side bet is much larger than the winning or losing in the game. If Galfond loses, he will lose $1 million, and if Kornuth loses, he will lose $250,000.



Jonas Wexler Won WSOP Tour Cherokee Championship

One of the WSOP Tour most-engaged series ended at the Cherokee Casino in Harrah. In the $1,700 main event bought with 1,088 purchases, Jonas Wexler eventually won the championship, earning his second tour ring. His last win was in 2011.

His best result was the final table score of $189,555 at the 2009 WSOP, and this time he earned $300,536, and his offline bonus record exceeded $1 million.

WSOP Tour Cherokee Main Event Final Table Data

1 Jonas Wexler $300,536*
2 Phil Hernz $185,628
3 Spencer Champlin $137,936
4 Steven Grybas $103,749
5 Amy Patel $78,997
6 Andrew McIlvain $60,866
7 Dennis Brand $47,444
8 Noah Shefrin $37,399
9 Aaron Gunn $29,807
*At the same time get tickets for the end of the season $1 million margin championship

WSOP Tour Cherokee Review

The number of participants in the event is large, with a deposit of 1.6 million US dollars, but 1,087 purchases have broken through the margin, 117 people entered the money circle, and well-known players such as Tyler Patterson, Richard Seymour, Greg Raymer, Allen Kessler, Jared Jaffee, and Calvin Anderson entered the money circle.

Wexler got KK while still having two tables and entered a four-player pre-flop pot. His opponents had QQ, AK, 66. After winning this hand, his chip count soared and he used chips The second player reached the final table when the chip leader Dennis Brand had less than one big blind.

Final Table of WSOP Tour Cherokee

Wexler got the AK flush flush against the KK of Amy Patel shortly after entering the final table. This hand he failed to reverse and lost most of his chips, but he then found a chance to make a comeback. His AK was not flush again. Against Amy Patel’s KK and Aaron Gunn’s JJ, this time he was lucky and he flopped an A and doubled his chips.

After Noah Shefrin was out, Wexler got the QQ to choose the poor root, the big blind Brand 98’s non-straight chose to steal all blinds, the previous opener chose to call, and Wexler’s re-raised all, the previous open pool With a helpless fold, QQ won the pot and Wexler’s adventure paid off – he had more than 70 big blinds at the six-person table.

Wexler then opened the button with AhTc, this time against Andrew McIlvain, who played 64 non-flush in the big blind position, and Patel’s Qs8s also chose to call, Wexler hit a 10, in a hand Eliminated two opponents.

Phil Hernz led the chip at the start of the day. He won with 66 against Steven Grybas and got half of the chips on the table. The chip count of Spencer Champlin in the three-match was gradually squeezed to less than 20 big blinds. Wexler’s KK’s AJ victory against Spencer took away his remaining chips.

Jonas Wexler

Heads-up of WSOP Tour Cherokee Main Event

Hernz entered the heads-up with a 2:1 chip advantage, but Wexler also has 50 big blinds, so there are many variables in the game.

Wexler doubled early in the heads-up, he got JJ in the pre-flop 3-BET pot, Hernz hit a top pair of 10 on the flop, all-in, Wexler’s super pair called to get the bottom Pool. Less than an hour later the game ended, Hernz’s As2c all made 20 big blinds, Wexler called 66, and the set ended the game on the flop to win the championship.

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Sean Swingruber Won WSOP Championship

Sean Swingruber Won WSOP $10,000 Heads-up Championship

Sean Swingruber is 30 years old and is from Los Angeles. He is a cash game expert. And he won the championship in the 10,000-dollar WSOP buy-in unlimited poker heads-up game that ended on Sunday. Sean Swingruber defeated Ben Yu, who has been famous for many years, in the final round, and earned a prize of $186,536. A total of 112 players participated in the event.

Last week he entered the money circle at the $400 online unlimited Texas Hold’em event, this time his second money circle result at the WSOP. And his offline game money lap record is only 8 times, this time also doubled his offline bonus income.

Sean Swingruber Won WSOP Championship
Sean Swingruber Won WSOP Championship

“Can win this game, the first attempt, the first gold bracelet. Unparalleled.” Swingruber said in an interview with WSOP after the game.

Swingruber is not a tournament player, but after getting six figures in the Los Angeles Poker Classic last February, he increased the number of offline matches and placed his hopes for greater success in Las Vegas in the summer At the event.

He believes that his lack of fame in the circle is actually an advantage.

“To be honest, I think my biggest advantage in the game is that people don’t know me. I’m not famous in the poker world. I think many opponents think that after seeing me-this is an easy game. Haha.”

WSOP Event Review

More than half of the 112 players received a prize of $5,000. Swingruber defeated Bill Klein in the first round, then defeated Gregory Jensen in 64 rounds and 32 rounds, and then he defeated the opponent Jimmy Guerrero. 16 people in the sky compete for hegemony.

He defeated Jan Lakota after the start of the next day and then eliminated Jimmy D’Ambroisio to reach the semifinals.

In Sunday’s game, Yu defeated Keith Lehr, the 2015 champion, and Swingruber defeated Cord Garcia. The only one of Swingruber’s last four players without a bracelet.

In the semifinals, Swingruber defeated Cord Garcia with 34 hands and entered the heads-up with Yu.

In the final, the match between Swingruber and Yu took a long time. The lead was exchanged multiple times. After playing for 4 hours, in the 134th hand, Swingruber directly went all in. Yu called the last 11 big blinds.

Yu showed 66, leading Swingruber’s 8h 6h, flopped a heart, the turn card was two hearts, Swingruber won the flush and delayed the arrival of Yu’s fourth gold bracelet. Yu’s runner-up brought him $115,174.

WSOP Final Table Data

1 Sean Swingruber $186,356
2 Ben Yu $115,174
3 Cord Garcia $73,333
4 Keith Lehr $73,333
5 James Dambrosio $31,151
6 Jake Schindler $31,151
7 Kristen Bicknell $31,151
8 Matthias Eibinger $31,151

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Daniel Park Won The WSOP Championship

Daniel Park Won The WSOP Super Fast Headhunting Championship

WSOP Event Review

The 50th WSOP $1,000 buy-in Super Quick Headhunter started at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, June 4, and ended at 4 a.m. on Thursday. A total of 2452 people participated in the event, with a total prize pool of 1.471 million US dollars, plus 300 US dollars per head. The final winner was Daniel Park, 38, from New York, earning $226,243 and his first gold bracelet.

“I couldn’t believe it for a moment. This is too surreal.” Park said after winning the championship. “I don’t know how to express it. I’m very happy to be able to make it to the final table. I never thought about the championship.”

The structure of the game determined the pace of the event quickly, and the final table ended with only 65 hands.

Daniel Park Won The WSOP Championship
Daniel Park Won The WSOP Championship

WSOP Final table review

Park took the lead when there were 4 players. Before he and gold bracelet owner Erik Cajelais went all-in before the flop, Park’s AhTs were suppressed by Cajelais’ AdKs.

The flop came AcKdTc, 4h on the turn, and Qc on the river. Both sides got two pairs, but Cajelais had two bigger pairs, and Park had little chips left after this hand.

Park then doubled his hands and doubled. In the following lap, he tripled and doubled again, reaching 10.5 million chips.

Park took over the game at this time and he eliminated Emil Tiller (fourth place, $75,149). Park then took the chip lead with 8 hands.

Jennifer Dennis got KcQc all-in remaining chips, Park’s AhJs called, and J was on the river, knocking out Dennis (third place, $102,010).

The heads-up between Park and Cajelais started with just two hands. Park slipped in the small blind, hand 8c5c, Cajelais got the Ks2s check, flop 6s 5h 3s, Cajelais bet 1.5 million, Park all-in Cajelais called. The turn box 7, the river box J, and Park’s pair of 5 won.

WSOP Final table data

1 Daniel Park $226,243
2 Erik Cajelais $139,731
3 Jennifer Dennis $102,010
4 Emil Tiller $75,149
5 Marcelo Giordano $55,869
6 John Yelaney $41,920
7 Travis Sargent $31,748
8 Lian Liu $24,271
9 Ferit Bulutoglu $18,731

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David Lambard Won The WSOP Championship

WSOP Review – WSOP Championship

WSOP Review: David Lambard won three consecutive SNGs in the WSOP’s $3000 buy-in and win the game and won his first WSOP bracelet.

A total of 313 people participated in the event. He and French poker anchor Johan Guilbert singled out to win with a prize of $207,193. Masters gathered at the final table, Justin Bonomo, Martin Zamani, and Andrew Lichtenberger all entered the final table.

Lambard is 44 years old and comes from South Carolina. He has been playing cards for ten years and usually plays cash games. He only played occasionally, and he said that this final table was the hardest he ever played.

David Lambard Won The WSOP Championship

WSOP Championship Interview – WSOP Review

“I just played with the basic strategy,” Lambard said in an interview after the game. “Tighten in the early stage and start to relax the range when there are 5-6 people. In the early stage, we must build a tight image.”

Lambard’s strategy has paid off. Shortly after the battle, Bonomo was eliminated in the tenth place, and Zamani won the ninth place.

Lambard didn’t change much until Ben Farrell (sixth place) was eliminated. His JJ defeated his opponent’s AT and then took the chip lead.

Lambard eliminated Jan Lakota in the fifth place. They all pre-flop, all hands are AK, but Lambard’s AK is a flush, the flop has a nut flush, and the river is the third black Peach, Lakota is out.

Lichtenberger was eliminated by Weiyi Zhang, at which time Weiyi Zhang led the game in a three-player match, while Lambard was at the bottom.

The trio played for a long time, and all three had a lead. Lambard got a key double from Zhang and never gave up the lead again. Zhang made three 7s on the flop, and on the turn, Lambard was on the 10 biggest public hands, and the river was the 6 he needed. After Zhang lost this hand, there were few chips left, and soon he was out.

Lambard and Guilbert played 31 hands in the heads-up. Finally, Lambard won 44 against opponent A8.

Final table – WSOP Review

Rank Player Bonus (USD) Points
1 David Lambard $207,193 720
2 Johan Guilbert $128,042 600
3 Weiyi Zhang $92,625 480
4 Andrew Lichtenberger $67,706 360
5 Jan Lakota $50,016 300
6 Ben Farrell $37,342 240
7 Alexandru Papazian $28,812 180
8 Adrien Delmas $21,501 120
9 Martin Zamani $16,586 60
10 Justin Bonomo $12,937 0

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